Homeschooling Fears ~ What’s Holding You Back?

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I polled a group of moms to find out what their greatest homeschooling fears were when they first started. I wasn’t too surprised by their answers because I had them at one time, too. Fear is a natural human emotion. It protects us from physical and psychological pain, yet it can also be paralyzing.

It’s good to research homeschooling and weigh the benefits against the risks before jumping in, but I’m hoping that by addressing your homeschooling fears, I can help you move past them into homeschooling with joy and confidence.

Struggling with doubts and homeschooling fears? Find the encouragement and confidence you need!

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Some of the Most Common Homeschooling Fears

You’re not good enough. That’s what the enemy wants you to believe, but just think about that for a minute. Who loves your children more than you? Who knows your children better than you?

You aren’t a certified teacher? Research by the National Home Education Research Institute (NHERI) shows that homeschooled children consistently outperform students in both public and private schools. The education level of the parents makes an almost indiscernible difference, even if they’re a certified teacher.

Did you graduate high school? If you have a diploma from a public high school and you don’t feel qualified to teach your own children, what does that tell you? Even if you didn’t get a high school diploma, if you know how to read, you can teach your children. There are curriculums that provide everything you need, some even provide scripts. You don’t have to know everything. Nobody does!

Did you know how to parent before you had children? Probably not. Most of us learn on the job. Whether you realize it, or not, you’ve been homeschooling since they were born. While they were with you they learned to sit up, walk, and talk. You didn’t have to teach them all of that, just encourage them a little. It’s the same way with homeschooling. God has instilled in them the desire to explore their environment and learn. You just need to provide some resources and assistance.

       The only prerequisite for teaching your children is your love for them…Check!

Finances: Homeschooling doesn’t have to cost a lot. There are a lot of free resources on the internet, and there are other ways of cutting corners such as shopping garage sales and thrift stores, and buying second-hand. There are Facebook groups for homeschooling cheaply. Curriculum that allows you to teach multiple students at once helps with both finance and time management.

Public schools spend an average of $11,000 per student. Homeschool families are estimated to spend an average of about $900 per child, and many families spend far less than that. Again, homeschoolers test higher than public schooled students. It isn’t the amount of money that is spent that makes a school successful, it’s the quality time.

Time: Time management is always an issue. It’s true that you will have to learn to prioritize your responsibilities and be flexible, but you can do that, too. As your children grow up there will always be different classes and activities that have to be worked around, so it’s a skill that will come in handy. It’s an important life skill for your kids to learn, too.

Homeschooling is highly customizable. Your schedule is up to you and can be set up to accommodate parents’ work schedules, travel, and preferences. If you’re imagining sitting with your children 8-3, Monday through Friday, you don’t have to mimic the public school schedule. In fact, because the teacher/student ratio is so small, it doesn’t take near as much time on the teacher’s part. Additionally, as students get older, they become more independent and responsible for their own school work.

“I can’t be with my kids all day.” Yes, I’ve actually heard that a lot. What a sad statement! I’m not going to tell you that homeschooling will always be easy, because it won’t. What I will tell you, though, is that homeschooling changes the family dynamics. If discipline is a problem, it will be the first thing you will need to work on, and is among the advice I offer in “9 Easy Steps to Homeschooling.” If you don’t have obedience, then that is your first order of business. Children know when you don’t want to be with them. In fact, some of that negative behavior is due to a need for attention. Always being shuttled off to school and extra-curricular activities won’t do anything to help their behavior. What will help, is being around adults more and peers less, having boundaries that are firmly set, and consequences that are consistently enforced. One of the best gifts you can give your children is time with you, and caring enough about their future to mold them into people that others will enjoy being around.

Criticism/Lack of support: I would venture to say that most homeschool parents are faced with criticism and a lack of support. You and your spouse need to present a united front when it comes to family and friends that are less than supportive. The homeschooling father is the first line of defense and it’s his job to firmly let others know that this is the decision that the two of you have made and that’s that.

NHERI (National Home Education Research Institute) has done a lot of research on homeschoolers and the results are all very encouraging. Showing this research to doubters may reassure them, but then again it may not. It’s up to you to be diligent in your homeschooling, and with time they will see that it works. 

If you feel that God has called you to homeschool, and that your commitment is to Him, that will give you the strength to keep going when the going gets tough. Invite Him to work through you to prepare your children for adulthood and the purpose He has planned for them.

