Preschool: Water Into Wine and Walking on Water

Our preschool co-op finished up a fruit of the Spirit series we did with the kids. If I can manage to find my notes, I’ll post on what we did for those lessons! It was fun.

Now we’re doing a bunch of Jesus stories with the kids. Is there anything better than that anyway? Nope.


Water Into Wine and Walking on Water 


The first lesson was about turning the water into wine. The activity was fun. One of the moms took two pitchers – one clear and one opaque. There was water in the clear one and purple koolaid in the opaque one. 

As she told the story she poured water into the opaque pitcher and wowed the kids as she poured it back into the clear one. Wine! OK… Koolaid. But the kids loved it and it illustrated the point well. If you try it, be aware you will be asked several times for the next few days whether the glass in your hand is wine. 🙂 

Next we did Jesus walking on water. We read the story from a Children’s bible and had them do this craft, where they glued water and a boat onto a paper that had a slit in it for a Jesus puppet that could walk on the water.

The Jesus cutout was taped to a spoon (couldn’t find the popsicle sticks, but it worked out well) and stuck into a cup of blue jello (water) as a snack. We also gave them a little boat made of hard boiled eggs, toothpicks, and cheese, and scattered the plate with goldfish crackers. 

Fun snack!




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  1. Absolutely: James kept *asking* for wine for a day or too! (Thankfully I forgot to add sugar to the Kool-aid, so he didn’t actually like it. That put an end to it fairly quickly!)

    We’ve had a lot of fun w/ the walking on water lesson too. I’ve told James the story a couple of times now at bedtime, and he seems to quite enjoy it. I have to keep reminding myself how literal they are at this age, though. I was telling him how Peter started to sink as soon as he took his eyes off Jesus. He very confusedly pointed to his eyes and said “But his eyes are in his head!”

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