The Lord’s Prayer (Day 8 Matthew Bible Lego Challenge)

Build through the Bible with the Matthew Lego Challenge - Day 8: The Lord's Prayer

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Day 8 of the Matthew Bible Lego Challenge! The passage on the Lord’s Prayer obviously includes the model prayer that Jesus provided us to guide us in our prayer life. This is a wonderful side study to do with your kids as you complete this challenge. Jesus also teaches about what to do (pray in secret) and what NOT to do (pray like the hypocrite, drawing attention to ourselves).

If you haven’t downloaded the printable yet, you want to do that right away! You can do the challenge on your own (there are 34 days total with copywork and notebooking pages) or you can use it to follow along with us here and share your creations with us on the Proverbial Homemaker Facebook pageTwitter, and Instagram!

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For the 8th day of the challenge, we read Matthew 6 and Jesus’ instruction on prayer. The build challenge is to build the scene of the hypocrite, the person praying in secret, or some kind of bread (for “daily bread”).  

My oldest asked for more explanation on the hypocrite described in the story. We talked about what it means to be a hypocrite and why this man was being hypocritical. We also talked about a better way to approach prayer. My son decided to build the scene of the hypocrite praying and calling attention to himself by having people blow trumpets to get attention. 

The copywork for the challenge is Matthew 6:9, turning our prayers to look upon God rather than upon ourselves.  The printable includes a drawing and writing page for those who would rather draw the scene.

Build through the Bible with the Matthew Lego Challenge - Day 8: The Lord's Prayer

Build through the Bible with the Matthew Lego Challenge - Day 8: The Lord's Prayer

Have fun building with your kids! Don’t forget to email me their creations or share them on the Proverbial Homemaker Facebook pageTwitter, and Instagram. Can’t wait to see them!

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