Skeptical About Essential Oils?

Have you ever heard of essential oils? Of course you have. If you are like the average consumer, and especially if you are online, you are likely inundated with information about essential oils on a weekly basis. But perhaps you are still skeptical about essential oils. You’re not the only one! Do you wonder if essential oils are a scam? Or maybe just a placebo? Are they really worth your time or money?

I get it. 

Skeptical about essential oils? This series digs into the facts for an honest look. Is it just a fad? Or really worth the money?

I am an analytical type of person who needs to collect and evaluate information before I’ll jump on board with something. I need to be convinced. Sometimes that’s good, sometimes not. 

However, I’ve always had a healthy dose of skepticism when it comes to natural remedies and essential oils, and I’m sure I’m not alone. I love the idea of a natural way to improve our lives and boost our health, but I’m not about to spend my money on something that’s just smelly water. Right? 

Skeptical About Essential Oils?

Two years ago I decided to give this essential oils thing a chance. Reasonably intelligent and practical people that I trusted were telling me they worked. So, I straightened my thinking cap, tried not to smirk too much, and began gathering information and trying out essential oils for myself.

What did I work through on my journey?

  • The science behind essential oils
  • Sifting through the hype and fluff
  • Wrestling with ongoing debates like ingestion and purity
  • Studying where oils come from and who sells them
  • Much more

New Series: A Skeptic’s Journey with Essential Oils

Skeptical about essential oils? This series digs into the facts for an honest look. Is it just a fad? Or really worth the money?

This week I’m going to share what I have learned with you.  I’ll also share my plans for continuing my journey with essential oils and natural health options for my family. Even if you are skeptical about essential oils, you might be surprised at some of my conclusions! Here is the road map for the rest of this series (I’ll come back and link up each post for your convenience):

It has been quite a journey already and I have learned so much. Thinking cap still intact, I’m no longer smirking (at least, not about this) and today my family enjoys the benefits of essential oils without all the hype. Doesn’t that sound lovely? 

Are you skeptical about essential oils, too? I would love to hear from you! Comment with any questions, reservations, or experiences you’ve had! 

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