12 Creative Ways to Fit in More Bible Time (+ Free Scripture Cards)

Reading the Bible is an essential part of a healthy and growing Christian life. We know this. Yet, it can be difficult to develop a sustainable habit and make time in God’s Word the priority we know it needs to be. Sometimes we’ve just lost our rhythm and sometimes it’s simply the season of life we’re in. Regardless, we know how critical it is to read the scripture so that we may know God, learn His ways, judge things rightly, navigate the struggles of life, and so much more.  Still, most of us struggle to establish and keep a daily habit of Bible reading. I know I’ve been there, and it’s easy to let it slide! But I’ve learned that being intentional to “fit in more Bible time” grows into a habit that is sustainable.
As busy moms, it can be hard to establish a habit of daily Bible reading. Sometimes all we need to get the ball rolling again are some different approaches that will get us back on track. Here are 12 creative ways to fit in more Bible time! Of course, nothing really replaces consistent daily study, but there are times when these will come in handy!
  Having trouble fitting Bible study and Bible reading? Try these 12 creative ways to fit in more Bible time!

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12 Creative Ways to Fit in More Bible Time

The best ideas are often the most simple ones. These are 12 creative but SIMPLE ways that you can fit in more Bible time. Take one or two and try them for a week! They may become part of your ongoing routine or whet your appetite for more scripture reading. The Bible is kind of like that. The more you have, the more you want!  
  1. Bookend your day: Read a chapter of Proverbs in the morning and a chapter of Psalms at night
  2. Read a Proverb each day of the month (since there are 31 Proverbs)
  3. Focus on verse memorization and prayer, meditating on one verse/passage at a time
  4. Put the Bible in the bathroom (no judgement here lol!)
  5. Tack a book ring with memory verses to the bathroom wall and review them when you just need a break before you’re going to lose it! Yes… that’s me some days.
  6. Turn on the audio of YouVersion and stick it in your back pocket while going about your day
  7. Put worship music on in the background and really praise/worship in those precious pockets of time when they come
  8. Read your Bible or read it on YouVersion in bed in the morning/evening
  9. Change up your reading plan. Try Doorposts’ Busy Mama Bible studies and do them with your kids while they eat
  10. Do a kid’s Bible study along with your children, such as our Bible Brick Challenges or Doorposts’ Busy Mama Bible studies
  11. Schedule a monthly or quarterly coffee shop getaway for in-depth Bible study  
  12. Play The Visual Bible during the day (it’s scripture only and very well done – We have Matthew and love it)  

Resources to Help You Fit in More Bible Time

Over the years, in my regular study and my efforts to “fit in” more Bible time, I have come across some really helpful tools that make it easier. Some of them are mentioned above but I’ll include them here and several more!

  • Wide margin journal Bible for writing notes and prayers. This is the one I use.
  • A good study Bible like this one or this one when you want to go deeper (along with resources like BlueLetterBible for research)
  • Family studies like the James Scripture Challenge or Bible Road Trip (family studies and homeschool Bible count as Bible time, btw!)
  • Daily devotion Bible study checklist for kids (and adults)
  • Women’s Bible studies for a plan and accountability. (Pray for discernment – there are teachers and studies that are not biblical. I recommend Jen Wilkin and Nancy Demoss Wogelmuth to start with. Other Bible studies by teachers like R.C. Sproul and John MacArthur are also good choices.)
  • Get small pocket Bibles that can fit in your purse, in the bathroom, in the car, etc.
  • Bible Brick Challenges
  • Doorposts’ Busy Mama Bible studies
  • YouVersion App for the phone (devotions, audio Bible, reading plans, etc.)
  • The Visual Bible (for background scripture) 

Struggling to WANT to Read the Bible? (Free Scripture Cards)

Sometimes our struggle is that we just don’t feel a burning desire to read our Bibles, so it’s harder to stay motivated. The best things I have done are to 1) Read the Bible anyway (pick one of the ideas above and focus on it!), and 2) pray that the Lord would increase my desire for His Word. 
The more we know God, the more we love Him. The more we read His Word, the more our souls will yearn for it. We will crave the Living Water and the Bread of Life when we get up and throughout the day. But the first steps in that direction are challenging! We can pray that the Lord will help us in those steps and increase that desire in us. We can be sure that when we pray these things, they are in His will. 
Print off the scripture cards below and put them where you will see them often. Tape them up on the wall, on the fridge, the kitchen window, or on your mirror. Or put them on a keyring on your keys. Every time you see them, pray through the next scripture, humbling yourself before God and asking Him for more desire to read His Word and the self-discipline to be intentional in developing a habit.  
Pray for God to help you want to read your Bible more. These scripture cards can be used to help you pray for a greater desire for God's Word!


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  1. Ooo, I love these ideas. I have a Scripture card ring in my purse, too–started that when I was in the ER / surgery / dr. office so often with our youngest child. Works great even for check-ups in dr. office, sitting in car waiting (for anything, like for me–waiting for buffalo to cross the road LOL), etc.

  2. Great ideas- especially the visual Bible DVD. I had never heard of that, but will be buying it soon!

  3. These are great ideas! I write favorite verses on index cards and use them as bookmarks. That way, any time I open a book, it’s right there to read and review.

  4. Awesome ideas. I love the music in the background (which would subconsciously always keep me in the right state of mind) and the you version going in my backpocket! I joined a women’s group at my church this year and are reading through Philippians. I doing read some of the daily/weekly challenges but I like the idea of daily proverbs. Your tips along with my own and some dedication may get me through at the least a good majority of the bible. Going to check out the suggestions for the kids next! Thank you!

