Abbreviated Jesse Tree Reading Plan & Ornaments

We love the Jesse Tree tradition! But sometimes life gets busy and we get a late start or just need to scale back a bit. If you are in the same boat, here is a fun abbreviated Jesse Tree reading plan that starts a little later – December 15th! 

Did you get a late start on the Jesse Tree this year? Download this FREE reading plan with ornaments that starts on December 15th!

The Jesse Tree is a Christ-centered tradition that is sure to delight your children. You can use the reading plan on its own, with your existing Jesse Tree ornaments, or use the printable ornaments below.

Here are a few things you need to prepare to get started:

  • Find out what the Jesse Tree is and how it is used to focus on Christ during the advent season
  • Download and print off the abbreviated reading plan below and use it for reference
  • Print the Jesse Tree ornament set and have your kids hang each one up as you read the scriptures

Have a GREAT time with your kids this Christmas as you build fun memories together and focus on Jesus!

Abbreviated Jesse Tree Plan

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