10 Essential Oils Everyone Should Have

I’m often asked what are the top must-have essential oils for those just getting started or who want to fill out their stash a bit. My top picks may not look exactly like everyone else’s, but if I were to build you a kit of oils myself, this is what you’d find in it!

10 Essential Oils Everyone Should Have

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10 Essential Oils Everyone Should Have

Immune Strength – A strong and effective blend that gets a lot of use in our home. It was the first oil that convinced me that essential oils work! Use before and after going to public places and at onset of cold and flu. 

Breathe Ease – Perfect for cold season and all things respiratory – chest cold, coughs, and more. Also helps with general stress, muscle aches, and swelling. 

Lemon – You will use this all the time! We use it for cleaning solutions, sanitizing and deodorizing the air, cold and flu, anxiety and moods, aid concentration, and just to brighten things up! 

Lavender – Another Jack of all trades like lemon, lavender is something you can’t do without. We use it a lot for skin issues, hair care, diffusing along with lemon and other oils, antibacterial properties, and more. It ends up in at least half of my recipes!

Tummy Rub – A favorite for moms with kids who have occasional tummy aches, as well as those who deal with Irritable Bowl Syndrome, motion sickness, morning sickness, indigestion, and more. We keep a roller bottle of Tummy Rub on hand!

Peace and Quiet – One of the first essential oils I tried, Peace and Quiet is a staple in our home. I diffuse it when things are getting a little crazy or roll it on when I need to calm down. The scent is wonderful!

Chamomile – A wonderful go-to for many uses, especially with children. It is especially helpful for skin conditions such as rashes, eczema, psoriasis, and broken veins. It’s also very relaxing and great for calming moods and easing muscle tension. Perfect diffused with lavender for calming sleep!

Peppermint – This is a common oil used for energizing and stimulating, headaches and migraines, sinus issues, and stomach problems. Even though it works really well, I’ll add Rosemary as a sideline here because I prefer it to peppermint for things like headaches and tension. 

Eucalyptus – Wonderful used for colds and fevers, rashes, congestion, and aches and pains. This is the oil I use most just for myself when I have chest congestion. 

Tea Tree – Probably one of the most used essential oils, tea tree is safer than similar oils and is great used in cleaning solutions, with cold and congestion, and in first aid. Definitely want this in your cabinet! This is what I mix with lavender in the shower when I’m starting to feel the blahs. 

As always, be sure to check for safety and dilution rates when using essential oils with children. 

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  1. Clarissa

    I want to try Immune Strength! We use lavender, tea tree, and lemon the most often.

  2. Melissa

    I use eo for disinfecting, immune strength, headaches. We haven’t found one that works for my son and husband to alleviate their allergy/sinus problems.

  3. Kimberly W.

    Peace and quiet looks like something i could use!!

  4. Tammy Mowell

    I am new to essential oils and am looking forward to trying some that will help with the cold and flu season coming up.

  5. Carolyn

    I have never used oils before but would love to use them in my home and classroom. Lemon, eucalyptus and tea tree are several I would try.

  6. Joede

    I use peppermint frequently for headaches and in the past i have diffused different oils to soothe my household.

  7. NT

    There are so many that I would try, especially the immune blend

  8. Beth

    Definitely going to try tea tree oil!

  9. Rebekah

    I don’t know..they all look good. I am definitely new to essential oils. I guess the immune strength and breathe ease since we are starting into cold season.

  10. Kim F.

    Lavender is our go-to for just about everything! Would not want to be caught without it, especially for allergies!

  11. Amy Kelley

    I love tranquility. It’s one of my fav. Along with tummy rub.

  12. Yahiliz S.

    We use most of these in our home but I sure could use a replenishment. Recently I used our NAN oils for treating pink eye. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  13. Tammy

    I use peppermint, lavender and frankincense almost daily. I also have lemon and German chamomile that I use some.