    1. You’re welcome! 🙂

  5. Love these ideas, Tauna! Thanks for sharing these. I’ll definitely be trying some of these.
    One thing that I have been finding really helpful is the Abide meditation app. The free version provides free 2 minutes Daily Meditations, and also short meditations focused on anxiety, emotions and sleep. It’s such an amazing way to start my day, and so doable!

  6. Love these ideas!

  7. Love the idea to tack memory verses to the bathroom wall. Maybe verses on patience or perseverance that I can read when I get overwhelmed and I hide.

  8. What a great incentive to motivate more personal Bible activity. Great ideas for anyone!

  9. Lots of great tips here! I need to post more scripture cards around the house.

  10. Will be trying some of your ideas. Thanks for the encouragement.

  11. Great tips! Thank you!

  12. These are wonderful tips! It is hard to remember that you don’t have to have a long timeframe set aside for a deep study to make it worth while.

  13. Great ideas for spending more time with God.

  14. Can’t wait to put some of these ideas into action! Thank you!

  15. Thank you for your great ideas! I don’t take time to read your blog very often, but when I do I am always blessed by your continual encouragement to stay in the Word!

  16. Thank you for this opportunity and for the wonderful ideas. I used to voraciously read my bible but it’s just honestly been really hard lately. I appreciate that you’re not shaming at all but have offered some empathy, realness, and manageable ideas to help us get back to that beauty that fills our souls. My husband passed away and I’m homeschooling our 4 kids alone. I’m not “really” alone. God helps me… but sometimes I’m just a bit soul weary. I’m really enjoying your blog btw. Thank you Tauna. ❤️

  17. I love the idea of these scripture cards! I have a prayer printed and framed by my bedside, so that it is a constant reminder to me, and I could always use more inspiration!

  18. Love all these ideas, Tauna! I am enjoying listening to Beth Moore’s podcast right now on the Names of God. It is so good and gives me extra time in the Word.

  19. Love all of these ideas, they work! And loving the opportunity for Christian Book Gift Card, Love them!

  20. Must needed advice for everyone of all ages.

  21. I needed this today. I want to be more intentional with starting our days with the Bible.

  22. Thank you! This is so helpful. Doorpost is one of my favorite recourses. And busy Mamma bible study is wonderful and recommend it to anyone. New Christians to Christians that have followed Jesus there whole life. I also included my kids.

  23. Great ideas. Thank you.

  24. This a very timely post. Thank you for the ideas.

  25. Love your suggestions on how to fit in more Bible/prayer/reflection time. I love that these were incorporated into your day, which is really how Scripture is best applied anyway!

  26. great ideas, thank you.

  27. Such a great list of resources! Thank you! Also, greatly appreciate the opportunity to help buy school supplies.

  28. Thank you so much for this opportunity! May those who truly need the help win. You all are a blessing.

  29. Thank you for the short and to the point but AMAZING LIST!! Really appreciate the Bible verse cards! Bountiful blessings to you and yours straight from Our Heavenly Father!

  30. Appreciate the tips for spending more time in Gods Word.

  31. This is a beautiful post and a generous giveaway, thank you!

  32. Great ideas! I found a site that gives you verses to write for each day of the month on a certain theme and I make sure I do at least that every day…that way I still get something in no matter how busy my day.

  33. Love the scripture cards. Great giveaway!

  34. Thank you for sharing these! I forget to find fun ways like the lego challenge!

  35. I love Christian book and order most of our curriculum from them. We also listen to tons of Christian Cds such as Patch the Pirate, Adventures in Odyssey, Bible Alive, etc.

  36. I do 6 and 7 all the time 🙂

  37. Great post! I am so encouraged that I am already doing a little more than half of these things, and your ideas have lead me to decide to implement a few more! Thank you for sharing!

  38. We appreciate all the help from all the blogging homeschool mamas!

  39. Great ideas! I listen to an audio version of the Bible each morning while getting ready for work.

  40. Thank you so much for this! It’s fantastic! I cannot wait to implement these ideas into our day.

  41. We’ve loved Tauna’s Bible Brick challenges – we found that restricting what Legos could be used made it more of a challenge for those who otherwise might have out grown the challenge. Also we are currently enjoying the James memorization although we are ‘behind’.

  42. Leave a Bible in the bathroom! LOL but this actually might help. Love it. Thank you for sharing!

  43. I try for a chapter a day. Having the Bible on my kindle helps because it’s small and easy to read in bed at night.

  44. Thank you for the Scripture cards and giveaway! These ideas are great.

  45. Great ideas! Thank you for the printable Scripture cards!

  46. Great tips! I also save a picture of a Bible verse as my phone background, so every time I look at my phone I can review the verse/work on memorizing it. 🙂

  47. Thanks for the encouragement to get in the Word!

  48. Great ideas! I have the homeschool Mom’s Bible and as I read through it there are various devotionals which are both helpful and encouraging for those that homeschool.

  49. This is a wonderfully practical post. It’s a tragedy that in a day and age when we have such access to the bible, we spend very little time in it. To help me, I have bibles scattered all around my house to easily pick it up when I can. I also like changing the version I’m reading the same passage in different versions helps give me insight in understanding it. I also appreciate being able to listen to preaching/teaching podcasts while doing the laundry or dishes (and I make good use of the pause button in this endeavor!). Every little bit helps!!

  50. Your post is so helpful and encouraging. Having been in a season of no real routine for personal devotion time for a bit, these are some wonderful ideas to get back in the habit. Us homeschool moms need time with the Lord and in prayer daily ❤️ Thank you for all the encouragement you offer to homeschooling families. You are indeed a blessing!

  51. I love the idea of cards! You can stay them in your purse and have them with you all the time!

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