Matthew Brick Challenge

Hello, friends! I am so excited to introduce to you the Matthew Brick Challenge! This is a great addition to our Bible Brick Challenges here at Proverbial Homemaker. It is such a fun and meaningful way to spend time in God’s word with your kids.

The Matthew Brick Challenge is available in ESV or KJV and includes 70+ pages of build challenges that take your kids through the book of Matthew, with optional copywork and drawing/writing pages for each day.

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Use With YouVersion and What’s in the Bible? 

To celebrate the release of the Matthew Brick Challenge, we joined with readers in July to build through the book of Matthew using challenges that correspond to the FREE kids’ devotion on the YouVersion app (or the desktop version,

You can do this sub-set of challenges anytime. It would be a great study for family devotions or a light school break activity. The YouVersion devotion is called  Walk With Jesus: 21 Days Through Matthew. and it is from What’s in the Bible?, one of our favorite family discipleship tools! The web site includes a scripture reading and short devotion with a WITB video clip. 


What's in the Bible

Start the Challenge

Here’s how you can start the challenge:

  1. Download your Matthew Brick Challenge 
  2. Print the challenge (or just the days included in the WITB devotion, marked in the table with an asterisk)
  3. Complete all the challenges or those corresponding to the YouVersion devotion
  4. Come share your creations with us on the Proverbial Homemaker Facebook page, Twitter, and Instagram

Matthew Brick Challenge Sample





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  1. Oh my goodness! This looks fabulous! My older children will LOVE it!

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