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I am always on the lookout for great homeschool art curriculum. My kids just LOVE art and we enjoy finding fun activities where they get to be creative but still end up with an end-product. Add to that our weekly art/piano co-op, where yours truly is in chart of the art project… and I am all about easy.

I am so excited to share with you all a wonderful DVD-based homeschool art curriculum called Home Art Studio! We have had the privilege of trying out several of the DVDs and projects and plan on continuing them through the school year. 

A DVD-based art curriculum for homeschoolers, kindergarten through fifth grade!

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We’ve tried a good number of art curricula in the past. Not everything, mind you, but enough to know what works for us and what doesn’t. I knew my kids would love to have a video that they could watch and then implement it on their own. I was also looking for something that had more projects than just free painting or drawing, because we already do plenty of that during the course of the week. 

What is Home Art Studio? 

Home Art Studio is an homeschool art curriculum that includes 7 DVDs (Grades K – 5th and a holiday project video) with projects for drawing, painting, and sculpting. The videos present a series of art projects that teach age-appropriate art concepts and principles with activities and themes that interest the children.

The kids get to actually see Ms. Volin complete the project as she explains them step by step. They are intended to complete one project a week but we sometimes did two because they begged for it! That’s a pretty good sell, in my opinion.

Here are all the DVDs in the curriculum (you can read more on each DVD here): 

  • Kindergarten – lines, patterns and shapes
  • First Grade – art from around the world (our favorite so far!)
  • Second Grade – fairy tales
  • Third Grade – creative expression and art appreciation
  • Fourth Grade – adventures in art
  • Fifth Grade – under the sea
  • Holiday – season/holiday food and craft ideas

A Few of Our Projects from Home Art Studio

We’ve been having so much fun with this curriculum! Here are just a few of the things we’ve done so far. An Australian dot art hand print, color contrast hand collage, fun construction paper owls, and name art (I even added mine – I couldn’t resist some of these myself!)


Home Art Studio Project 1

Home Art Studio Project 2

Home Art Studio Project 3

Home Art Studio Project 4

Home Art Studio Project 5

Fun and Engaging Homeschool Art Curriculum

DVD Videos – The kids really love the DVDs. Ms. Volin makes each project interesting as she presents the art principles and the theme, if there is one. We simply watch the video and then work on our projects, sometimes at the same time, pausing as we go through each step. So far, I have been able to adapt up to second grade for all my kids (ages 1 – 8).

Lesson Plans – The grade-level DVDs also each include a lesson plan PDF you can download. This makes for one very happy homeschooling mama! As we started each DVD I was able to download the PDF, read through the intro and general teaching tips, and then see what projects were in store. For each project, the document includes photos, a list of materials, teaching tips, vocabulary words, and then step by step procedures. So very helpful for planning! 

Order of Projects – For this review I wanted to make sure we tried a few projects from more than one DVD so we could get a good feel of the content, which was really fun. Each project presents concepts that build upon the previous session. You can jump around like like we did if you want, but I think we’ll be going back to the beginning and doing the projects we haven’t completed yet in order. 

Art Materials Used – The projects use a variety of materials and methods, but most of them use a base set of materials that are easy to get, and you might even already have them on hand like we did. If you do need to stock up, the Home Art Studio FAQs page has links to materials lists by DVD that you can easily purchase. 

What Didn’t Work for Us – There are really very few things that I would change about this curriculum, but here they are. I love the lesson plans / guides so much I’d love to have one with the holiday video, but doesn’t have it. The holiday video also had a few crafts that I wouldn’t have my kids do because they are for things we don’t celebrate (Frankenstein for Halloween, for example), but I just skip over those. I didn’t see anything yet in the grade level videos I’d skip, but I haven’t viewed them all yet either. All in all, I think it’s a great homeschool art curriculum!

Learn More About Home Art Studios

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  1. Eva D.

    Elizabeth and Nathan would LOVE this and I love teaching through art

  2. Jane M.

    I have a 6th grader and a Kindergartener. Finding good art curriculum is difficult enough without having to try to adapt the lessons for such a wide age range. This DVD series would solve that problem. Our family would love to try these!

  3. Lisa G

    I have 6 kiddos ages 9-21 months. Daddy is an artist and would love for us to find a great program like this for them to use and learn from!

  4. NT

    My two children would greatly benefit from this curriculum, thank you for the giveaway!

  5. Beth S.

    I have two boys at the age where the kindergarten lessons would be perfect, and they could grow with the rest of the lessons.

  6. melissa

    I have a seven year old son who loves art and is so artistic – this would be really good for him!

  7. Danielle A.

    What a HUGE blessing it would be to win this as a single-income homeschooling family!! We have had it on our wishlist forever. Our kids choose arts and crafts as their perfect ending to every homeschool day.

