Managing Your Work with Loop Scheduling

There are so many different ways available to accomplish task management. The number of planners and systems out there can be a chore to sift through. So many times their success depends on your personality and how you handle unfinished plans. 

I’ve tried several systems in the past and ended up throwing them away. They were often too complicated and I couldn’t stick to them. Or I would give up on my plans if I got behind. I was always overwhelmed with the sheer amount of work I had to do and it just couldn’t all fit in the day or week, so I fell back into managing the urgent. 

Then I discovered loop scheduling and my life was simplified.

Use loop scheduling for flexible task management for homeschool, homemaking and housework, blogging, projects, and more!

What is Loop Scheduling? 

Loop scheduling is simply a way or organizing your work into a rotating list. Here’s how it works:

  • Write out a list of the tasks you want to accomplish over the course of 1-3 weeks
  • Do a certain number of those tasks each day (however many you decided ahead of time)
  • The next day, move on and do the next tasks!
  • Tasks that need to be done than once in that timeframe are listed multiple times
  • When you’ve gone through the entire list, start over!

That’s pretty much it! Loop scheduling is incredibly simple, easy to tweak for your needs, and flexible to fit any type of work you need to manage. 

Get Started with Loop Scheduling


First, take some time to watch this video. This was originally a FB Live video to give a quick overview of how I use loop scheduling in our home. It will give you a quick-start guide on how to use them in your own home and some ideas for how to make it work for you. 

I have created some simple loop schedule printables for you! Download the loop scheduling printables and then come back here to see how to use them! 


I tried to show you my latest set of loop schedules (we just had a baby and are just getting back into routines, so they are clean and simplified this time!) but there was a glare on the screen. You can see the examples below. 

Simple example loop schedule for housekeeping

Simple example loop schedule for homeschooling student

Simple example loop schedule for blogging


Want More? Enroll in the Loop Scheduling Workshop!

Loop scheduling can help you with: 

  • Housekeeping
  • Kids’ chores
  • Menu planning
  • Homeschool student work
  • And more! 

The Loop Scheduling Workshop will provide you with several additional templates to get you started as well as a guide to begin implementing loop scheduling in your home right away! You’ll also get instant access to the exclusive Loop Scheduling Workshop group on Facebook, where you can ask questions, see examples of how others are using loop scheduling, and get extra tips! 


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