  14. Kate B.

    We mostly use peppermint for fresh breath, lavender for sleep, and geranium for tick repellent. If I win, I’m starting with the immune booster! Thanks for the giveaway opportunity. 🙂

  15. Denette

    I would love to try the peace and quiet!!

  16. Forest Rose

    I use them for everything sickness, mood, allergies, relaxation, concentration…etc. Love Essential Oils! I’ve never tried this brand so excited to try something new.

  17. Kelly

    Love my oils but am slowing learning the benefits and many many uses for them. I would love to expand my collection since I don’t have all of these oils.

  18. Shelly

    I use essential oils in my soap, a warm bath with right bar will work wonders on a tired/ ill body..

  19. Laurie Race

    We use essential oils for everything that we can. We are still learning, but they work!

  20. Catherine

    I was just looking into essential oils and feeling overwhelmed of where to even begin. This is a great starting point!

  21. Sonja Z

    I like to use Immune boost during the cold season and I also like to use lemon for cleaning.

  22. Kerry

    We like to use peppermint for headaches and stomach cramps, Thieves diffused and on the bottoms of our feet to help keep us healthy, and I like to add essential oils to epsom salt in baths, body scrubs, and bathroom spray. I will also add them to cleaners. 🙂

  23. Bethany B.

    We use oils often in our home for maintaining our health and helping us feel better when we are sick. It would be a HUGE blessing to win this!

  24. PS

    I’ve recently started diffusing oils. Still playing with it, but I am hoping to avoid some of the winter-time sicknesses this year.

  25. Teresa Myers

    If I won the essential oil contest I would get lavender, focus and breathe for my autistic son. I am a disabled mom trying to homeschool on a very limited income. These oils are a must in our home.;

  26. Katie

    We use a thieves blend for sickness, lavender for sleep and for mattress spray.

  27. C. Webb

    I use lavender oil to make a first aid salve.

  28. Danielle

    We use oils on the feet as soon as someone starts to feel ill. We also use oils on dryer balls.

  29. Lacey Simon

    I love my essential oils! They are great for every thing.

  30. Deborah

    Mostly for diffusing for emotions, but also for skin conditions, aches and pains, and calming.

  31. Molli Glowacki

    I currently use eo’s in homemade lotions and salves, but would like to learn to diffuse them. The Peace and Quiet blend sounds great!

  32. Amanda Jordan

    We use essential oils in many ways. We use them for evrything from immune support to cleaning.

  33. M Tipton

    I am rather new. We use peppermint and lavender a lot as well as tea tree.

  34. Sarah

    I’m new to essential oils but would like to try the peppermint oil for headaches.

  35. Jennie

    I have only used tee tree oil. I use it for keeping lice out of my girls hair, flees away from my dog, and kills mold. I have would love to get the calm one you talked about. Thanks for the
    Give away.

  36. Jenni

    I use essential oils for first aid, colds and congestion, diffusing to help with moods, treating ear infections, and more.

  37. Cindy T

    I am just learning about essential oils. What a super alternative to traditional medicine. Looking forward to trying my first bottle. Thank you for this fantastic giveaway!

  38. Alison

    I use essential oils in cleaning, skin care, wipe solution, diffusing, and staying healthy.

  39. Brenda Eastep

    I’ve been reading a lot about oils, and would love to experiment with those meant to help arthritis and breathing problems.

  40. Julie

    I’ve never heard of this essential oil brand company. I am curious to learn more. 🙂

  41. Sarah N

    I’ve started checking out essential oils. We’re big believers in natural health & I think this is the next step.

  42. Christina Koedijk

    I’m relatively new to essential oils but have slowly started to accumulate some essentials. I would love to try some more of the blends since I’ve mainly been purchasing the basics.

  43. Sarah N

    We’re big believers in natural health & although I’ve just started checking into essential oils I’m pretty excited that this is the next step for my family.

  44. Nikki M.

    I diffuse Immune Strength and if I won I would purchase Frankincense.

