Keep Up With The House: Enlist HELP!

This is the fourth of the 5-day series How Do I Teach…! Check out the other great topics for the series at Enchanted Homeschooling Mom and follow along for some tips to start your school year right!

This week I’m going to talk about 5 tips to help you teach and still keep up with the house:

Enlist Help With Home Management

Even with our routines and with relaxing into the reality that the house won’t be pristine, there is a LOT of work to be done. Too much, really, if we are going to try to do it on our own!

Here are some ways you can enlist help:

Talk to your husband about your goals in this area and ask if he can help you out. Here are some ideas.
  • Take the kids out for ice cream once a week – So you can do a cleaning blitz or project.
  • Do a special in-home activity – So you can go grocery shopping or focus on another room of the house.
  • Take over one household task permanently – such as gathering and taking out trash.
  • Join a weekly cleaning dash – as a family, you can do a Saturday cleaning dash just after lunch every day. 

Family & Friends
If you have family living in the area, they may be willing to help in similar ways. Friends with kids are also a possibility.
  • Playdate Swap: Twice a month, have a playdate with a friend. She watches yours once and and you watch hers the next. Fun for the kids and cleaning (or personal) time for you!
  • Watch the kids: Have a grandparent or friend come over and occupy the kids so you can focus on a room. 

Our kids have their own personal responsibilities  acts of service, and chores that they do around the house. We are working on expanding them now, but here are some ways your kids can help take care of home management as a family!
  • Responsibilities – getting dressed, making beds, brushing teeth, washing face and brushing hair, etc. without being asked. They can be responsible for cleaning their own rooms. 
  • Acts of Service – in our home the kids have “Acts of Service” they do for the family in the morning. Each kids has their own cleaning tasks that they master over time before we change them. Here’s my post on that for more details. 
  • Zones – Have the kids assigned to a “zone” (living room, bathroom, etc.) and train them on how to clean it. You can have a regular or spontaneous cleaning blitz and everyone knows what zone they clean!
  • Chores – For us, “chores” means tasks that the kids to to earn money they want, extra privileges and screen time, or things they do as consequences of complaining or bad attitudes.
  • Make it a part of school – That’s Home Ec. right there! It may slow you down at first, but children who can help make meals, clean house, tend gardens, etc. will contribute to a well-run household!

If you can afford it, and especially if you are handling a new baby, illness, or other challenge, it really is ok to have someone come clean your house on occasion. No reasonable person will think less of you. You may also consider asking for this service as a birthday, Christmas, or new baby gift!

What other ways can you think of to enlist help in managing our homes? 

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