Better Than Coffee: A Busy Mom’s Best Friend

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I love coffee. Love. That’s the word I’m using right now about my feelings for coffee. Yet, I’m slowly becoming converted to a more exclusive tea drinker because of what I’ve found in Blooming With Joy Tea and Gifts. I cannot wait to share with you all they offer! Need relaxation? A quick pick-me-up? To wind down? Better health? A great gift idea? Look no further. This is tea for busy moms, and it’s better than coffee (I can’t believe I just said that).

I LOVE this tea blend for a quick pick me up in the middle of the day! So much better than coffee.

I first found out about Blooming With Joy teas because a blogging friend of mine, Michelle, started her business and wanted to know if I’d like to try her SaniTea Roobios tea (read my review). I agreed, because I do like tea, but warned her I was a bit of a die hard coffee gal. She cheerfully took me up on the challenge and sent me the tea. 

Oh my. It was so good and is now one of my favorite ways to re-charge in the middle of the day! THEN I found out that she had many more teas and gift packages, including oolong, which I was already starting to use more frequently, and some amazing black, green, and herbal teas I just had to try. 

Right before Christmas I received this gorgeous package full of amazing teas that I have been enjoying since! 

I LOVE this tea from Blooming With Joy for relaxation, a quick pick me up, and more energy! So much better for me than coffee, too.

I LOVE this tea from Blooming With Joy for relaxation, a quick pick me up, and more energy! So much better for me than coffee, too.

Tea for Busy Moms

A cup of tea is the perfect thing for a busy mom. When my feet hit the floor in the morning, the scents and flavors of Blooming With Joy tea have become a welcome friend for me. Earl Grey Crème (pictured above) is my favorite for that! If I need a pick me up Engourage Mint and Raspberry Knolls (a green tea) are amazing. Of course, since I’ve been working on going fully on the Trim Healthy Mama plan, Formosa Oolong is perfect. When I need something cozy or comforting, I LOVE a cup of Sleepy Dreams or Vanilla Bean Chai

What I love about Blooming With Joy Tea and Gifts: 

  • Healthy and delicious loose leaf tea
  • Highest quality at a great price
  • Beautiful product and presentation
  • Great selection including green, black, chai, white, herbal, and more
  • Tea sampler with FREE shipping!
  • Run by a fellow Christian homeschooling mom
  • Amazing gift sets and ideas!

You definitely want to check out all there is to offer at the store. There are some amazing gift sets that include tea, cups, infusers, and more, and each package is shipped with a wonderful personal touch that you’ll love. 

I LOVE this tea from Blooming With Joy for relaxation, a quick pick me up, and more energy! So much better for me than coffee, too.
Get the NEW Tea Sampler with FREE shipping and try Blooming With Joy for yourself!


Find Out More About Blooming With Joy

Connect with Blooming With Joy! Find them on their website or on Facebook or Instagram. Michele is so sweet, and she has shared some interesting facts about her tea with us here: 

Loose Tea vs Bagged Tea – Bagged tea is full of dust called tea fanning. Fanning is the tea remains from the bottom of the barrel, so to speak. Blooming With Joy loose tea is the premium tea from the top, you can easily identify the elements. When loose tea steeps it opens up and reveals the veins in the leaves.  The flavor is and the quality of loose tea is much higher but it is just as easy to prepare. A little bit of loose tea goes a long way. 

Preparing Loose Tea – Many are familiar with tea balls, a little stainless steel ball that is filled with tea and then dropped into hot water. The problem a good quality loose tea, like Blooming With Joy, should double or triple in size. A tea ball keeps it too tight. A long time ago, they just let their tea leaves float around their cup. Blooming with Joy carries a full cup infuser that gives the tea the room it needs to steep properly but strains out all the leaves. 

Secret to Green Tea – Many will complain that green tea is too bitter, but they haven’t tried a good cup of Blooming With joy green tea! Green tea holds elements that aids many ailments, plus it is DECLICIOUS. It is meant to be light in color. Green tea (and white tea) are delicate that can only withstand a two to three minute steep, otherwise it becomes bitter.  

Over Steeping – Over steeping causes tea to become bitter. Tea should be clear in color, over steeped tea has an iridescent look. Sometimes I get busy and forget to pull out my infuser, and my tea becomes a bit bitter, I still drink it, waist not wan not – is my motto. Also, there is so much flavor in Blooming with Joy tea, you should be able to pour more water over you used leaves and steep again.  

Tea is an Experience. Tea is delicious, and in many ways nutritious. When a cuppa tea is shared with a friend, it becomes a therapeutic experience.  Blooming with Joy tea creates opportunity for friendship to bloom over tea. Blooming with joy is owned and operated by a homeschooling family. Our tea is found on the website, in Chesterfield Mall and St. Joseph West Hospital Gift Shop. Our tea is compared the big mall chains with a much more affordable price.

I LOVE this tea from Blooming With Joy for relaxation, a quick pick me up, and more energy! So much better for me than coffee, too.

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