  45. Tiffany

    I will definitely use the tea tree first. I found a great idea for a lice repellent using tea tree oil!

  46. Mandy M

    I use essential oils for everything – I diffuse them, use them topically and also clean with them. I couldn’t live without them 😀

  47. Susan

    What an awesome giveaway! I have most of the oils on this list, would love to get the rest & a travel carry case!

  48. Camille Lopez

    I have used a few essential oils for years, like lavender. But haven’t expanded very far, or gone ” all in” yet. 🙂
    I’d like to try the immune and respiratory ones for my kids with allergies and asthma.

  49. Cathleen Cryer

    Love tummy rub essential oil

  50. Jocelyn

    I use EO’s for everything. I primarily use NAN. I make cleaning supplies, personal care items, use it in my laundry, and for medicinal purposes. Absolutely love immune strength, lemon, and peace and quite.

  51. Erin

    I have wanted to try Essential oils for awhile but haven’t yet convinced my husband that it’s worth squeezing in the budget. I would love to win the gift certificate so we could try some, especially the eucalyptus, lavender, chamomile and lemon. Maybe I could convince him of their value then!

  52. Nicole Bergsten

    I love NAN! Hope I win!

  53. Samantha Lehmann

    Haven’t had time to blog. Coding online class for credits for teaching recert and homeschooling. AHHH!

    Rest and peace – we have used a lot of plant therapy – safe for kids. Calm the child truly calms my OCD boy. Gives him a trick. And it works.

    So rest and peace … perhaps Thieves …

  54. Susanne Lee

    I would try all of them – I have been oil-curious for years now, and just haven’t the time to do due diligence in research and purchase so this is a perfect push!

  55. Nicole M

    I have not yet used Essential Oils, all of your recommendations sound wonderful. I guess I would try lavender first.

  56. Brenda

    I use oils for headaches, scrapes, and air freshening!

  57. melissa

    This is a really helpful list – thank you!

  58. Ruth O

    I would love to try these! My girls have eczema, asthma, and tummy pain. I’ve heard a lot of good things about oils.

  59. Brooke

    Thank you for this opportunity! Blessings on your day 🙂 Brooke

  60. Deanna Furrey

    I am new to essential oils. I would like to try the Immune Strength. Thanks for the chance to win. 🙂

  61. Alycia A

    I use essential oils everyday. My favorite from NAN is First Aid. I keep it in my purse. It is great for bumps, cuts, and bruises.

  62. Darcy

    We diffuse them and use them topically!

  63. Elizabeth

    I have wanted to try essential oils but I am always worried about the price and if my husband would be okay, but it would be neat to at least try something to see what would work. 🙂

  64. Lori Williams

    I am new to essential oils and would love to try the tea tree and the lavender first. Thank you for the opportunity to win some!!

  65. Laurie M

    We use lavender and ylang ylang to help our son with night terrors. They work great!

  66. Rhoda

    We use EO’s for my daughter’s asthma–they really help. I keep eucalyptus in my purse for the times we don’t have her inhaler along but she needs something. Thank you for a great give away. What a blessing.

  67. Leslie B

    Currently we try topical and aromatherapy. I recently made my own hand sanitizer.

  68. Jenn S.

    I use essential oils on me, my husband, and my almost 4-year old to keep us healthy! Additionally, I use them in my natural cleaning recipes!

  69. Ann

    I have used peppermint before for headaches, and I just recently bought a diffuser so I could try that for helping me sleep. I would love a chance to get some more oils! 🙂

  70. L Sell

    I use oils for a peaceful homeschool experience. We try different blends in the diffuser every morning…seems to help (me mostly)! Thanks for the opportunity!

  71. Amanda

    I would love to try some of these essential oils! They sound wonderful!

  72. becky

    I use essential oils all the time–for sleeping, wellness, insect repellant, etc. etc.!

