9 Christ-Centered Easter Resources and Activities


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Easter is coming up fast and we can’t wait! We’ve begun pulling out the decorations and diving into the scripture readings and activities that prepare our hearts for Resurrection Sunday. 

I’m always on the lookout for resources that will keep Christ in focus but be fun for the whole family and not too much work for this busy mama! Here are some of our favorite resources and activities. 

Interactive Felt Easter Banner

I have been eying this Easter Banner for a few years now and was SO excited to place my order a few days ago! This is from the Etsy shop heartFELTtruths and will be a wonderfully visual and hands-on way to learn the story of Christs’ death and resurrection. I can’t wait for Holy Week!

You can buy a completed set or a DIY kit (like I did) that looks easy to assemble even for this low-skill crafter. 🙂 

A Sense of the Resurrection

OhAmanda, the creator of Truth in the Tinsel, has come out with a new Easter experience for families that I highly recommend. I loved the idea of Truth in the Tinsel, and we may use it in the future, but it was too much for us. A Sense of the Resurrection, on the other hand, is perfect! 

A Sense of the Resurrection

The ebook has 12 days (we’re spreading them out) of scripture reading and a meaningful craft that captures the essence of that day’s story with a focus on one of the five senses. We plan on spreading the 12 days out. There are also bonus activities, such as a printable banner you can decorate and display. 

Today the kids and I did a wonderful and simple craft that is filling our home with a beautiful fragrance. When we catch that scent, we remember Mary pouring perfume over the feet of her Savior, and we prepare our hearts for Jesus just a little bit more.

Simple Easter Crafts and Activities

I printed and assembled this free resurrection play set from Catholic Icing. (Psst… you can trim off the halos. I really need to get around to that.) My kids really enjoyed playing with this last year and it was cheap enough that I don’t mind if they destroy it. I’ll just print it again!

Sorry about the lame picture. The Catholic Icing pictures are lovely and show the detail well.

We have some wordless gospel “books” that we play with all year, but at Easter time it’s great to turn those into a more focused activity. Here is a simple caterpillar printable and activity I put together that we’ll use again this year! 

We also have done some wonderful and simple art products, such as this salad spinner hill of calvary

We love this beautiful resurrection scene puzzle from the Arts of the Heart Etsy store (currently not in business). We pulled it out last week and the kids absolutely love putting it together over and over! It also makes a lovely mantel decoration.

More Great Resources!

  • Christian Passover Seder – We have never observed Passover as a family, but this may be a good year to start! A Christian Passover Seder is a book to help get you started. You can also see Ann Voskamp’s post with her helpful printables. 
  • Resurrection Eggs -We have done these in the past and will probably include them in the Easter egg hunt again. We’ll read Benjamin’s Box, which is a go-along with the eggs and explains the more difficult points well. Here’s a wonderful expanded devotional you may want to check out as well (“From Tots to Teens Easter Eggs” from the Totally Tots site). 

Find more Easter resources for your home and homeschool at the Schoolhouse Review Crew roundup!

Easter Resources

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  1. We celebrate Easter by going to church, doing egg hunts, and the kids getting Easter baskets. Last week my daughter made a Resurrection pot/plant at church. It was great. thx

  2. We enjoy going to church together and then spending time with both my family and my husband’s family on Easter.

  3. Church, baskets, egg hunts, family. We discuss the Passover and resurrection for a couple months leading up to Easter

  4. Looking forward to our Resurrection Rolls on Easter morning. Thanks for hosting!

  5. We never really “celebrated” in the sense that most do. We spend the day at church…sometimes we’ll put on an Easter cantata. I want to do more with my children, though, to make this time of year just as special as Christmas.

  6. We try to keep Resurrection Sunday all about Christ, so we save egg hunts for a different day. That morning we always enjoy Resurrection rolls and a joyful morning of worship.

  7. We reading Benjamin’s Box and use Resurrection Eggs. Going to church and a special Easter meal.

  8. We go to church, do eggs, do crafts and eat

  9. As as family, we read and discuss the Biblical resurrection account and attend church. Never used a program. Would love to win and go through “A Sense of the Resurrection” with both my 5 and 9 yr old.

  10. Easter is my favorite holiday! I love sitting in the truth of what Jesus did for us and that I am wiped clean because of Him! However, we haven’t done a whole lot as a family other than going to church in the past. I would love to change that this year. My kids love doing home bible lessons and this would be perfect!

  11. We read the resurrection story, do crafts that are Christ-based the week leading up to Easter, church, and the kids have an Easter egg hunt with the neighbors.

  12. Growing up, my family always went to church and had a big dinner. Since we have had kids we have ended up doing an Easter Egg hunt as well and the kids get presents from my husband’s family. I sort of feel like I’m ruining the fun, but this year I asked that we skip all of the more secular parts of the celebration. I’m reclaiming Easter as a Resurrection celebration and not a bunnies and presents celebration, lol!

  13. We celebrate Easter by telling the Easter story, going to church, sunrise service if they are having one. We do have egg hunts, along with why we hunt the eggs so they understand its still about Jesus. We started a new tradition this year of using a Sparkle Egg (its a book, and wonderful idea for Easter)

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