  8. Susan

    Oh my son will love this ! He loves craft and paint. He is still in kinder though. But he is quite goo with his artwork

  9. Yvie

    My boys would love this!

  10. Darcy

    It seems like all my children love to draw/paint!

  11. Renae B.

    I have been waiting to buy this curriculum for my son who will be in kindergarten next year hoping to win it at some point!

  12. Stephanie

    My kiddos.

  13. Ivy R

    I have 4 budding artists in my home ranging from 11 to 3!

  14. Meredith

    Would love to have this in our home!

  15. Kristie Fox

    These look super fun!

  16. Tyra

    I have three little girls who love art!! They are 9, 8, and 5 years old. They draw, create, and color EVERY single day!!!! Thank you for the opportunity!!

  17. Leah

    My four daughters love painting and sculpting. They would really enjoy doing an art class.

  18. Janice

    All three of my kids LOVE art! I know my third grade son would really enjoy this DVD art curriculum, and my two preschoolers (3 & almost 5) would love to try out some of the projects too.

  19. Sarah O

    My 4th grader would love this! I have been teaching him a little photoshop for art class. We mix in other things but photoshop is his favorite.

  20. Pami

    Thank you so much for this! My daughter loves art, and I’ve been looking for a way to get her past just “Here are some paints, let’s have some fun!” We home school, but send her one day a week to a wonderful lady who teaches out of her home as a supplement to home school families. Last year she did a unit study on artists, and Kbug LOVED it! She decided VanGogh was her favorite before she realized I had a print of one of his lesser known paintings hanging in our dining room. He’s Mommy’s favorite, too! πŸ™‚

  21. Jennie

    We have 6 children ages 13, 11, 9, 5, 3, and 1.

  22. Christina K.

    My 3 and 5 year olds would love this! They are constantly creating new “masterpieces” and would love to do even more!

  23. Rachel

    I have a 9 year old who would be interested.

  24. Jackie

    My 4 daughters love to draw and this would be a great introduction to “formal” art education.

  25. Kelly Jo

    My 8 year old daughter and 4 year old son – they use this at our Co-op and we fell in love! I have been wanting to get it for home as well!

  26. Jessie

    I homeschool 5 children, and most of them are crazy about art, so we are learning together.

  27. Jenni

    My 3 older boys, PreK, 1st, and 2nd grade, would really love this!

  28. Nathalie

    My budding artists are 10 years, 8 years, 4 years, and 2 years. My younger ones love attempting all projects with their older sibling, so I think they would all love this curriculum!

  29. MottMomma

    This is perfect timing! We are just beginning to homeschool our daughter who is in second grade. One of the many reasons we decided to take her out of public school was that they did not offer any art or music classes and our daughter loves both so much. We’re using the A Beka DVD curriculum, so I think this would be a fantastic addition to that. She would LOVE to finally have an art class!

  30. Amanda

    My 6 yr old, 4 yr old, 2 yr old and baby in womb. πŸ™‚ great giveaway!!

  31. Brandy

    I have 3 students I homeschool in grades K through 5. I think they would all three benefit from this curriculum!

  32. Jessica H

    My 7 year old son loves to do art projects. This would be perfect for him!

  33. Amy Calvert

    Teagan, Aydon, and Gwenivere would LOVE this! They love Art but I haven’t found a curriculum that works with their ages. This looks perfect!

  34. Stephanie

    This would be perfect for my homeschool family!

  35. Kim Lewis

    My three kids are 12, 9 and 5 and would love some new art projects to do!

  36. Mindy

    Thanks for the giveaway! Hope we win! πŸ™‚

  37. Meagan B

    My eldest, Aiden, was just telling me this morning that he wanted to do more artwork! How fortuitous!

  38. Sarah

    I would love to have my Elsie & Adelyn grow in there artistic skills.

  39. C. Webb

    My middle daughter and youngest son love art and would enjoy this.

  40. kari

    It looks like such a nice set. It would certainly enrich our homeschooling experience. πŸ™‚

  41. kari

    My daughters would be the budding artists to benefit from this curriculum.

  42. Jo

    Oooh, I’ve been wanting to use this curriculum for some time now! I have 3 kiddos (5-9) who would love to add this to their homeschool day. πŸ™‚

  43. Erin

    I have 2 kiddos – ages 6 and 4, so we would get a lot of use out of this curriculum over the next few years πŸ™‚

  44. Devonne

    I have 5 littles from 5th grade down and I know that they will love this art curriculum.

  45. Krista

    My twins Cooper and Piper would love this!! They are 4 1/2 and love art. Thank you for this chance.

  46. Lisa

    I have a 5, 6, and 10 year old who would love this art giveaway (and one on the way)! It seems I never have time to spend on art even though my kids love it so much! It’s not my subject of choice as I’m not very good at it. Having this curriculum looks as though it would be easy to implement. Thanks for the opportunity!!

