Natural Living Tips for Busy Families

As moms of busy families, it can be difficult to find the time and mental energy to focus on making healthy choices in our homemaking. We have a lot on our plates! But making small steps toward more natural living IS possible. I keep this page updated with the top posts on Proverbial Homemaker with my best natural living tips for busy families. Find some inspiration and pick one to try this week!

Get healthy naturally with these top tips for natural living for busy families, from Proverbial Homemaker!

Essential Oils

Using essential oils in your home can be an effective way to start on the path of natural living for busy families. Boost your immune system, deal with anxiety, lift your mood, manage skin conditions, and more! Check out some of these posts about specific oils as well as how to address different concerns using single oils and blends.

Essential Oils for Women's Health - great tips and recipes!

How to Use Specific Oils

Wondering what the best uses for frankincense essential oil are? Here are the top 10 ways it can be used, plus 5 recipes to get you started, along with safety info and more!

DIY Cleaning

Essential Oils for Kids

Want to use essential oils safely? Check out this HUGE list of essential oils NOT safe for kids, broken down by age rage, with extra safety tips!

Want to Learn More About Essential Oils in General?

Find out how to dilute essential oils properly and download this FREE Cheat Sheet!

More Healthy Tips & Home Remedies

Here are more tips and home remedies! I love these ideas for natural living for busy families. The elderberry syrup is something we use often when the sniffles come around!

Love this simple recipe for elderberry syrup kids like!

Healthy Recipes

Need some healthy recipe ideas for that growing family? Here are dinners, snacks, and more. 

Someone always telling you they're hungry? I can relate! Keep them full and fueled with these fantastic healthy snacks for kids! #healthysnacks #healthyrecipes #healthykids

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