About Tauna and Proverbial Homemaker

Hi! I’m Tauna and I’m glad you’re here! Take a few moments to find out more about me, Proverbial Homemaker, and what you can expect to find in these pages.

Who is the “Proverbial Homemaker?”

Well, it certainly isn’t me! Lol! At least, not if “Proverbial Homemaker” means the perfect wife, mom, and keeper of the home. In fact, the title of “Proverbial Homemaker” applied to me is very tongue-in-cheek. Trust me.

However, I know that God has called me to be the very thing I am so underqualified to be. The truth is, I am inadequate for the task. I am insufficient for the job. And if we are being honest, so are you!

…a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised. ~ Proverbs 31:30

Yet our sufficiency is in Christ, not in our own efforts or abilities. When we stay anchored in Him throughout each day, especially in the storms, His power can and will transform our hearts, our marriages, and the lives of our children. THAT is the “Proverbial Homemaker.” It’s you and I when we are looking to God first, depending wholly upon Him, and living by His Spirit.

Is it about us all trying to be the same Pinterest-pefect type of wife and mom, or of keeping a home in just the “right” way? No! Rather, it’s about submitting to God’s will for our homes and our families, allowing Him to work His amazing purposes through us!

What an honor and a privilege.

Who is Tauna?

Tauna Meyer - ProverbialHomemaker.com

I am wife to a wonderful man and a homeschool mom to six (loud, messy, amazing) beautiful children. Both my husband and I are native to the Northwest and still live in beautiful NW Oregon.

A few random things about me:

  • I love pizza and cheap coffee.
  • Chocolate is a primary food group for me.
  • I once raced a car in a motor cross event. Once.
  • I started adulthood with zero homemaking and cooking skills.
  • Before motherhood, I was a software systems analyst.
  • I like gardening, but not so much weeding and keeping plants alive (lol!) ok, I like planting.
  • I came to the Lord late in life and after a long battle.
  • Now I dedicate my life to Him and strive to do all for His glory. 

Bottom Line: I am just an ordinary woman who loves an extraordinary God – One who changes, redeems, transforms, and is sovereign over all.

I write this blog for Him as well as to be a help and encouragement to you as we walk along the same journey!

What to Expect Here 

My goal is to encourage you and connect you with tools and resources to help you in your daily life. Here’s what you’ll find at Proverbial Homemaker:

  • Encouragement for your walk with Christ
  • Biblical marriage and parenting
  • Homeschooling and family discipleship
  • Keeping the home (especially for the domestically challenged among us)

How to Connect With Me

I love hearing from you!

Join thousands of women in the Proverbial Homemaker community by signing up for the newsletter. 

Some FAQ: 

  • “What do you believe?” I am a born-again Christian. You can find my statement of faith here
  • “Do you speak at homeschool events?” I do speak at Christian parenting and homeschooling events but I have limited availability due to my season of life, homeschooling and parenting. For a list of session topics and availability, please email me at tauna (at) proverbialhomemaker (dot) com. 
  • “What ages do you homeschool?” As of 2022, my kids range from Kindergarten through 9th grade. We’ve homeschooled from the beginning and are starting to plan for the high school years! Lord willing, we will homeschool them all through graduation. 
  • “Where do I start on your blog?” If you’re not sure where to begin, here’s a good place to start! You’ll also want to check out some of our freebies as well as the Proverbial Homemaker store!
  • “Do you take guest posts or sponsored posts?” Not at this time, thank you. 

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