Summer Bingo Reading and Activity Sheets (FREE Printables!)


Turn your summer activities into a BINGO challenge for the whole family! Let your kids enjoy summer reading experiences by playing a game! 

Our kids are all still small (6 and under) and so our BINGO experiences are best when they aren’t competitive. Here are some ways to use these BINGO sheets with your family.

Summer Fun BINGO

  • Print and post the sheet on the wall
  • Play as a family to complete as many as possible
  • Decide on a small reward for each BINGO completed (treat, sticker, etc.)
  • Decide on a larger reward for completing the whole sheet! (outing, sundae party, etc.)

Summer Reading BINGO

  • Print one for each child
  • Completing a BINGO gets a reward (sticker, bookmark, etc.)
  • Each child who completes the whole sheet gets a new book or similar reward


Download the Summer Bingo Printable

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