A Weekly Rhythm for the Family

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In the last post, I showed you the daily routine we’re working on. It’s going pretty well, although the times vary and some things get swapped around depending on how the day is going. And other days hardly any of it sticks. But that’s ok! It’s proving to be useful. 

Even more important to us is our family’s weekly rhythm. This may already be changing soon as work schedules and group plans are shifted, but the pieces will simply be moved around now that we know what we want to accomplish each week.

Take a look at this and prayerfully consider what it might look like for you. These are the general categories of activities to consider: 

  • Family Time
  • Learning
  • Housekeeping
  • Personal/Planning Time
  • Reaching Out
  • Sabbath
Write out what things you most want to focus on in these areas. For us, this included the following:
  • Family Time
    • Time to have no plans (Monday is my husband’s other day off)
    • Date night, whether going out or staying in, for my hubby and I
    • Special family worship on Sunday night (cookies, devotion, chatting, music)
  • Learning (a spot in our homeschool day to focus on special topics)
    • Arts/crafts and music lessons/appreciation
    • Science activities relevant to what we’re already doing
    • Life skills practice, including helping with the more extensive cleaning that happens once a week
    • Bible school (Bible Study Fellowship) once a week
  • Housekeeping (most simplistic cleaning schedule ever)
    • Meal Plan Monday
    • Toilet Tuesday (Cleaning both bathrooms in more detail than other times)
    • Wipe and Window Wednesday (Dusting and cleaning windows)
    • Thoroughly Clean Thursday (Clean and tidy upstairs bedrooms and hallway, which get cluttered over the week)
    • Floor Friday (Cleaning, vacuuming, mopping, etc. all the floors)
    • Special Project Saturday (Day of general cleaning or special projects)
    • Sabbath Sunday
  • Personal/Planning Time
    • Time for me to blog, plan, study, meet with friends and mentors, collapse on the floor, etc.
    • Time for husband to do the same.
  • Reaching Out
    • One night a week where we have guests over (friends, neighbors, church family, co-workers, etc.)
    • Playdates
  • Sabbath
    • Time to rest 
    • Church service and activities with church family
    • Special family worship

If our schedule changes or something doesn’t quite work, we move it around. Try this out for your own family! It is even more important than a daily routine and will do a lot to bring peace and order to your home. 

Just be flexible with it and don’t stress! If you got off your family rhythm today or for the whole week, start fresh tomorrow!

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  1. I love this!! I am definately going to take time to do this for me and my daughter. I am a single mom but our schedules are so full. I also need a cleaning schedule. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Mrs. Sarah Coller

    Great post! I’m the scheduling/routine type as well! Our whole family is lost without one 🙂

    Thanks for linking up this week!


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