Joining the Reshaping it All Book Club

Today I joined up with a book club at Ungrind, reading through Candace Cameron Bure’s Reshaping It All. I’d checked the book out a few months ago from the library and read about half of it, ordered it from Amazon, and then forgot about it. When I heard about this book club, I realized this was my chance to really dig into this book and have some accountability.

I have never had much self-control when it comes to food. I was one of the skinny athletic types in school who could eat as much as I wanted without gaining weight. By the time I got married, about 6 years ago, that had already changed.

I have struggled with various issues in my life that were finally conquered in Christ when I accepted Him as my Savior. However, my tendency to seek value and comfort from people and things other than God has continued. Many times, my impulses and “flesh” win out. In these last several years, food has been my temptation.

In the first chapter of Reshaping It All, Candace says “There’s something oddly comforting about food or, better said, the thought of food that tricks our minds into believing that it can and will fill our void.” This is just true. It is painful for me to realize that I often fill that empty place with useless and ineffective things instead of the only One who can truly satisfy my cravings.


Is weight loss a spiritual thing? YES! 

God knows the number of all the hairs on our heads. Of course He cares about our health and wellness. He wants us to live life to the full… full of energy and vitality. Long life and effective ministry. Healthy weight and habits are a big part of that. I believe that the self-control and discipline, the mind and heart I need to become new in this area, also come from God.

If you struggle with the same thing, feel free to join the book club. You can download the book or order it and start participating right away.

I’m going to be honest – I am not super excited about taking this on and blogging about it. I fear failure – but that is not from God. I’m going to this because I know it’s important and I know God has been calling me to change in this area of my life. Plus, I do better in these sorts of things with LOTS of accountability.

Ahem… Not to mention the competition I have with my husband. The person who reaches their target weight first gets to buy a prize of their choice with some money we’ve set aside. 🙂 I am SO going to win.

This is me, putting God first in all things, including weight loss and healthy habits. 



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