Struggling with doubts and homeschooling fears? Find the encouragement and confidence you need!

Kids Missing Out: You are absolutely right, your kids are going to miss out on things. Things like peer pressure to experiment with drugs, alcohol, and premarital sex; bullying, indoctrination, and sleep deprivation.

Seriously, though, homeschoolers have many opportunities for socialization. Homeschool support groups offer things such as proms, sports associations, band, choir, and graduation ceremonies. Additionally, homeschoolers take advantage of programs through churches and civic associations. There are opportunities in every community, you just have to seek them out. If you live rurally, as I do, you may need to drive to a larger city once a week or so, but it’s worth it. Finally, if there is something you want for your child, you can always organize it yourself. Kids need not miss out on anything just because they’re homeschooled.

“Keeping Up” and “Doing It Right: This is something else that you don’t need to worry about. In homeschooling, you are free to work at your children’s pace. They may be at a different grade level in each subject. Are they having trouble mastering a concept? Slow down and spend as much time as they need. Are they bored? Challenge them by picking up the pace. Every education has gaps, but with homeschooling, you get to choose where those gaps are. There’s no one “right” way. Every homeschool family is different, and even within one family, each child may use different resources. Again, you tailor your homeschool to suit your family’s needs. 

Some states require testing, so my advice is not to worry about it too much. Use the test results to get a better idea of your child’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as to rate their progress. But at the same time, take the results with a grain of salt. They don’t measure things that are truly important such as character traits and life skills. Standardized tests may be based on Common Core, which you probably are not using, and schools “teach to the test” to prepare their students.

Despite disadvantages, homeschoolers still outperform public schooled students. Go over some basic things with your children to prepare them, such as filling in the bubble, erasing completely if they change their answer, making sure they are on the right line/number, etc. Otherwise, just go on with your curriculum and don’t worry about what will be on the test. Try not to stress because your children will sense it and be affected by it.

College and Military: You may worry about your child being able to get into college or the military. Colleges are increasingly seeking out homeschool graduates. Homeschoolers are doing very well! There’s also help when you need it. HSLDA (Homeschool Legal Defense Association) offers their members assistance in things like planning for high school, preparing transcripts, and help if you have any problems.

Graduation is still a celebrated accomplishment with homeschoolers. Your child may be able to take part in a group ceremony, or you can plan your own one-of-a-kind celebration. Beautiful announcements and diplomas can be ordered online with your homeschool’s information on them. Choose a name and motto, because they can be put on the diploma and will mean something to the graduate.

At one time, homeschoolers had to obtain a GED in order to get into the military, but thanks to the efforts of HSLDA, that has been changed and homeschool graduates are treated the same as other high school graduates.  


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This was originally a guest post for Proverbial Homemaker by Michelle Curren. She homeschooled for fourteen years until both of her children graduated high school. She is the author of  “9 Easy Steps to Homeschooling.” Her son is a small business owner, and her daughter is in college, majoring in Psychology. She lives with her husband on a rural homestead in the Missouri Ozarks with a menagerie of dogs, cats, and poultry. She writes at Mid-Life Blogger where she hopes to encourage the next generation of homeschooling families. Her blog can be found at

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  1. Charissa Reed

    Thank you for this. I am scared that my son just won’t learn from me or I will hold him back.

  2. donna

    my nerves running out

  3. Elise

    When I first started homeschooling my fear was that I didn’t know if I could teach my children successfully and give them that love for learning that I did and still do. I was scared I was going to fail them and fail God at the same time.

  4. Megan Whitcher

    Loving your blog and resources for homeschool. ♥️ This post is really encouraging to me!

  5. Becky

    Would love to win the giveaway!

  6. Kylie

    Homeschooling is hard work, but truly, no one is better equipped to educate your children than you are!

  7. Julie

    My biggest fear at the moment is worrying that I won’t do well schooling twins.

  8. Beth Anne Witmer

    One homeschool fear that I have is will I be able to stick with it with a good attitude? I get super excited about planning and getting ready for things but then the newness wears off and I’m not as good at sticking with it.

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    I have tried several times with both bundles to enter and it just keeps saying there is an error. Could you please fix this so that everyone could enter?

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      Hi Kimberly! I think it may have been a glitch because it seems to be working. Please feel free to email me at tauna at proverbialhomemaker dot com if you’re still having problems.

