Changing Up Our Routine

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With a new baby and a Kindergartener phasing out of naps (noooooooo!!!!! ahem… sorry), we have a need to tweak our routine.

This new routine isn’t too drastically different than the previous one. But tomorrow it will be my focus, as we haven’t had ANY routine for so long, have had a new baby, and need to adapt to our current daily and weekly patterns. 

(I only add times when they are relatively consistent. Everything else stays in basically the same order, but times vary depending on how the days go.) 

  • 7:00 (or earlier) I’m up, via husband’s alarm, reading my Bible and praying in bed so as not to wake the kids

  • Breakfast and Bible study with the kids
  • Good morning checklist
  • Acts of Service
  • Free play
  • School for all kids
  • 12:00pm Lunch and devotion
  • Naps (K time with oldest 2-3x/week)
  • Free Play
  • 5:00pm Afternoon Acts of Service
  • Quiet Play 

  • 6:00pm Dinner and devotion
  • 1:1 Time with Dad or Mom
  • Goodnight Checklist
  • Bed (7-ish for youngers, 7:30-ish for oldest)


  • Breakfast Bible study with the kids: Currently readings from the Jesus Storybook Bible. When we’re done, we’ll work through the Child Training Bible topic by topic. 
  • Good morning checklist: Get dressed, make beds, brush teeth, wash face.
  • Acts of Service: Chores, basically. See here for info on what we’re doing for that right now.
  • Free play: There’s actually lots of free play in our day between all these routine activities.
  • School for all kids: Group activities, units such as FIAR, preschool content. I’m hoping to start with busy bags and spend a few minutes of focused play with my toddler.
  • Lunch devotion: Review memory verses, catechism, and learn a hymn.
  • Kindergarten work: On the days Jaron isn’t taking a nap, we’ll do his reading lessons, math work, and whatever else he’s interested in.
  • Quiet Play: Kids play by themselves in different areas of the home and toddler does blanket time OR pair kids up to play with each other in different areas of the home.
  • Dinner Devotion: We’re reading from Leading Little Ones to God. Sunday night we try to do an extended time with cookies, prayer, and music.
  • Rotating 1:1 Time with parents (mommy/daddy date out or just a 1:1 activity like painting nails or playing board games)
  • Goodnight Checklist: Clean up toys, use the toilet, brush teeth and wash face, tucked in.

This daily routine also fits in well to my weekly rhythm, which includes family activities, a simple cleaning schedule, and homeschool activities. I’ll post on that soon!

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