2018 Read, Pray, Love: A Year of Intentional Scripture Reading, Prayer, and Memorization

Are you ready to head into the new year with a plan for intentional Bible reading and prayer? I know I am! I have just the tool for you: Read, Pray, Love is a year-long plan of praying for your family. This is an annual effort in the Proverbial Homemaker community and we’re heading into year 3! You can find everything you need here for the newly updated binder system and 2018 scripture printables that are published monthly. 

What is Read, Pray, Love?

It’s a system that helps you become more intentional in your Bible reading, scripture memorization, and prayer life. Each year we improve upon the last to make it as easy and effective as possible. Here’s what’s included:

  • A set of printables to make your own binder for Bible reading, memorization, and prayers (for 2018 we expanded these files to replace the journal pages in the monthly downloads)
  • A new set of scripture printables each month to memorize and pray through (ESV & KJV)
  • A simple prayer guide / devotion to dig deeper into the passage as you pray
  • For 2018, a focus on whole passages (rather than shorter verses) and memorizing with your kids! 

Read, Pray, Love is a Bible reading, prayer, and scripture memory system that includes beautiful monthly scripture art prints and memory verse cards as well as a short devotion/prayer guide.

The 2018 edition of Read, Pray, Love focuses on longer passages of scripture. I recently realized that this is the most effective way to memorize scripture myself and teach it to my kids. We simply retain it better! A few years ago my kids and I memorized Psalm 1 and it remains the most often recited passage in our home because it’s really burned into our memories. I want more of this for our families! The scripture is living and active – let us pray these passages over our families this year and hide them in our hearts! 

What is included in the Read, Pray, Love system? 

1. Binder set up files – You can download the set of binder set up files below. These include everything you need for a system to simplify and be more intentional with Bible reading, prayer, and scripture memorization.

  • Cover page / Elisabeth Elliot quote – I am reading through all her books right now and am so encouraged! I thought you would be as well. 🙂 
  • Scripture reading checklist – A simple card where you pick a book to read and check it off. You can also use your own reading plan if you already have one. 
  • Daily Do and Loop-de-Loo prayer checklist – A looping system for covering all the people and areas in your life with prayer without falling behind.
  • Prayer Requests checklists – A simple checklist to record and pray for those specific prayer requests that come your way.
  • Praises and Thanksgiving pages – Praising God and giving thanks for the answers to prayer!
  • Scripture memory / prayer pages – Great for scripture writing, jotting down references to memorize, and adding your monthly scripture printables.
  • Praying for My Family cheat sheet – Fill out and post somewhere to pray for your family as you wash dishes, shower, fold laundry, etc.

3. Monthly scripture passage – toward the end of each month you’ll get an email telling you about the next month’s focus passage with a download of the scripture prints and prayer/devotion text. We’ll update this page to link to them as they publish. 

4. Accountability Encouragement – Need some friends to keep accountable with? Every month we’ll have a touch base in the Domestically Challenged, Divinely Equipped facebook group

Download the 2018 Read Pray Love binder files

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 Read, Pray, Love Demo Video

This was a demo we did on FB Live. It will give you a better idea of how it works!

How to Memorize Scripture With Your Kids

If you haven’t done a lot of scripture memory, you’ll be relieved to find out it’s a pretty simple process. When I’m introducing the passage, I first read the whole thing as they listen. We then begin working on one phrase at a time, them repeating after me, until we’ve gone through one verse. We repeat that at every morning mealtime. Once I think they’re ready, I have them repeat a whole sentence after me, then a whole verse, etc. Each morning as we review and practice, I start by re-reading the whole thing as they listen. Then we start with the repetition and recitation. 

That’s it! I have also taken the time with my younger kids to come up with simple hand motions for each phrase, having them help me choose them so that they are memorable. This can be especially effective with longer passages. If you’re kids get stuck, you can do the hand motion and they’ll likely remember and pick back up where they left off! 

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  1. Thank you so very much for this resource, Tauna! God bless you and your family!!

    P.S. I have family out there on the West Coast, too & would love to take a trip across country to see them & maybe even meet you & yours!

    1. That would be wonderful! I’m so glad you are enjoying these resources. God bless you as well! 🙂

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