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Thanks so much for joining me at the Homeschool Fitting It All In Summit! 

I talked about a lot of ideas and tips during my chat with Daniel and Megan, and I just want to make sure you have ALL the opportunities to dig deeper and glean as much as you can about how to keep your home clean and efficient enough to really put your focused effort on family discipleship and homeschooling. 

Feel free to email me at tauna (at) proverbialhomemaker (dot) com if you have any questions!

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Praying For Your Homemaking and Homeschooling 

The Prayerful Homeschooler eBook

Scriptures for the Homemaker’s Heart Freebie


Loop Scheduling for Homemaking and Homeschooling

Managing Your Work With Loop Scheduling (Includes video)

Loop Scheduling Template Freebies

Loop Scheduling Workshop & Private FB Group

Use loop scheduling for flexible and effective task management - great for homeschooling, homemaking, and more!

 Top Resources & Tips for Flexible and Efficient Homemaking

Mix and Match Menu Planner Freebie

Get Your House in Order eCourse

Simple Chore System for Busy Moms eCourse

Proverbial Homemaker Planner & eCourse 

Home Blessing Day Planner

Start a Home Blessing Day to bless your family and homeschool! Cleaning, training, and home ec all in one!

More You Might Be Interested In

Relaxed Mom Homeschool Planner

How Can I Get It All Done? 


I hope you are blessed by these resources! Don’t forget that you can find more homemaking tips and homeschool help by exploring our blog.

Have a wonderful day!


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