Lego Learning & Bible Brick Challenges

Our family has really enjoyed using Legos for learning activities, especially for learning the Bible! Here are some helpful articles and information on our Bible Brick Challenges you’ll love!

Legos are a perfect tool for engaged and fun learning activities! Check out these ideas for Lego learning and Bible Brick Challenges your kids will enjoy.

Have you heard of the Brick Challenges at Proverbial Homemaker? They are fun, engage many learning styles, and teach in a fresh new way. Great for family discipleship, group activities, or homeschooling.

Holiday Brick Challenges

Holiday Brick Challenges 600 SQ

These Brick Challenges are perfect for lessons leading up to the holidays, fun activities for kids during festivities, or as a family project.

  • Brick Easter Story – Celebrate Resurrection Sunday with these fun activities, scripture readings, and build challenges. Includes optional builds for after Easter as well!
  • (FREE) Thanksgiving Brick Challenge – A 7-day build challenge that goes through a simple version of the Thanksgiving story and includes copywork and coloring pages.

Bible Brick Challenges

Bible Brick Challenges - learn about God's word in a fun, hands-on way with Bible studies and build challenges!

These Bible Brick Challenges provide such a fun and meaningful way to spend time in God’s word with your kids. Work those imaginations, build skills, and burn the story into their little minds and hearts!

One-Year Bible Brick Challenge

Looking for a fun Bible reading plan for your kids that goes through major scriptures and stories as they build with Legos? Check out our One-Year Bible Brick Challenge!

Start with January in the One-Year Bible Brick Challenge! It includes a simple reading plan and a daily Lego build project throughout the month.

More Lego Learning Ideas & Resources!