  47. Stephanie Miller

    This would be great for my three boys!

  48. Christen

    I have a kinder & 2nd grader who live for art! I’ve heard a lot of great thing about home art studio, thanks for the giveaway!

  49. Amanda

    My little artists are Amelia and Morghanna and they would have a blast with this!

  50. jennifer mathesz

    my son would benefit as I am not a good art teacher LOL i’ve been hoping to win a set of these.

  51. Shelly s

    My kids love art. But since I have 4 under 7, we don’t get to it as often as I would like. This would be a wonderful addition to our week!

  52. Debra

    I have a 4th grader and a 6th grader who would both probably use some of these materials. My 4th grader recently asked if we could do some type of an art class for her, and I think she’d love this.

  53. Lisa

    The little artists who would benefit from this are my kids.

  54. Martina

    My 7 year old daughter is a budding artist and I have no artistic talent. This program would be awesome!

  55. Casey Brown

    My girls would love to try this!

  56. Clarissa

    Most of my kids would enjoy this, but my 7, 6, and 3 year old children would Love it!

  57. Julie

    Our kids would all love this. It would save time and allow me to finally incorporate more art.

  58. Shannon Alexander

    My 5 kiddos would benefit from these. At this point mainly the 3 older ones but the 2 younger ones would in the future as well.

  59. Kris Bell

    This looks fun – wow.!

  60. Jessica

    I have four boys who are starting to enjoy art and this would be great for us! Thanks

  61. Deana

    I have four boys who would benefit from this curriculum. And their art-challenged mother would benefit too!

  62. Jocelyn

    My 2 kiddos. DD is 1st. DS is almost 4 but would tag along for now

  63. Jenni

    My son LOVES art and is a visual learner. This would be great for him! Thanks!

  64. ms cox

    my boys

  65. Anna A.

    Noah, he’s 5. This set would be great for him.

  66. Beth

    Alia, Eli, Liviya, and Malaki. Our 10 year old especially enjoys art.

  67. Heather

    Oliver 7, Sarah 4 and Anna is 1 and they would love it!

  68. Alisha White

    I love art. My boys love art. We would love a full curriculum to help us learn and plan through the year. This sounds like an awesome set. Thanks for the review and the giveaway!

  69. Mami2jcn

    All 4 of my kids could use it.

  70. Michelle B

    Myah loves art and being creative – I know she would devour these!

  71. Dineen

    My creative 8-year old daughter could really benefit from these lessons.

  72. Lori

    My 3 boys love doing art but it’s hard to squeeze it in. The videos would be very helpful!

  73. Celeste Holmes

    This would be a good addition to our homeschool co-op

  74. Mevi

    I would love to win this for my kids!

  75. Lexi

    I’m not an artsy person so my kids would love these! They are ages 10 down to age 3! I think they would all love to do this together and maybe art would actually get done in our homeschool!

  76. Stefani

    My guys are 3 and 6 and have loved the free lessons we’ve done. I would enjoy having the full set as they grow into new skill sets!

  77. Terri meier

    My 2 littles, ezra and Daphne would love this curriculum

  78. Melissa Cazares

    I have 5 kids that would use it but my 8 year old daughter loves to draw. My other kids are 11, 6, 4 and almost 2.

  79. zekesmom10

    I have three boys at home who love art. One hates coloring, but loves art. I’m incredibly art challenged, so….

  80. Rhoda

    Several children–my two, and two other homeschooling families with 6 children between them–. would benefit from this set if we won. Thank you for the review and for a wonderful give away.

  81. Stacey Roberson

    This would be great for my son. He’s quite the little painter.

  82. Kendra

    My 5 & 6 year olds would love this for our homeschool.

  83. Justine

    I’m terrible at art and not creative at all, so this would be a great way to make sure my 3 boys (oldest starting Home-K this coming Fall) get some experience with art. Thanks for the giveaway!

  84. Heather A

    All my kids love art!

  85. Nicole M

    My budding artist is Katie (8 years old)…she loves art projects…thanks for the giveaway~

  86. Jen K

    This would be wonderful. We are new to homeschooling but my art skills are non-existent which normally would be okay but one of my children loves art and I can only do so much to help. Thanks for the chance!

  87. Sharon Schoepe

    I have 7 year old twins who would love this

  88. Bev

    I have a K & 5th grader.

  89. Kathrine

    My 6 year old who loves all things art!

  90. Alina

    Our 3 kids (8, 6 and 3 1/2) go through an ‘art phase’. We’ve been actually looking into Home Art Studio and we would love to be able to do the lessons. Thank you for the chance to participate in this awesome giveaway.

  91. Heather Pelletier

    My 4 yr old son and 4 yr old niece.

  92. Angie

    Hannah would definitely be my budding artist, but Reuben, Kayla, Owen and eventually Samantha will really enjoy more art time!

