Homemaker’s Friend: A Simple & Effective Homemaking Planner

A couple of years ago I was first introduced to the Homemaker’s Friend Daily Planner. My experience with it then was great as I worked on getting a grip on my household chores. Somewhere along the way I forgot about using it. Chaos ensued. You know how that goes. 

Fast forward to today, and I have more kids, more responsibilities, more tasks, and less time. Having finally found a homeschooling planner that worked well for me, I knew it was time to find a homemaking planner that would be equally helpful. Back to the Homemaker’s Friend Daily Planner

A simple and effective homemaking planner

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This time I decided to share a video with you (see below) so I can show you all the sections of the planner and some tips on how I use it in our own home. I keep this open with my homeschooling planner and brainstorming notebook on a little command station on the corner of our kitchen island. It’s the most convenient place for me to pop over and take a look at what’s next in our day! 

What’s in the Homemaker’s Friend Daily Planner

The Homemaker’s Planner is a simple and effective tool to help you manage your household. The planner is spiral-bound with covers that are laminated and have inside pockets for loose papers. It is a convenient size that can be kept open on your counter or closed and slipped into your bag as you head out the door. 

Sections are tabbed and you’ll also find a unique and easy way to keep track of where you are in the planner: dotted lines that guide you in scissor cuts you can make that create new tabs for the month or week. There are several sections and features that make this planner interesting. 

The weekly view is probably my favorite part of the planner. I keep the current week open on my counter and there I have all the information I need to tackle my work successfully: daily menus, to-do lists, weekly goals, and more!

Planner Sections

  • Yearly calendars 
  • Monthly calendars
  • Task lists
  • Projects
  • Information (phone/address book)
  • Shopping lists

Planner Features

  • Convenient size for grab-and-go
  • Sturdy spiral binding
  • Inside cover pockets
  • Tabbed sections and pages
  • Perforated rip-out grocery lists
  • Very handy and usable weekly view

How I Use the Planner

As I said, I particularly enjoy the weekly view and how easy it makes my daily life at home. When I sit down to plan of the month, I take a quick look at the year and monthly calendars and jot down anything that will impact my homemaking tasks. 

Then I fill out the week’s to-do lists, general goals and notes, menu plan, etc. I have all the week’s main activities right there at a glance! I fill in my grocery lists and tear them out for a quick trip to the store. For my main large trip each month, I take the whole planner with me and have modified the Information section to use it as a price chart so I can check prices as I shop and make sure I’m getting the best deals. 

Check out the video for more details on how I use the planner!

How to Purchase the Homemaker’s Friend Daily Planner

Buy the Homemaker’s Friend Daily Planner NOW in time for the new year and get a head start on managing your home efficiently! Payments can be made with credit card or through PayPal. 

December 1-5: Save 20% on entire order at Homemaker’s Depot. Free shipping on orders over $49.00 (U.S. only). 

Quantity Pricing, perfect for gift giving!

  • 3 or more $12.99 
  • 5 or more $11.99 
  • 10 or more $10.99

Disclaimer: I received this product in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own. Also, this was my first review YouTube video. Be kind. 😉 

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  1. Tauna,
    Thank you so much for your review, it was great!
    It sounds like we think alike and hearing you talk your way through the planner was helpful and inspirational 🙂
    I just ordered one for myself and one for my sister!

    A “seed” planner for you to review was a wise investment for “Ms. Homemakers Friend”! 🙂

    1. I’m so glad you found it helpful Britnie! Sue did a wonderful job with this planner, so it practically reviewed itself. 😉 Thanks for the encouraging comment!

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