Teaching Life Skills to Your Kids

I went to the dorm laundry and found one of the football players holding a pair of jeans with a bewildered look. 

“What’s the problem, Benny?” I asked.

“I don’t remember how my mom told me to wash these.” These were the days before cell phones, so a quick phone call wasn’t an option.

Benny had made it to college without ever doing one load of laundry. 

Benny’s friend made extra money while in the military because his mom wisely taught him how to use an iron. He ironed shirts for others in the barracks.

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Teaching life skills to your kids is now easier than ever with SkillTrek for parents and homeschoolers!

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From preschool through high school, the focus of education is often only on the book learning – the academics. While some personal finance or life skills classes might be included for a short time, many essential everyday abilities are left in the dust.

If our children are going on to college, often they will be on their own for the first time. Plus, not all of our children will go to college. Many will go right to the work force, the military, or even do some traveling. Most likely, the mastery of geometry and chemical bonds won’t help in their day-to-day life.

Think about it. What was the one thing you wish you had known when you started your own home? Me? It was how to clear a clogged drain. I learned a plumber isn’t available at 10:30 p.m., especially for a simple task I should have been able to do for myself.

Finding Time and Resources to Teach Life Skills

I know. Some of you are thinking, I’ve taught my child to balance a checkbook, drive a car, and sew a button. How about jump-starting that car? Plan a menu and shop for the ingredients for the meal? What about using standard tools such as plyers, a screwdriver, or socket set?

When do we have time to teach these skills? Our families are already busy. It’s easy to let the to-do list of all the things we want to teach our kids slip through the cracks with more urgent matters or simply the busyness of everyday life. It gets busier as they get older, too! None of us wants one more thing to do.

Enter Skill Trek. 

Skill Trek – An Online Family Life Skills Program

Skill Trek is a family-centered curriculum to help parents teach and children learn practical life knowledge beyond filling the gas tank. It provides direction for parents and goals for children to meet while having fun. The best part: It won’t take extra time. Much of the learning can become a part of your family’s life, such as cleaning the mirror or taking out the trash.

For preschoolers to high schoolers, kids learn to figure a tip, polish shoes, build an emergency shelter, and how to swim. Jasper T. Robertson (a loveable raccoon), Roland D. Scruffbear (a fun-loving bear), and Balthazar Boldeegle (a mature and wise eagle) lead the way for the Trekkers on a journey through fun activities to earn Nuggets for awards and prizes. These capable teachers even have a hint or two for parents.

The curriculum is online; no books needing more shelves. Most of the task can be completed with materials found around the house or garage. No extra costs. The material can easily be expanded for a hands-on course of study, resulting in organic learning and a holistic education.

Skill Trek will assure you that your children are well-equipped and ready for adulthood! 

Here are some of the highlights of SkillTrek! 

  • Kindergarten (even some preschool) through high school levels.
  • Internet-based, no costly textbooks.
  • More than 500 multimedia lessons.
  • Customizable to meet children’s and family’s needs.
  • Allows children to work at their developmental age.
  • Not just cooking and cleaning.
  • Skills taught include financial literacy, current events, technology, emergency preparedness, and more.
  • Works within the family schedule.
  • Parental controls and oversight.
  • Annual or monthly membership options

SkillTrek is available now for pre-ordering – if you order by August 6 you will instantly get a FREE starter kit with printables, full lessons, and more! 

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Teaching life skills to your kids is now easier than ever with SkillTrek for parents and homeschoolers!

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  1. This would be such a blessing to win! I will defiantly be looking into this program!

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