  73. Cinnamon

    I have wanted to start using oils and this would be a great way to begin!!!

  74. Kathleen P.

    I have used essential oils for cleaning products and am now learning about using them for health purposes. If I win, I will definitely start with the immunity and strength oils.

  75. Nicole

    I use NAN oils for headaches, bug bites, scrapes, colds, diffusing, and more. NAN products are great!

  76. Ivy

    I am new to EO. I would try lavender.

  77. Heather

    I use lavender in my laundry and four thieves to help with chest congestion.

  78. Joan

    I am pretty new to oils. I use them for freshening the air, headaches, acne, cleaning and am still learning what all they can do.

  79. Gail

    Would love to try lavender.

  80. kaye herbert

    We use EO’s for cleaning products, aromatherapy and making topical body care products like deodorant and massage oils.

  81. Deb

    I’ve been wanting to start using EOs, especially for natural cleaners and for immune system support.

  82. April

    Right now we mainly use tea tree oil, peppermint oil and oregano oil, for dealing with athlete’s foot and any other issues like being allergic outwardly to mildew.

  83. Anna L.

    I’m new to essential oils. Tea tree and immune strength sound interesting to me.

  84. Theresa L

    I’m new to essential oils, but I would love to try the Tummy Ease for my son who gets car sick and the peppermint for my own migraines.

  85. katie

    We use eos for cleaning and diffusing. We love lavender and tea tree oil. We also make a few homemade health and beauty products.

  86. Deanna

    We diffuse them and use them for ailments. I wish there was a concise text as to how to use and what to use them for. But, what I am learning is that this is not an exact science, but more of how it works for you.

  87. Laura Rath

    I’ve only just started with essential oils in the past 2 weeks and your posts have been very helpful. I chose NAN based on so many positive reviews, and just placed my 2nd order this morning. Would love to win a gift certificate! So far, we’ve tried Relieve Me, Lemon, and Spearmint, using them topically and in a diffuser. So far, I really like them, but the reason I decided to invest is because my daughter has chronic pain and I’m hoping they will help her.

  88. Hillary

    My favorite way to use oils is diffusing!!!

  89. Kristin

    need oil for headaches

  90. Jen

    I use essential oils to be diffused and in my vinegar cleaner, and in my steam mop. I would love to try to Peace and Quiet!

  91. Krysten T

    I want to try the lavender oil to help my baby sleep.

  92. Amber

    I want to try the tummy rub!

  93. Traci

    I would love to try some to diffuse for cold/allergy season.

  94. Nicole

    I use lavender with basil to help drain fluid from my child’s ears. He tends to get fluid buildup. While camping my younger child had a bad reaction to an insect bite and all I had with me was my roller of lavender/basil so I used it. He was a happy camper just a few minutes later! I diffuse rosemary/lavender/basil/tea tree for my children when they have a cold. After exposure to other children we diffuse Immune Strength to keep away any viruses we may have picked up. The only NAN oil I cannot stand is Breathe Ease. It just smells terrible with the pine in there and causes respiratory distress in my youngest child. I have to use a similar blend made by one of the MLMs which I shall not mention here. 🙂

  95. DavetteB

    Which Chamomile, Roman or German?

    1. Tauna

      They’re both great for the skin, cold, flu, etc. I have heard that German has more active ingredients and therefore is more potent. Roman may be better for calming.

  96. Janine

    I have been using EOs for about a year now. I really really like them and have been wanting to try NAN. After reading your post I think I am going to give them a try. I am also a homeschool mom and a follower of Jesus 🙂

  97. Emily

    i love essential oils. I would try the tummy rub!!!

  98. Deb

    I have peppermint and lavender, I would live to try more , but cost is often the thing that prohibits, that and knowledge regarding what makes the oils the best product to purchase.

  99. Kayleigh

    Hi Tauna! I would love to win one of these! I am new to oils but am wanting to try my hand at it. I have one child who is continuously sick with respiratory problems in the winter and I am a mama who tries to be as conservative as possible before having to use medication. Would love to have these on hand for my little gal!

