Doorposts: Essential Character and Child-Training Resources

Are you familiar with Doorposts? They sell biblical character and child-training resources that are thorough, practical, and so helpful in raising our kids up in the Lord. They are hands down our favorite parenting resource! 

Today I want to share with you just a few of the main resources we use from Doorposts and how we implement them in our home. 

For Instruction in Righteousness

For Instruction in Righteousness is a truly valuable resource. Next to the Bible and our Doorposts’ charts, this is the most-used parenting help in our home. 

What you will find in this book:
  • Thorough and Flexible. A parenting tool that you can use to make a customized biblical plan for addressing a problem
  • Homeschool Use. A homeschool character curriculum resource you can use to create units from
  • Well-organized. Divided up by the different sins and struggles that we are to help our children address.
  • Helpful tools. Provides bible study topics, scriptures, discipline and training suggestions, and relevant biblical warnings and blessings.
My favorite thing about it is that I can develop a plan that fits the needs of my child and our family. For example, is the main resource I used in determining how to deal with some anger issues we were dealing with. 

How We Use It

When I begin to notice a problem or identify a particular character issue, I wait until the kids are in bed and take over half the table with a notepad, my Bible, my computer, and For Instruction in Righteousness. Through prayer, study, and the tools in this fantastic book, my husband and I develop a strategy. It is SO effective!

I also use the For Instruction in Righteousness ebook quite a lot. Many times I just need to refresh my memory on how to handle a particular issue, or look up a quick Bible story or parenting tip. I take out my phone or iPad and am able to get the information I need easily! I love that the links in the ebook help me get around quickly as I can jump to related topics. The scriptures are linked out to an online Bible resource as well. The ebook itself has been a really great addition to our parenting tools. 


Polished Cornerstones and Plants Grown Up

Polished Cornerstones and Plants Grown Up are books that are packed with Bible studies, teaching points, and project ideas to help raise your sons and daughters to be fully equipped for the life God has called them to. 

What you will find in this book:
  • Thorough and Flexible. Hundreds of activities, Bible study plans, and reading suggestions to guide your children in godly living. You pick the ones most relevant to your child!
  • Homeschool Use. Can be used as a full character/home training curriculum. Different projects and activities are also labeled with school subjects that they relate to for homeschool planning purposes. 
  • Lasting. Can be used with kids 4 and up with Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced sections for each topic. 
  • Helpful Tools. Charts, forms, discussion questions, and Bible studies are all included in the book and in the CD that comes with it. 
I love that these books are so thorough and will help train up our children in spiritual and practical ways. They are indeed resources that we can use with all of our kids throughout the years they are living in our home. They are truly worth the investment.

How We Use Them

Our oldest son is 6 and we have begun using Plants Grown Up with him. We have been camping out for quite some time in the large section about temperance, where there are big chapters of projects and discussions to explore about self-control. He has been learning about taking care of his body, using a chart to help him be responsible for personal habits, and good bodily manners. *grin* 

We have just ventured into the chapter about self-control of emotions. For example, we’ll be learning Proverbs 25:28 (“Like a city that is broken into and without walls Is a man who has no control over his spirit”) and acting it out with legos, couch forts, and empty boxes. You KNOW he will remember that lesson!

Again, the ebooks have been very helpful as well, mostly for planning purposes or when I need to quickly find that activity/discussion idea for the topic we’ve been working on. It could easily be purchased alone and used on a laptop or iPad as a main text.

Watch for an Upcoming Giveaway!

Don’t these sound wonderful? Doorposts resources are the ones I will always recommend above all others.  During the week of April 7, I’ll be doing a series on establishing a Christ-centered home with 5 days of posts and giveaways! Doorposts has generously agreed to give away several of their resources, including ALL THREE of the ones I talked about here!

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