Homeschool Successfully – Perfection Not Required!

Have you been looking for support and encouragement in your homeschooling? Practical tips for making it work – even thrive – in REAL life and not some Pinterest-perfect ideal? You’re not alone! 

Homeschooling is challenging! We need to rely on the guidance and sustaining work of the Lord! And what a wonderful thing it would be to have a community of real, down-to-earth homeschool moms that we can talk to and troubleshoot with.  A place where we can point each other to Christ, cheer each other on, and provide practical tips!

Our hope is that the Homeschool Successfully Facebook group will be just such a community! Perfection isn’t required. In fact, we don’t even recommend it! 🙂 

Homeschool Successfully community for homeschool moms

The Homeschool Successfully Blog Party is an event to kick off that community with over a month of encouragement and tips, fantastic freebies, giveaways, deals, and more! We have packed every day full of wonderful opportunities to bless you and your homeschool year. 


ALL the Posts & Freebies in the Series

We have some fantastic sponsors who are helping make this event possible and as exciting as it can be! We’ll be joined by these amazing sponsors, in addition to the bloggers and companies who will be writing posts and providing giveaways and freebies with those!  

What to Expect: Encouragement, Tips, Freebies, & Giveaways!

  • Event runs August 1 (actually we’ve got so much to share, we’re starting July 28th) through September 15th
  • Daily articles on from over 40 amazing homeschool bloggers!
  • Freebies and giveaways nearly every day on the blog!
  • A HUGE Grand Prize giveaway with hundreds of dollars in curriculum and gift cards!
  • Flash giveawys, deals, challenges, and tips in the Homeschool Successfully Facebook group!

Bloggers Joining the Homeschool Successfully Blog Party

THIS PAGE will be updated to show all the most recent posts, giveaways, and deals on the blog! Then head over to Homeschool Successfully and make sure your notifications are set so you don’t miss any of the deals and giveaways happening there!

{OVER} HUGE Prizes From Our Sponsors!

We have a huge 5-bundle giveaway from our sponsors for the Homeschool Successfully FB group launch! Check them out here

Homeschool Successfully Facebook group is a community for REAL homeschool moms to give up the quest for perfection and encourage and equip each other for their daily homeschooling!


Homeschool Successfully community for homeschool moms

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