Don’t Waste Your Money at the Build Your Bundle Sale

I noticed a post the other day on FB where someone asked if people thought the Build Your Bundle sale was worth it or was a “waste of money.” It’s a good question! About half said it was definitely worth it, and about half said it was a waste, listing their reasons. Some have emailed me and are just disappointed because they didn’t have the funds for it.

The Build Your Bundle homeschool sale definitely isn’t for everyone! Today I want to share with you my candid thoughts on all this and hope it will help you decide either way.

Don’t Have the Means to Shop?

First, if you’re feeling frustrated or upset that you don’t have the means to participate in the BYB sale this year, I want to reassure you with an important truth:

The Lord will equip and provide all you need to parent and home educate your children well. There’s nothing in this sale that makes or breaks your success. There will always be another sale or opportunity, so don’t worry if you can’t take advantage of BYB this time. God’s got this. Go ahead and let sale emails and ads roll off your back — don’t worry about them one bit — because you are in a wonderful place to see the work of the Lord and His provision for your family.


Overwhelmed or Can’t Figure Out What to Buy?

I know, there’s a lot! Here’s what I did that helped me finalize my order:

  1. On the BYB site, click on the View All Products menu item. On the Products Per Page drop down click ALL. Then print double sided and, if possible, print 2 pages per sheet.
  2. Circle any items you’re interested in and star the items that you definitely want.
  3. On the site, look through the pre-made bundles and identify which one(s) cover most of your circled and starred items. Write those bundles down (remember if you buy 2 you get 1 free).
  4. With the remaining items, create BYO bundles, using the BYB shopping list to plug them in by price point. (Sorting the products on the site by highest price to lowest helps with this.)
  5. Keep in mind you can also do buy 2 BYO bundles get 1 free!

Not Sure Digital Curriculum is Worthwhile?

I think this depends on your preferences and needs, as well as good organization of your files so you don’t lose them or forget about them.

Know How an Option Fits In Realistically. A big tip that helps me is to visualize where I’ll fit that curriculum or activity in our homeschool program and routines. If I don’t have a plan for it, it won’t get used and it’s an impulse buy, so I don’t add it to my cart.

For example, I wasn’t planning on getting the Daily Skill Building Vocabulary curriculum, but looking at the samples I realized it would be a good area to work on and would plug in nicely with our existing weekly copywork and handwriting activities. On the other hand, when I looked at the Guest Hollow language arts program (which is really popular and well done) I resisted the temptation, knowing our LA approach was working and I didn’t want to mess with it.

Don’t Like Curriculum Printables or Don’t Want to Print a Bunch?

A lot of people feel the same! Keep in mind that many of the folks who prefer printed books are still taking advantage of the online courses, memberships, and audios. (I listed them for you at the end of this post) There are also many ebook style resources that don’t need printing at all.

Another option is trying out a resource that is growing in popularity: Homeschool Printing Company. I haven’t personally used it yet but hear great things. You upload your file and they print and mail it to you, with options like spiral binding, laminating, etc.

Tend to Lose or Forget About Digital Resources?

This used to be a struggle for me, so I understand! Here’s what works for me:

I have a “digital homeschool resources” folder on my computer. Within it I dump what I download and then open a document in that folder where I have sections by subject and then just put the resource title and filename in it. That way when I need something for geography I check there first and see what I have before hunting Pinterest or whatever. It’s simple but it works for me!

Another resource is the Guide to Digital Homeschool Organization from Beth at Techie Homeschool Mom where she helps you set up an efficient system! BYB customers get 50% off through May 16th.

Just Want to Be a Good Steward?

Of course, all of the things we’ve covered are about being a good steward, but here are a few more thoughts to consider:

  • If you don’t NEED it or it really doesn’t enrich your homeschool in a significant way, that’s a good reason to pass on the sale this time around.
  • If you are getting distracted by new options when what you have in a particular subject is already working well, that’s a good reason not to order it.
  • If you have talked with your husband and prayed about it, and you just still don’t feel peace about ordering, don’t do it! Again, the Lord will provide all we need, with or without BYB.

Well, I hope all that was helpful and clarifying, dear homeschool mom! As always, my primary goal in these sales and promotions is to give you tips and tools that work best for YOU and bless your family. If it’s a good fit, great! If not, pass it on by with a smile and have a wonderful Mother’s Day! ❤️



P.S. Here’s that list of non-printable resources in the sale:

Online Courses / Conferences

  • 5 Days To Your Best Homeschool Years Course
  • 10 Weeks of Shakespeare ~ Introductory Course for 7th-12th Grades
  • 100 Delightful Classical Music Pieces Mini-Course
  • A Wrinkle in Time Online Book Club
  • Blogging Basics Bootcamp
  • Encouragement for the Homeschool Mom Online Conference
  • Famous Artists (Vol. 2) Online Unit Study
  • Homeschool Budget Transformation
  • Homeschooling That Works Course
  • How to Fund Family Travel
  • How to Totally Transform Your Life… Before Breakfast
  • Intro to Shakespeare Level B Course
  • Loop Scheduling Workshop
  • Processing, Memory and Executive Function Parent Course Bundle
  • Screen Sense: 3 No-Fail Strategies to Ending the Struggle Over Screen Time
  • Skill Trek: The Big, Bold, and Brilliant Bumper Bundle {Homemaking Edition}
  • Skill Trek: The Big, Bold, and Brilliant Bumper Bundle {Just for Boys}
  • Skill Trek: The Big, Bold, and Brilliant Bumper Bundle {Just for Girls}
  • Techie Homeschool Mom’s Guide to Digital Student Projects
  • Lifeschool video conference

Some PDFs are made to be digital only, such as:

  • All the informational ebooks for parenting and homeschool advice and encouragement
  • 10 Weeks of Shakespeare: Introductory Course for 7th-12th Grades
  • The Ultimate Homeschool Convention Planner and Journal
  • Beethoven Who? Family Fun with Music
  • Bible Road Trip™ Year Two Curriculum
  • Charlotte Mason-Inspired Kindergarten Curriculum
  • The Truth Seekers Mysteries from Media Angels
  • Guest Hollow Language Arts curriculum schedule
  • And much more!

Also, many of the PDF downloads can be adapted to use as digital downloads without needing to print. Some need very little adjustment (for example I use all the fine art prints so far on the iPad instead of actually printing them). Others might need more adaptation, such as using the Grapevine Bible studies and having them draw on a white board or paper instead of printing the pages to draw on, or using the Grammar Reference Bundle on the computer instead of printing the posters.

Hope that helps, friends! 

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