  100. Jaci

    We have been getting into oils lately and loving them! Especially in the diffuser! Thanks for this great give-away!

  101. Deanna

    Cleaning, added to the oil cleansing method for my face, different remedies.

  102. Liz C

    I would love to learn the healing properties and also use them in making my own cleaning products.

  103. Danece

    I have heard so many good things about essential oils. I have researched the benefits and would love to try more.

  104. Karolyn K.

    We use e/o’s on us and in making all kinds of things. We have inhalers with peppermint, lavender, and lemon for allergies. For tummy aches we use chamomile and peppermint in a roller bottle. For sore muscles we mixed peppermint and lavender into an un scented cream. We make frankincense soap. We use Rosemary to make shampoo.

  105. DJ

    I use them for stress relief and cleaning.

  106. Leah

    We use essential oils for everything from healing to cleaning

  107. Becky

    I’ve been reading and hearing lots of good things about essential oils; would love to try some out!

  108. Jessica Green

    I love NAN oils! I’d love to try chamomile as its one we haven’t tried yet.

  109. Samantha R

    I haven’t had the chance to use many essential oils yet but I definitely want to try Immune Strength and Thieves. I’d like to try them in a diffuser.

  110. kelynnma

    I love using EO as a health supplement and use for all my beauty needs 🙂 Especially love peppermint oil right now!

  111. Cass

    I have been researching essential oils for over a year, but I have been afraid to select a company because it seems there are a lot of deceptive claims and it is difficult to know which companies are trustworthy and offer a quality product. I really want to get started with oils! I am interested in the germ fighting type blends as well as the most versatile ones such as lavender, tea tree oil, lemon, etc. I hope to use them to deodorize our home.

  112. Mary Beth Fratangeli

    I have been using lavender around the house, adding it to baking soda and sprinkling on my carpet before I vacuum. It really helps! I have also bought eucalyptus and peppermint but have not used them yet. I really want to get a diffuser and would love to try the Breath Ease and Tea Tree Oil.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  113. Jennifer

    As a momma of a chronically ill child with a rare disease, I want terribly to try these more natural approaches to everything I can! Thank you for the opportunity.

  114. Tara S.

    We use peppermint oil for headaches and tummy aches.

  115. Tracy T.

    Lavender is my night time friend when I need something to help with sleep.

  116. Rebekah

    We use oils in so many ways in our home, cleaning, aromatherapy, health, mental clarity and pest repellant to name a few!

  117. jennifer mathesz

    e’ve just started using them but we’ve tried a blend for study/focus in our homeschool

  118. Melissa

    I love diffusing oils and putting then into soaps and lotions I make. Happy to have a chance to try out different brands!

  119. Margaret Broussard

    I’ve already placed 2 orders from NAN this week, but my wish list is still growing! vEtiver and some of the blends are my next to try!

  120. HSMama4

    We use Lavender to promote sleep but would LOVE to try the Peace & Quiet, especially during school time and the Immune.

  121. Melissa

    I have recently started using NAN oils, and we use Breathe Ease and Immune Strength a lot this time of year, as well as peppermint and orange. I would love to get a diffuser and would love to try Piece and Quiet as well as some of the extra supplies.

  122. Jennifer Starr

    I use several for cleaning and tea tree for laundry. Peppermint for headaches. I’ve even used them to deter the cat from scratching on the bed.

  123. Lisa

    What an amazing giveaway. Thanks so much for the chance to win! We love our essential oils here. Have cleaned out so many chemicals from our home but there are still so many I want to try.

  124. john hutchens

    I use Lavender to help promote more restful sleep nightly in my diffuser

  125. Traci

    We’ve used peppermint and eucalyptus before. I’d love to try lavendar and anything that would help with cold season.