  93. Nicole P.

    I have a 10 year old who would love this!

  94. Lauryn R

    We decided to homeschool our children a couple of years ago. They are 6, 2, and 1, so for now it would be my oldest daughter enjoying this! She takes after her grandpa and is already quite the artist for her age!

  95. Amber N.

    Three little munchkins, ages 2, 4, and almost 6. I have been thinking about getting one of these DVDs as a Christmas present for them — they would love it!

  96. Melinda Roberts

    My 6 and 8 year old would love this

  97. Sharon

    Jake and Timmy are my budding artists.

  98. Kayla H

    I have an 8 year old that’s been asking to do more art, this would be awesome!

  99. Lourdes Rivillo

    I have a 5th grader, 1 toddler, and a 1yr old. Though the babies won’t be using this for awhile, my 5th grader would love it!!

  100. T. Buchfelder

    My 10-year-old is a very talented little artist that would love this.

  101. Susan A

    I think my 3 younger children would love this!

  102. Margarete

    My children would love this. πŸ™‚

  103. sharonc

    Emma would love it.

  104. Cindy P

    I have a 5th grader that would love this.

  105. Kayla

    I would love to win this for my son Nolan… This would be a wonderful addition to his future homeschool curriculum!

  106. Kristin

    My nine year old loves art, but could really benefit from some instruction to boost her confidence. The others (10, 7 & 6) would love it as well.

  107. Judith Martinez

    My children ages 17, 12, 10, 6 and 3 would all benefit from this (maybe the 3 year old will have to wait).

  108. Clarissa

    I’ve got twin 4 year olds that would love this.

  109. Laura Bancroft

    I would love this for the children I have currently in my home. My youngest is Sophia (7). Her sister Abigail(9) loves art. She makes things out of discarded items. There are 5 more Josiah(12) Catherine (14), Joshua(19), and Krystal (20). Additionally I am raising a friends children age 3,7, 9,10,12,14 and 18. So this would be great.

  110. Melissa J.

    This is our second year homeschooling our 4 kids, and we would love to have an art curriculum like this! Art tends to be my weak point!

  111. Gwen

    Finn, Liam, and Roman would love this!

  112. Garilyn

    Her name is Kyana.

  113. Bethany B

    I have 2 sons that would love this!

  114. Renee Brown

    My daughter Maggie would love this. Everyday we sit down to school and she begs to do some sort of art or craft project! she actually asks for extra craft/art lessons!

  115. Wendy

    Mama and 7 year old daughter could learn art together!

  116. Rebecca Xavier

    My two daughters love art.

  117. Jamie Nanton

    We have four little ones who would love this program. Jadyn, Paige Kaleel, and Aryah!

  118. patty wheeler

    Homeschooling 6 kids and this would be great help and fun!

  119. Jessica W.

    I have 3 sons that would love to add this to our homeschool routine especially my middle son. He loves art and excels at it, I on the other hand still draw stick people, so these wonderful dvd’s would definitely help him build on his talent.

  120. Amy

    My four girls, ages 1-7

  121. Michele Smit

    I have 10 children and we rarely do art. However, several love to draw on their own and all of them love coloring. This would help us do art more frequently as it would all be already laid out and easy to do. My 13 year old daughter and 7 year old son would love it the most, but they all would love it! Thank you for offering this giveaway!

  122. Ashley R

    I have 7 kiddos drowning in watercolors, I would LOVE to see their creativity expanded via other artistic mediums.

  123. Jeannette Pierce

    My 3 girls would love this and I’m hoping that it would draw my 6th grade boy in. He says he very much dislikes art and he’s no good at it. This might be just what he needs though. Thanks for the chance to get a set

  124. Kala

    I’ve wanted this for so logn! I have a 3rd and 4th grader. that would be using this

  125. Serena

    My children would love to have an art curriculum like this … anything to get this non-artistic mom to regularly have art/craft projects for them.

  126. Christin

    All of my children will benefit from this curriculum!

  127. Jessica

    My boys would benefit greatly.

  128. Jess

    Paige and William ! They would love this and so would I!

  129. Shawna

    I have a toddler who always has crayons, colored pencils, or markeras in her reach. She would benefit from this greΓ tly.

  130. Amanda Tolles

    My girls Addilynn and Olivia would be using this program. They would love it and so would I!

  131. Michelle Schafer

    My 4 kids! We’ve been skimming over art, but I have 2 budding artists, and would love to add to our day.

  132. Wendy D

    My 8 year old son.

  133. Shauna C

    Two boys, 12 and 9, and eventually my baby girl.

  134. Jae

    I have an 8 year old who would love to try these projects!

  135. Phronsie

    Our daughters would love it the most! I think because it’s DVDs though our son would come around too.

  136. Jeannette Ragan

    My children Eli and Elisabeth.

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