Keep Up With The House: Morning and Evening Routine

This is the third of the 5-day series How Do I Teach…! Check out the other great topics for the series at Enchanted Homeschooling Mom and follow along for some tips to start your school year right!

This week I’m going to talk about 5 tips to help you teach and still keep up with the house:

Have a Morning and Evening Routine

Ahhh, my favorite topic. Ok, not really. When it comes to managing a home while homeschooling (or parenting, for that matter) this is the area I struggle with the most. 

Why is having a morning and evening routine so important? 

  • You are better able to accomplish your most precious priorities.
  • The day will start with a centered, prepared Mama.
  • The day will end with the peace of a (relatively) uncluttered mind.
  • You will feel like a rockstar. Oh yes.

For whatever reason, establishing a morning and evening routine is really stretching me in the self-discipline arena. 

My youngest is sleeping through the night now and the kids have a somewhat consistent wake up time. There goes that excuse. It is nice to have “me time” in the evening and with my husband when he comes home. But I don’t have to stay up with him until 11pm!

But you know what? I am not the best mom and wife when I stay up way too late, stumble to bed without preparing for the next day, mumble and roll out of bed when the kids burst in at the crack of 7:30AM, and then spend the whole day exhausted and trying not to complain about it. 

I confess, more days are like for me that than not. 

On the days I DO stick to a morning and evening, my day rocks compared to otherwise. So here I am, a work in progress, to share with you the routines I am working on. I really believe it will go so far as to help our home run smoother and set our spirits higher. 

Let’s face it: Mama sets the tone of the household!

My Morning Routine Goal:
  • 6:30 Wake up (earlier if the God sets the 9-month old to wake up earlier)
  • Coffee/Tea + Bible and Prayer (and possibly a 9-month old companion)
  • Computer time: Check email and social media
  • Set out breakfast and wait for the thunder of children running downstairs
  • Greet them with a hug!

Simple! Not easy, but simple. 

Getting up earlier is not my idea of a good time. And I realize that life circumstances don’t always allow it. But WOW does it make a difference when it does happen! 

Having that time to be by myself in a mostly quiet house, spend time reading and talking with God, listening to His voice, etc. It makes the day better by measures. Really. 

My Evening Routine Goal:
  • Prepare materials for the next day: 
    • Get meal plan for next day confirmed and set up whatever is needed. 
    • Check next day’s homeschool plan and get kids’ work baskets and all needed materials set up. 
    • Quick tidy
  • 9:30 Stop working on household, school, and other planning and blogging (ooh this is a hard one, but I think it needs to be done!)
  • Read the Bible (perhaps a psalm/proverb to end the night with?) 
  • 10:30 All done! Set out clothes for next day and go to bed

Meals and school materials. Those are the things I am constantly scrambling over if I don’t prepare the night before. Things that should take no time at all take forever that way! Just taking a few minutes to do them the night before is a big win. 

Reading my Bible morning AND night is also something I have been wanting to do. It’s like bookends on a day that is spent, hopefully, working cheerfully for the Lord. 

What will you set as your morning and evening routines? 

Again, focus on the things that will be easier for you to remember and give you the biggest benefit. 

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  1. Love it Tauna! Definitely good advice and advice I would do well to heed myself. Your series this week will be PERFECT in my post tomorrow.

  2. I have to admit that having a cleaning routine is awesome! I started a new routine about a year ago with each day dedicated to a different aspect of house cleaning and I love it! Great post!

  3. The Zookeeper

    Agree – Making certain things to complete in the am and pm works in this house!

  4. Raising Mighty Arrows

    Tauna, it was such a blessing to see you linking to my blog posts! Thanks so much for sharing the love. 🙂

  5. Amy @ Are We There Yet?

    I am so terrible at an evening routine because mentally I am just DONE. I really need to step it up in that area this school year. Thanks for the encouragement!

  6. Linda

    I do like this – Simple, not easy. But Simple – I’m working on this myself these days, as we begin a new school year. Thanks for your encouragement!

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