  126. Melissa R.

    I’ve used essentials oils off and on for skin care for awhile now. With winter on its way, I would love to try the breathe ease and immune strength.

  127. Jessica

    We could really benefit from the tummy rub!

  128. Laurie S.

    Wow, wow, wow, wow! I love this company and this is so generous. I use their oils in a diffuser. Been saving and hoping to get more from them.

  129. Erin

    I have only tried EOs for a few things. Usually I diffuse them – mostly to make our home smell good or to attempt to combat the effects of colds/allergies. I would love to try the Peace and Quiet or the Tummy Rub ones!

  130. Allison M

    I use them for everything!! Most importantly, for my kids. Been rubbing my sick child with oregano and immune strength all day. My diffuser is going constantly. Love NAN!

  131. Debby

    Would love to win this. I’m looking for a non MLM oil alternative.

  132. Starr Olinger

    I’ve used peppermint oil before for cleaning but I would love to try any of them.

  133. Rachel

    Ooooh – Tummy Rub sounds great for kids – would have been handy last week when both kids shared a stomach virus! 😛

  134. Carla White

    Since I credit you 100% with my introduction to oils and to Native American Nutritionals, thank you for this opportunity! I love Attention Assist for my son and am in need of more for this school year so this would help greatly!

  135. Michelle Proper

    I use lavender to help me sleep better, Eucalyptus to breathe better and also lemon & orange in my homemade cleaners. Love learning about Essential oils 🙂

  136. Aimee

    I’ve used lavender to help with fevers and peppermint for headaches. I didn’t know you could use it for eczema and would like to try it for my son’s skin.

  137. Kymberlie Stefanski

    We love our EOs. Lavender, thieves, balance, and many more. We use them for health, skin conditions, calmness from anxiety, etc.

  138. Michelle D.

    I have not used essential oils yet, but am very interested and want to learn more, especially the differences between companies/product. Any oil that helps focus and calmness sounds good to me.

  139. Lisa

    I use essential oils a lot. I diffuse, and apply to my skin. I have removed skin tags off of my husband using oregano oil.

    I’d love to win and try the Chamomile .

  140. Marie Johnson

    I really, really want thieves and immune system. I have a child with chronic asthma. Thanks for the chance of winning!!

  141. Christy S. Lube

    I love EOs! My favourite right now is peppermint, either just sniffing the bottle or doing a steam inhalation, so wonderful for headaches.

  142. Becky W

    My daughter has a ton of trouble with motion sickness. I would love to try the Tummy Rub for her.

  143. Deidre

    I LOVE essential oils and I love NAN!!! Immune Strength is amazing and smells so good! I use lavender for everything. Peppermint is a favorite. I am a cancer patient and use sacred frankincense and copaiba. My children LOVE calming and we always use breathe ease during colds. Works like a charm!

  144. Sunny

    I would love to try some of these essential oils! The list you have compiled sounds fantastic!

  145. Sarah farnsworth

    I’ve used young living for 7 years and haven’t ever heard of this brand! Anxious to learn more. I would love to try the immune and chamomile…but all of them.

  146. Angela

    I love all my eo’s!!! My favorite is hard to choose, but I would say Eucalyptus Radiata, and then melaleuca. There are so many we use everyday, we had asthmatics, two of our children and eo’s changed our lives. Now we use them to keep our immune systems up, but not like we first did when we were so full of toxins. I thank the Lord that He brought me to someone who knew them, used them and shared the great healing of God’s little gifts! So thankful that our family is in a new season and I have the Lord to praise and His plants amazing healing qualities He put in them!!! Ang

  147. shaunie

    I would have to say the peppermint

  148. Autumn Rowland

    I use lemon right now but thats as far as i’ve gone to use them! I’d like to try more

  149. Melissa

    Thanks for the chance at an amazing giveaway! We use oils for so many things in our home: laundry, cleaning, aromatherapy, headaches, tummy aches, illness, relaxing, and so much more. If I win, I definitely want to replenish my Frankincense!

