35 DIY Natural Cleaning Recipes to Detox Your Home (+ Free Printable)

Looking for some homemaking ideas to help you clean up your house with more natural solutions? Here’s a BIG roundup of fantastic DIY natural cleaning recipes! You’ll make your stainless steel shine and deep clean those surfaces. 

Heads up: Don’t miss the helpful download in this post! You’ll get a FREE printable with our top 5 DIY natural cleaning recipes. 🙌 These are tried and true in our home over several years! Great for spring cleaning, fall cleaning, or anytime of year!

Roundup of natural cleaning products

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Top 5 DIY Natural Cleaning Recipes

I’ll be trying out several of the fantastic recipes below! But before you go there, make sure to download this FREE printable with my own top 5 DIY natural cleaning recipes. These are solutions I’ve used in my home for several years and always fall back on! So I put them in a handy download so you can make good use of the, too. 

35 More Fantastic DIY Natural Cleaning Recipes

Ready to clean? Browse the recipes below!

To make it even more effective, first get a DIY natural cleaning kit together (or maybe some of these helpful cleaning and organizing resources). 

Happy cleaning!

General Cleaning Recipes

DIY Hand Sanitizer (Proverbial Homemaker) – This is the recipe I’ve used myself. I include different variations you can try as well!

Lemon Hand Sanitizer (Ben & Me) – Another simple hand sanitizer recipe without alcohol. Post also includes other great uses for lemon essential oil. 

Germs-B-Gone Household Cleaner (Proverbial Homemaker) – Featuring oregano essential oil, this household cleaner has been handy when our house gets hit with a bug. I wait until the kids go to bed and give things a good cleaning. 

All-Purpose Citrus Wall Cleaner (Rocky Mountain Oils) – I like this recipe because it’s simple and makes the rooms smell all bright and cheery. Great for spring cleaning! Several other recipes are on this page, too, that are worth checking out. 

Homemade Cleaning Wipes (Little House Living) – Such a handy way to make convenient cleaning wipes for all over the house!

DIY Disinfecting Spray (Clean Mama) – With all the activities, playgrounds, gatherings, etc. this is a fantastic idea for our house!

All Purpose Cleaner Using Orange Peels (Nourishing Simplicity) – SUCH a great idea to use orange peels in this way! 

Homemade Citrus Air Freshener (Live Simply) – Another great use of citrus fruit! Make your own natural air freshener. I have to say, citrus is my favorite scent for summer and spring but it’s also nice as a pick-me-up in the cooler months!

DIY Dusting Spray (Laura Sue Shaw) – This recipe caught my eye because our house is a dust magnet with kids, a dog, and my aversion to cleaning (just sayin). I was king of hoping this would make dust magically go away when you spray it, but alas, we’re still in reality. 😆 I’m going to try it anyway! I think we’ve been struggling with some allergies and I need to step up my dusting game. 

Naturally Cleaning Vomit (Measuring Flower) – Yes… mamas know. Vomit is a fact of life and it’s a toughie to clean! 

DIY Homemade Febreeze (The Frugal Gals) – To add those finishing touches of fresh scent to your cleaning job!

Kitchen Cleaning Recipes

Homemade Natural Powdered Dishwasher Detergent (Clarissa R. West) – I’ve used something similar to this before and it worked pretty well! It was handy, too because if I ran out of our purchased detergent I could put this together quickly. 

Homemade Dishwasher Rinse Aid (Whole New Mom) – Our dishwasher pretty much needs rinse aid. These will come in handy! Once we get the dishwasher fixed. 😉 

Dishwasher Cleaner Recipe (Sparkling Penny) – Cleaning your dishwasher can be important. Wiping the inside down, especially around the edges where the door meet and in the center where food can gather, is good to do every month or so. Follow-up with this dishwasher cleaning recipe for an even better clean! 

Homemade Liquid Dish Soap (Mommypotamus) – I’ve never even thought of making my own liquid dish soap. I kind of rely on that Dawn liquid dish detergent for so many things… but I might have to try this!

DIY Oven Cleaner (Martha Stewart) – This one is so easy to put together and I NEEED to do it! No excuses then. 😉 

How to Clean a Glass-Top Stove with All-Natural Ingredients (HGTV)- Ok… this one is even more simple than the last one. Nowadays we have a gas oven, but in our last house the glass top stove was such a pain. This is a great way to clean it! 

Homemade Granite Cleaning Recipe (The Frugal Girls) – If you have granite countertops, this is a great natural way to get them clean!

Bathroom Cleaning Recipes

DIY All-Natural Bathroom Cleaner (Creative Healthy Family) – Having a good all-purpose bathroom spray is a good idea! You can use the one in the download provided above or this one for an easy cleaner!

Homemade Shower Cleaner, Toxin Free (Whole New Mom) – The shower needs regular cleaning with all the people in our house! Make this and make good use of it in your cleaning routine. (Note… tbh, cleaning my shower isn’t in my routine. 😬 I’m coaching myself, here.)

Homemade Toilet Bowl Cleaners (DIYNatural) – It has to be done. So we might as well do it without all the crazy toxic solutions! This post has three to choose from. 

Toilet Tank Cleaner (DIYNatural) – Because that area gets funky, too! I like that you just drop it in. 

Natural Tile & Group Cleaner (Wellness Mama) – The grout especially needs attention in our bathrooms. This is a great one to try! It’s amazing how much clean grout can make the bathroom seem so much fresher.

Laundry Cleaning Recipes

Laundry Detergent? In recent years I’ve heard that homemade laundry detergent didn’t work. Back when we were pinching pennies to the extreme, I made this laundry detergent recipe and felt like it did pretty good. 

Natural Stain Removing Solutions (Naturally Minded) – Great list of ingredients you can use to naturally remove stains. A good one to bookmark!

DIY Washing Machine Cleaner (Mind Body Green) – Our washer sometimes need to be washed. It came with some tabs to do that but I like this much better!

Wool Dryer Ball Add-Ons – Not a recipe, per se. Dryer balls can be a handy and natural replacement for dryer sheets. I like to add a few drops of Load of Fun, Purify, or Minty Clean (from the kit I bought from Rocky Mountain Oils). Lavendin is another one I keep in the laundry room for this purpose. It’s very frugal (huge bottle) and smells wonderful. 

Natural Bleach Alternative (One Good Thing By Jillee) – Get your whites whiter without needing bleach? Yes, please! If you try this I’d love to know how it works for you. 

Homemade Liquid Fabric Softener (Growing Up Herbal) – We’ve never used liquid fabric softener but I know that many folks do! If you’re looking for a natural replacement, this looks like a good one!

Floors & Furniture Cleaning Recipes

Fresh Carpet Powder & Odor Busters (Proverbial Homemaker) – In my post on Lavender, I provide a free printable with recipes that includes DIY natural cleaning recipes for freshening your carpet and busting nasty odors!

Deep Cleaning Carpet Naturally (Apartment Therapy) – If you need to do a deep clean on that carpet, try this out from Apartment Therapy. 

Natural Homemade Furniture Polish (Housewife How-To’s) – To be honest, I’ve never polished my furniture. But if you do, this is one to try!

DIY Upholstery Cleaner (Rescue My Time House Cleaning Service) – Our couches and cloth chairs are in dire need of cleaning. They could probably be replaced but we don’t want to do that until the kids are older (because they are destroyers lol). This is a great post to help me freshen ours up!

Wood Floor Cleaner (Mom4Real) – If you have wood floors, you can get them shiny and clean with natural solutions, too! 


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