Time for a Personal Retreat


I’ll be heading off for a little time to myself this weekend. An overnight stay, even! Last year was my first attempt at a retreat. That was so crazy! I’ll re-post that soon, because it’s good for a laugh. 🙂

This time I was connected through a friend with a sweet lady who lets out a retreat guest house on her and her husband’s property. I went out there a few weeks ago to check it out. It’s very close to my home and is up in the hills with lots of trees and quiet. I can’t wait!

But now that’s it’s coming up soon, I find myself thinking about that time often. It’s my rare, extended alone time with God. I think to myself: will we have anything to talk about? What if I can’t hear Him? What if I come away with nothing but conjured-up revelations or emotions? I don’t want to waste my special time with Jesus like that. But I also don’t want to over-think things, as I tend to do.

So I’m just going to slow down and spend more time listening. There have been some topics in my life that God has been gently working on in the past weeks. Months. Years?

Pride, anger, impatience, selfishness. It’s like prying open old, ugly, tough layers from my heart. Or maybe more accurately… ripping out, creating, renewing, restoring.

At times it’s been fuzzy and confusing. There are, however, moments of clarity. I would love for this time to hold great progress for me in those areas… for God to speak clearly and me emerge with a sense of victory. Yet, I’m trying not to expect anything beyond the faithfulness of God’s presence when I seek Him out.

While God has been renewing my heart, He has also been sending me those sweet, gentle reminders of who He is. He’s been telling me that He is the good shepherd, and what that actually means. There is no other place or person for my heart that is more home than Him.

I keep returning to Psalm 23 lately. It is where He continues to lead me during this time of correction and hard instruction. I come to a place of brokenness, and He leads me to healing and rest. It is painful and beautiful and I know it’s right where I need to be. I only pray I am able to hear Him when I need to.



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  1. Christina Girdner

    Wow! What a great idea! I may have to borrow this idea some time in the future when the babies can do w/o mama for more than an hour or two. 🙂

    Have a great time. I got the impression while I was reading that God would not disappoint you. He is looking forward to this time, as much as you are and loves that his daughter would set aside time with Himself. He has wonderful things for you, I am just sure of it-so don’t worry about conjured emotions or anything else! 🙂

  2. Lori

    How wonderful that you are taking the time to do this ~ I hope it is a relaxing, enjoyable, healing and restful time!!! Enjoy!!

  3. Tauna, I know you will hear form the Lord! He never leaves us or forsakes us, although he may be silent at times. I will lift this personal time up to the Almighty that you might be refreshed and renewed in His love and comfort. It is great that you found a place closeby which really allows to a retreat!

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