  150. Sharon

    I love peppermint and eucalyptus oils. Jasmine and lavender are great for adding scent to the lotion that I make.

  151. Melanie (Wren)

    I am still dancing around the edges of essential oils! We do have a Thieves’ Oil that we pull out during colds and flu seasons, but I am definitely interested in more. Probably Lavender, Immune Strength and Tummy Rub!

  152. Sarah G

    I just started using essential oils and so far have been using topically for colds, headaches, stomach aches, and to help my kids sleep. I can’t wait to get a diffuser so I can start diffusing them as well!

  153. Lynda

    I’m just starting to investigate oils. I have a fried who brings me some to try. I’d love to win this.

  154. Lori

    I have been wanting to try their essential oils for awhile…. 🙂

  155. Kali

    I’d love to try the Peace & Calm and Tummy Rub. We use the Breath Ease all cold season long.

  156. Kala

    I am new to essential oils. I’ve heard all the amazing things about them and would love to try any of them!

  157. Hope

    We use eo for everything around here: cleaning, boo- boo’s, acne….

  158. Tanya Luscombe

    Just getting into EO’s but I think they are pretty amazing!!

  159. Christine

    My youngest daughter seems to get colds quickly so I would like to try the Eucalyptus and Tea Tree with her. My other daughter is already starting with pimples so the Chamomile would be my first choice for her. This is an awesome giveaway! Thanks for the chance to try these.

  160. Beverly

    I love Lavender. It has lots of different uses!

  161. Mary L

    I love using EO, the most used oils in my house are lemon, lavender, frankincense, and peppermint. I use them both in my household and for health.

  162. Lisa

    I’m just starting with EOs & very anxious to try out my new diffuser!

  163. Jamie

    I would love to win this, as I am just learning about EOs!! Thank you!

  164. Jill b

    I use them for eczema, mood improvement, diffusion and to prevent ticks and bug bites

  165. R G

    I am new to oils. I am going to have a baby in a couple of weeks, so I would research a bit more which would help most in that situation. Thank you so much for the giveaway!

  166. Erin B.

    I haven’t tried this brand before but I am willing!

  167. Amber

    I was skeptical of essential oils too until I tried some. Now I use them for many things.

  168. Maria

    ‘ve been using eo’s for almost 2 year snow, and I’m a firm believer in them! I’ve never tried any by this company, but I would love to!

  169. dara

    I used EOs to help my children calm down for bed, breathe easier in their humidifier when sick or having allergies, boost immunity, for me with headaches, and for hair detangler and lotion aroma

  170. Lisa S

    We use lavender, lemon, and peppermint for allergies!

  171. Kimberly

    I just discovered this summer how good lavender is on bug bites! I’m interested in learning more.

  172. Delia

    I am newer to using essential oils for health. In the past I used them in my homemade soap & body products. I did recently make a homemade tooth remedy to improve my oral health. Natural remedies are very important to me & I look forward to learning more about essential oils for health.

    I appreciate companies that are not MLM.

  173. Elizabeth B

    I have found that Tummy Rub works great for my pregnancy heartburn! I also use Calming in my baths to help me relax before bed.

  174. Beth Z. Patt

    I like to diffuse them and I put some on my childrens’ feet to help them sleep.

  175. Judith Martinez

    I use tea tree oil in my foot soak.

  176. S Thomassen

    I use peppermint to help fend off migraines.

  177. Melody

    I love essential oils! These look wonderful,

  178. noel

    We use them for immune support, stress relief, wound care, and as a sleep aid either topically or in a diffuser. Have used oils in diy shampoo and toothpaste too.

  179. Danette Benoit

    I use essential oils for cleaning, mosquito deterents, headaches and that’s it. Would love to learn more!

