Read, Pray, Love: Scripture & Prayer Challenge

We are busy moms and homemakers who are trying to juggle all of our many responsibilities. Sometimes it seems impossible to just catch our breath! But we know deep down that making time to spend in the Word and in prayer is critical. 

If you want to be a woman of prayer who gets into scripture every day, prays it over her family, hides it in her heart, and lives it out in real life… you’re going to love the Read, Pray, Love Scripture and prayer challenge!

Be more intentional in prayer this year with the Read, Pray, Love Scripture & prayer challenge from Proverbial Homemaker!

What is the Read, Pray, Love Scripture & Prayer Challenge?

Read, Pray, Love is a Scripture and prayer challenge that the Proverbial Homemaker community has been doing for years. Each year is a little different, but the main goal is to be more intentional in reading God’s Word, praying through the Scripture, and putting it into action by loving God and others. Many of us also use it as an opportunity to memorize verses.

Getting Started with Read, Pray, Love

It’s pretty easy to get started. Just choose the option you want to use below and download the printables! Each set is a bit different and you can enjoy them for several years.

Here are the sets you can choose from. Click one to go to the details.

  1. 12 Months of Themed Scripture Verse Calendars to Pray and Write
  2. Pray Through & Memorize 12 Long Passages
  3. Pray Through & Memorize 12 {MORE} Long Passages
  4. Study and Memorize the Book of James
  5. Pray Through the Scripture for Character Traits
  6. Pray Through 52 Key Scripture Verses

12 Months of Themed Scripture Verse Calendars to Pray and Write

Join the Proverbial Homemaker community for the 2021 Read, Pray, Love Scripture and prayer challenge!

Go here to download all 12 months of the Scripture calendar printables (or just choose the ones you want).Here’s what’s included in each printable: 

  • Scripture calendar – 30 verses to read in your Bible, pray through, and write out if desired. I like using these these spiral notecard packs to write the verse and my prayer each day. A main memory verse is highlighted. There’s also a spot for you to record prayer requests you’re praying for and a place to jot down practical actions the Scripture inspires you to do this month to love God and others.
  • Kid’s journal page – Your kids can use this page to create a drawing based on the memory verse. There are also places for them to write down things they can thank God for, ways they can love others this month, and things they are praying for. I recommend posting it on the wall or fridge and helping them come back to it a few times during the month. 
  • Coloring page – This year we’re doing a Scripture doodle coloring page each month for you and your kids! You’ll find one in ESV and KJV. 

Read, Pray, Love is an annual event in the Proverbial Homemaker community. You'll find monthly scripture printables as well as prayer binder setup files to make it easier to get in God's Word, pray the scripture, and hiding it in your heart. 52 weeks of scripture printables, 52 weeks of praying the scriptures, and more!

Pray Through & Memorize 12 Long Passages

Long Passage Focus – Focusing on long passages to read about, pray through, and take action on. Here are the ones included in this set, with links to each printable:

Pray Through & Memorize 12 {MORE} Long Passages

Study and Memorize the Book of James

Focus on study, prayer, and memorization fora whole year as you tackle the book of James as a family.  The entire set of 12 Bible study packs is bundled and available in the store.

Pray Through the Scripture for Character Traits

Pray through 12 godly character traits for yourself and your family! Includes beautiful custom-illustrated Scripture art prints and coloring pages. 

Pray Through 52 Key Scripture Verses

Each week includes Scripture cards and journal pages to help you and your children pray, write, and memorize key Scripture verses.

Want to Set Up a Read, Pray, Love Binder?

If you like, you can download the set of binder set up files below. These include everything you need for a system to simplify and be more intentional with Bible reading, prayer, and scripture memorization.

  • Scripture reading checklist – A simple card where you pick a book to read and check it off. You can also use your own reading plan if you already have one. 
  • Daily Do and Loop-de-Loo prayer checklist – A looping system for covering all the people and areas in your life with prayer without falling behind.
  • Prayer Requests checklists – A simple checklist to record and pray for those specific prayer requests that come your way.
  • Praises and Thanksgiving pages – Praising God and giving thanks for the answers to prayer!
  • Scripture memory / prayer pages – Great for scripture writing, jotting down references to memorize, and adding your monthly scripture printables.
  • Praying for My Family cheat sheet – Fill out and post somewhere to pray for your family as you wash dishes, shower, fold laundry, etc.

Download the 2018 Read Pray Love binder files

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Read, Pray, Love Demo Video

This was a demo of the binder that we did on FB Live back in 2018. It will give you a better idea of how it works! 

I hope the Read, Pray, Love Scripture and prayer challenge are a blessing to you and your family!

~ Tauna


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