Routines and Schedules for Our Family

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Today I’m writing about our daily schedule over at Our Out-of-Sync Life. For those weeks where routines seem to fall apart (like the one I’m having right now!) it’s good and helpful to have a simple routine I can jump back into.

Remember, every family is different, so their schedules and routines will be different! Don’t give up when it doesn’t gel the first time, either. This has taken us several iterations and it will likely change again when the baby comes in November!”

Read the rest at Our Out-of-Sync Life. Thank you to Heidi for allowing me to share with the wonderful ABC Jesus Loves me community today!




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  1. Keri at Growing in His Glory

    Great post, Tauna! I’m going to check out the ideas in the series you mentioned because this family needs some better routines.

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