Task Management With Loop Scheduling (Free Printables!)

How many times have you looked up ways to manage the chaos, get a hold on your housekeeping, or organize your homeschool? If you’re anything like me, I bet that number is high. I bet you have a lot of those pins on your Pinterest boards. I bet you’ve even read a few.

Have you noticed how many systems and planners there are out there? It can be truly overwhelming. And so often our best intentions when we begin a new task management system fizzle out after a few short weeks. So, what’s a girl to do? How do you make a to-do list that really works and becomes a “ta-da” list at the end of the day?  

I need things to be simple and flexible. It’s just a fact. If I make things too complicated or too rigid, I set myself up for failure. Knowing that about myself, I naturally fell into a type of personal task management that I later learned was called loop scheduling. 

Use loop scheduling for flexible and effective task management - great for homeschooling, homemaking, and more!


Yes, complicated and rigid don’t work for me at all. That’s where the Proverbial Homemaker system and the Relaxed Mom Homeschool system came from – a need for flexible and customized planning! Now a new piece has been added to those systems: Loop scheduling! 

What is Loop Scheduling? 

I first heard of the term ‘loop scheduling” in the book Teaching From Rest by Sarah Mackenzie. I remember being pleasantly surprised that the method I used had a term and also pleased to find some wonderful suggestions and ideas to make it even more useful to me. This past year I’ve really put loop scheduling to the test and I love it!

Loop scheduling is basically a way of managing your work without being locked into doing certain tasks on certain days. Instead of looking at a calendar or schedule to see what work you have to do that day, you look at a list and see what’s next to do during your regular work time. 

For example, let’s say I want to make sure that at some point my house gets dusted, the bathrooms get deep cleaned, and the toys are organized. These aren’t things I need to do every day, but I don’t want to forget them! Instead of assigning certain days, weeks, or spring cleaning efforts to these tasks, I make a list. Every day, I do one thing on the list and just move down it until I’m done. Then I start back at the top again!

Easy, right? 

I have come to use this method in my homemaking, homeschooling, online work, and even my personal goals! I have a short list of things I want to do every day, which I call my “Daily Do’s”) and a loop schedule I work through for the rest (my “Loop-de-Loo’s”). 

Download the Loop Scheduling Printables

To help you get started with loop scheduling, I have a free printable you can download below! Here’s what it includes:

  • Homemaking Routine loop schedule (which has been added to the Proverbial Homemaker Planner & eCourse) 
  • Homeschool Routine loop schedule and Student Routine loop schedule (which has been added to the the Relaxed Mom Homeschool Planner & eCourse) 
  • General loop schedule that you can use for any other purpose in your life! (blogging, personal goals, ministry, family life, special projects, etc.)

Download the Loop Scheduling Printable

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Make Loop Scheduling Work for You! 

Learn more about how to use loop scheduling and then check out our Loop Schedule Workshop! The workshop comes with more templates, a video course, and an exclusive private FB group where you can get tips and accountability all year long!


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