Thursday, August 4, 2011

Will the "Princess" Thing Make Little Girls Spoiled Brats?

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Now that we have little girls, the “princess” comments, bibs, and onuses have been pouring in. At one time I wondered if it was unwise to follow that trend, and I fully respect the decisions some families make to avoid the princess thing altogether. After all, I’ve seen many little girls and tweens who were a little *too* into themselves and acting like spoiled brats.

However, my view is that little girls really are designed to be princesses – in the best sense. Further, if they accept Christ as their savior and Lord of their lives, they actually become daughters of the most high King! If that’s not a princess, I don’t know what is.

I believe God put in every girl a desire to be treasured, preserved, honored, loved, cherished, and protected. God also calls His daughters to be humble, kind, gracious, diligent, pure, and righteous. To stand up for truth and for grace. He wants His girls to be true to the nature and purpose that He has specifically chosen for each of them.

Everyone knows, when they think of all the popular cartoons and movies, that these noble things are what makes a good princess. It’s the “bad” princesses who are more interested in themselves than others and who reek of bad attitude. Both the girls (and grown women) who are little tyrants and those who have deflated spirits and a broken self-image need to hear these things: 1) that they are beloved princesses of God, and 2) God will help them be the princess He wants them to be. I know I need to hear it all the time.

In our family, we will no more discourage Sami and Reagan from being princesses than we will discourage Jaron from being a prince or a knight (which he already LOVES pretending to be!). I think that would be basically throwing the baby out with the bathwater. Instead, we will teach them why they are princesses and what it means to be good ones. That it’s ok to dress up in pink pretty dresses if she wants, but to always be pointing out to her the true privileges and responsibilities of a good princess.

One of my favorite books for little girls, which I regularly buy for friends’ daughters and can’t wait to buy for my own, is His Little Princess by Sheri Shepherd. I cry every time I read through it. Nothing touches my heart quite like this collection of loving letters from the King of Kings to his princesses.

I encourage you to cheer on your little princes and princesses, as well as yourself, in remembering who they really are in Christ.

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  1. I think this is a good perspective! I remember loving a book that they read to us in summer camp when I was a 9 or 10 year old called "Tales of the Kingdom." (

    It's an extended allegory, somewhat like Narnia but even more blatant, without losing the entertainment factor - each chapter can be a stand-alone tale. The main character was a boy named Hero (although he didn't believe it) and a Princess named Amanda. The whole theme of the camp that year was that we were indeed Princesses of Christ and should live secure in that knowledge. Good stuff. I wish I was willing to pay almost $30 for a hard-back, illustrated copy - I've got the paperback one, but they've both been out of print a while.

  2. That sounds like a great book! Those are precisely the kinds of lessons we should be teaching them. I so wish I'd learned those things deep down early on.

  3. I agree. We remind Flower all the time that she is a Princess of God. In fact, she has a "God's Little Princess" Bible, and it is SO great for little girls. Also, have you seen the little movie "Gigi"? It is all about a girl who thinks she is a princess, and finds out that she rally is God's princess. Very good book and my daughter loves it!

  4. No I haven't seen that! Sounds cute. Girls are so fun. :)

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