Winter Games Printable Pack

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The XXIV Winter Games are held in Beijing, China from the 4th to the 20th February 2022. These games are the 24th Winter Games to be held and are a great event that kids will enjoy following and learning about during the month of February, especially with the help of this fun Winter Games Printable Pack.

Learn about the Winter Games with this fun printable pack! Great for kids 2-9 years old and covering the 2022 Winter Games.


Included in this Winter Games Printable Pack are some great geographical pages where children locate and color China and Beijing on maps. There is also a page where children will learn about the flag of China as well as the Olympic flag. Also included is a calendar of February for children to count down the days of the Games.

The Medal Count Tally page can be completed with just your child’ favorite countries or print off multiple pages and children can record the medals won by all of the countries involved in the 2022 Winter Games.

Also included in this 77 page printable pack are:

  • Vocabulary Cards – these are great for memory/matching games as well as spelling and vocabulary.
  • Colouring Pages– Decorate or colour as you wish and hang up to decorate your rooms.
  • I Spy– These pages are great for counting practice.
  • Word Tracing– These pages help children learn to form letters and spell words correctly.
  • Colour Matching Cards– A great way for kids to learn their colours.
  • What Comes Next?
  • Finish the Pattern
  • Spot and Dot – Spot the letters and then dot them.
  • Shadow Matching Cards– These shadow matching cards are so much fun and can be used in games such as memory/matching as well.
  • Story Writing Pages – These can be used to retell events of the Winter Games or describe the different sports of the Winter Games.
  • Size Sequencing Cards– Match the cards from smallest to biggest or the other way round.
  • Count and Clip Cards– These are great for kids learning to count and recognize numbers.
  • Alphabet Matching Cards – These are great for learning the lowercase and uppercase letters of the alphabet.
  • Number Puzzles – These are great for learning skip counting.
  • 4 Piece Puzzles– These are always fun for kids to do. Store in zip lock bags and take them with you to appointments to keep the kids occupied.

What is your favorite Winter Games sport?

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  1. thank you for the olympic pack the children from pré-maternelle les castors bricoleurs in quebec lynn beauregard

  2. EXCELLENT printable park! Only one I found with Olympic theme for slightly older kids! Thank you

    1. You’re so welcome!

  3. this is awesome! thank you so very much for sharing!!

  4. I don’t get how to download it 🙁

    1. Hi! There’s a box form toward the bottom where you input your email address and name and it will deliver to your inbox. Feel free to email me at tauna (at) if you don’t see that for some reason!

  5. I would like a copy of the Winter Games Printable Pack

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