Spoiler Alert: There is No Supermom!

Reposting this from last year – I thought it was a good reminder for us all as the new season quickly approaches!!


A few days ago I posted on my private Facebook account about my crazy plans to make a little preschool art center in our home for the kids and how messy it would probably be. I’ve become somewhat obsessed with the idea. I do that: obsess. Am I alone in that? I think not.

A friend of mine made one of those “Supermom” comments. You know the kind. I’m certain her heart was one of encouragement and compliment, because she’s sweet and is always very supportive.

Nevertheless, I had two reactions: I cringed, and then I did that incredulous snorty-laugh maneuver.

Oh my goodness, I am no Supermom!


Frankly, I have Supermom issues. Let me tell you about them.

Issue 1: Supermom does not exist. 

If you think she does, you’re wrong, and you can stop comparing yourself to her mythical accomplishments. Now, if you think you ARE Supermom, you have issues I cannot really address in one post.

Issue 2: We keep running after Supermom anyway. 

For whatever reason (maybe pride, self-esteem issues, lies of the enemy, our culture, the stylin’ cape, etc), women keep imagining that they can BECOME supermom by reading some book or going through a self-help program. Just stop it! Supermom doesn’t exist!

Issue 3: Why would anyone WANT to be supermom? 

Supermom is perfect, never fails at anything, has perfect children and family life, an immaculate home, is never stressed, never raises her voice, always makes it to church looking fantastic, has a perpetual shiny smile on her face… Face it: Supermom is boring and annoying. Nobody wants to be friends with a plastic person with a perfect life where everything is always just so.

Issue 4: Trying to be Supermom robs us of real living. 

We keep striving after our perception of what it means to be the perfect mom, wife, homemaker… We hold ourselves up to an imaginary standard, easily spotting our “failures”, which are really lies of the enemy meant to destroy us from the inside. Eventually, we become frazzled, ineffective, defeated.


Let’s not try to be Supermom. Let’s look to God’s Word and His hand in our lives to follow His lead. With His help, let’s be precisely the mom, wife, and homemaker He intended each of us to be, with our unique personalities, gifts, circumstances, and resources.

Let’s be real with other women. Let’s not tout what we do well and hide what we think are failures. Or, if you have the same bent I do, be self-depricating. Both are pride issues and both are lousy habits. Instead, let’s be REAL with each other and encourage each other in the missions God has set before us.

I am blessed to have fantastic Mommy friends who know this already and are much better than I am at avoiding the Supermom trap!

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  1. Thank you Tauna. I really really needed to read this and truely got blessed by it.
    Paulette..new beginnings.

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