Morning Quiet Time for Busy Moms

As a busy mom one of the biggest struggles I have is making time each day for quiet time with God. I know I need that time desperately if I’m going to survive my day, let alone thrive in it. I know I cannot serve my family and be a gentle, joyful mom when I am spiritually starved. I know I need more Jesus. 

I know all these things, and yet making the time is difficult. There are many reasons for this. Developing the habit and having self-discipline is a big part of it. So is the season of life I’m in, with interrupted nights and a houseful of littles to care for. When I do find time to sit down with my Bible, I either struggle to focus on the study or I end up feeling like the time I spent was weak and shallow. 

Using the Spiritual Circle Journal to go deeper in quiet time each day

I am a busy mom with 5 young children. Let’s face it: I don’t have the time or mental focus to pull off the kind of study I desire. On the other hand, it is precisely because I am a busy mom with  young children that I NEED time with God each day that is deep, satisfying, and starts my day with a fresh filling of the Spirit. 

So, what’s a busy mom to do? 

5 Ways Busy Moms Can Connect With God

  1. Have Grace – You are tired and in a season of life that requires much of your physical and mental strength. Self-discipline is important, as is giving time with God proper priority. However, rest in the knowledge that God understands you and your heart. Have grace for yourself as you move in the right direction. Don’t stress the days (or weeks) where it hardly happens at all. He’s still there with you. 
  2. Memorize Scripture – When your days don’t have the ample room for personal quiet time and study that they used to, spend more time on scripture memory for a while. You can carry scripture cards with you in your pocket, your purse, or hang them by the rocking chair… wherever you can so that memorizing scripture becomes your daily habit and meditation throughout the day. 
  3. Focus on Prayer – Use those late night nursing sessions as a precious time for God to meet with you and your baby. Praise Him! Thank Him. Pray over your children and husband, and begin using prayer circles to cover the needs on your prayer list. Laboring in prayer is always time very well spent. 
  4. Take What You Can Get – Take advantage of whatever time you can find to read your Bible and spend time with God. When you can’t sleep, are waiting for an appointment, in the evening before bed… these can be great ways to sneak in a fresh breath from God that gets you through your day!
  5. Build the Habit – Right now my youngest is 4 months old and I am ready to get back into a more regular morning devotion time. There are times when I’ve had a long night and spending a few minutes on my iPhone Bible app and praying for the day is all I manage. However, I am building the habit of regular morning quiet time once again, with the kind of deep devotion, prayer, and solitude with God that I really desire. It’s about progress, not perfection. 

Spiritual Circle Journal: An Effective Tool for Busy Moms

Morning Quiet Time for Busy Moms Spiritual Circle Journal

My favorite tool for quiet time right now isn’t a heavy study like I’ve enjoyed in the past, or a devotional book, but the Spiritual Circle Journal by Liz Lassa. When I first looked into it I wasn’t so sure it would work for me. I am SO glad I gave it a try anyway, because it has been such a blessing for me!

The Spiritual Circle Journal is a simple but effective way to accomplish meaningful morning quiet time for busy moms, even in the short amount of time we have available. It works with any reading plan you have, whether you are in a class, joining an online study, or just reading through a book of the Bible on your own. 

Each day’s page in the journal has 9 circles that you write in as you go through your time with God. I read my passage for the day before getting started, and then write in each circle as I pray. I love the reflection, meditation, and active listening that happens during my circle time!

Here are the circles for each day: 

  • Journal Entry (what’s on my mind: struggles, concerns, etc.)
  • Verse or Lyric (that stood out from my reading and thoughts on it)
  • Message (what I feel God is speaking to me lately)
  • Confession (anything I need to confess and seek forgiveness for)
  • God Moving (where I see God moving in my life)
  • Lessons Learned (what God has been teaching me lately)
  • Prayer (my personal prayer requests)
  • Thank You and Adoration (praising God and thanking Him for specific things)
  • Actions (actions God is putting on my heart)

There were times I used it every day and others only once a week. Some days I fill in some things and other days my circles are packed. There is no “right” way to use it! The point is talking with and listening to God, hearing His voice in the quiet of our hearts.

Spiritual Circle Journal Quiet Time for Busy Moms 3


I was surprised how effective this orderly approach was for me. Soon I wasn’t thinking about what each circle was for and I just naturally moved through it, jotting down my thoughts and anything else I wanted to remember. It sets up a rhythm for my thoughts that stays with me all day. 

Here are some more fun features of the journal!

  • The story behind the Spiritual Circle Journal
  • Tips on using the Journal as a processing tool
  • A page you can decorate and use as a custom cover for the Journal
  • Pages in the front for defining dreams, vision, and God-given goals
  • Prayer cards and additional resources

The Journal is a very simple and effective tool for morning quiet time for busy moms. If you want a way to go deep with God before the kids thunder down the stairs, this is for you! I love how well it is designed, with beautiful quality paper and flexibility that allows me to use it in whatever way best fits my personality and devotional needs.

The Spiritual Circle Journal would make a wonderful gift for Mother’s Day or for a girlfriend, and would be a beautiful keepsake for your children or grandchildren. In my opinion, the Journal is well worth the price!

Connect with Liz Lassa and Spiritual Circle Journal

Morning Quiet Time for Busy Moms - Spiritual Circle Journal

Go to the Spiritual Circle Journal web site to purchase or to find more information and testimonials. You can also download the first chapter of the journal there. 

Connect with Spiritual Circle Journal: 

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