  180. valerie

    We use EOs several times a week – my #1 most used is Immune Strength. With 2 kiddos in public school, it seems we very often have some sort of bug trying to raise its head. 🙂 We use Tummy Rub, Calming for help with sleep, lavender for a myriad of uses, and love to diffuse lemon for its scent and disinfecting properties. Thanks for this awesome giveaway!

  181. Elizabeth

    I was just on their site looking at some oils I need to order. I will wait to see if I win this first!!

  182. Emily

    I’ve tried lots of oils, but my go-to oils are peppermint, tea tree, and lavender.

  183. kristy

    I have used tea tree for lice and lavender in a chest rub for congestion. Definitely want to try more!

  184. randi

    This is awesome! Thanks for the opportunity!

  185. Lori Harper

    I have a little one with skin conditions that one prescription after the other has done very little for, leaving her, at 4 years of age, with spotty scars all over her, and constantly dry and itchy patches. We are learning about the different oils and how to make our own safe and organic detergents, soaps, etc. I love the lavender oils for the wonderful scent and I read that it has healthy advantages for sensitive skin as well. I also recently ordered some eucalyptus for cold season coming up! And I love my synergy oils for slumber! As a domestically challenged and divinely equipped sister in Christ also, I love all of your emails and pray many years of continued blessings for you and your family. Count it all joy!

  186. Robin Gordon

    I can’t wait to try lavender and breath ease! There’s always someone a little stuffy at our house :p

  187. Allen macgaffey


  188. Pam Powers

    Tea Tree is my main go to oil. I use it for burns, bites, clearing sinuses. It is also in all of my cleaning products. I use lavendar and peppermint for headaches.

  189. Elizabeth C.

    We use EO’s in our house. I love a blend for PMS (and so does the rest of the family 😉 ) as well as mood balancing blends. I would love to have the mom’s essentials kit on hand to further our move to natural care and living.

  190. Breadmommy

    What a great opportunity to get my own eo, instead of borrowing from great friends..

  191. Michele

    I know a little about EO, and have used the eucalyptus oil to make my own sinus rub, peppermint for plugged milk ducts during the nursing yrs,, and recently an eo cleaning mix. I’d love to try more.

  192. Rebekah Kuriakose

    We use oils often in our home. I love peppermint for my neck or back or tummy blend for upset stomachs. Lavender is a great go to oil!

  193. Abigail

    I love essentail oils!

  194. Tami

    Wanting to try these because Tauna suggests them over my current eo brand. 😉

    1. Tauna

      Lol! Love you, cousin. 🙂

  195. Michelle

    I diffuse oils throughout our home. I also use them to make salves and lotions for their scent but also for their medicinal properties.

  196. Amy R.

    would love to try Breathe Ease…just got introduced to Tea Tree and I’m hooked!

  197. Marcy

    Our family is very interested in essential oils, but only have a couple. This would be a great help to us on our road to healthy natural living. Thanks.

  198. Fatima Kamal

    Although I am a newbie to oils. I usually use the basic vanilla, coconut and almond essential oils. I would love to try these.

  199. I love oils but to be honest seldom use them. We shop at Walmart and I usually don’t see them while grocery shopping. I love lemon and lavendar. I would love to try them all.

  200. Kate Rhodes

    I use essential oils in my cleaning, the salve I make, diffusing when sick and sometimes internally. Peace and quiet sounds lovely!

  201. Kasia

    What a lovely giveaway! Just thinking about chamomile oil brings out sweet childhood memories.
    Also having a “immune strength” blend on hand would be so crucial this time of year. Thanks again!

  202. Dana Smith

    Would love to try the immune blend. I use and diffuse peppermint and lavender the most.

  203. MelanieB

    I’m fairly new to essential oils. Lavender is the first thing the children request for bug bites.

  204. Leah Rader

    I am diffusing chill pill blend right now to calm down at bed time. I also use thieves blend in our homemade household cleaners, diffuse it when we feel like we are getting sick, and rub it on our feet when we go to bed if there is sickness or fever.

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