  10. Katie

    My biggest fear about homeschooling my children is myself. Will I cope emotionally and mentally with the pressure and responsibilities? Am I clever enough to teach them? Aghhh

    Your blog post is sooo reassuring. I know I am good enough for them because God chose me to be their parents. I am as clever as I need to be with the tools of internet and books at hand.

    I know it’s going to be hard but I also know it’s my calling so I can do it!!

  11. Carrie

    For the longest time, I was afraid that I wasn’t enough or that I would fail my children somehow. I have since found several amazing homeschool communities/groups that have helped me to see that I am enough and how many wonderful resources are available to us!!!

  12. Myra

    I still struggle with the fear of not doing enough. I keep reminding myself I don’t need to teach my kids everything today, we’ve got years ahead of us yet.

  13. Georgia

    When I first started homeschooling I was afraid that I was doing everything wrong or not the homeschool way.

  14. M W

    One of my biggest fears- That I won’t be able to balance being Mom and Teacher very well. Thankfully, His mercies are new every morning- for all of us!

  15. Judith Martinez

    I’m concerned that I won’t be consistent enough for them to finish.

  16. Rachel

    I did not have fears when I started, but now I am not the one doing the schooling, my husband is, and I fear I am missing out on the best years of my son’s life.

  17. Karla

    My biggest fear was not being able to stay motivated. Which does happen, but I appreciate the time I get to recharge and also the women who have gone before me and show me it can be done!

  18. Kara N

    I was originally afraid of failing my child[ren] and not doing a good job.

  19. Bo

    One of my homeschool fears is that my kids won’t learn something because I’m not organized enough.

  20. Jeniffer

    My biggest fear was high school. When we first started out 11 years ago, I wasn’t sure we’d continue into the upper grades. But . . . here we are with two graduated from our homeschool and four more to go! Lots of prayer, research, and community were what helped me the most.

  21. Hysha

    Just wanted to support and say Thank you for putting yourself and company other for those who need it. My biggest fear is that I would get it wrong. Have a great day.

  22. Katie J Trent

    One fear I had when I started homeschooling was that I wasn’t going to be able to teach my kids everything they’ll need to know.

  23. Dawn

    One fear I had was how will I juggle multiple children. We’ve had some rough years with this, but faithful God has walked us through. I wish I had seen a blog like this when I was just getting started!

  24. Andrea Wilson

    These are such good suggestions. One of first fears was that I was going to “mess up” my kids…..and turn them off from learning. So glad to realize that homeschooling allows you to actually find what turns them on for learning and run with it!

  25. Christine

    My biggest fear when starting out is that my kids wouldn’t be learning ‘enough’. Now that we have one year under our belts I’m a bit less concerned about that, they always learn a lot even if it’s not from textbooks

  26. Phyllis

    Fear of what other homeschool moms thinks of me.

  27. Amy

    Fear of not doing enough.

  28. Shelby

    Fears of losing patience, not doing it right, and differing styles with my husband tend to weigh on me sometimes…

  29. Tami

    That I would be told I wasn’t allowed to homeschool my son because he was “behind”.

  30. Lisa T

    Not getting it all done…or gaps!

  31. Lora Ellis

    Not doing a good enough job.

  32. Margaret Hadam-Hay

    So many fears! Am I prepared enough? Am I able to teach them, not just impart data? Will I stay patient, calm, smiling? Will they fight me, argue with me, be resistant? Am I short changing them? Am I over loading them with information? How are we going to read ALL these books everyday from the syllabus?!? Ugh, just utterly panicking this evening

  33. Stephanie

    I was always so scared I wouldn’t be able to teach them to read. I have two readers and have two more coming up and every time one enters “school age” I feel that fear again.

  34. Hannah E

    I fear that I’m either doing too much and overwhelming my children or doing too little and not challenging them enough.

  35. Cyndi Armstrong

    My biggest fear right now is not having enough motivation or time to teach at 4 different levels.

  36. Stac

    My biggest fear is not teaching well enough. Am I using the right curriculum? Are we doing enough? Did I spend enough time telling them how much I love them? Did we cover enough math? Did we do enough writing? Etc.

  37. Heidi

    My fear is that in the future my kids will wish they had been public schooled.

  38. Wendy

    Great tips & amazing resources! My continual homeschool fear is that I won’t help our daughter learn enough. This always becomes a problem when I focus on me & the schedule I think best vs focusing on God and His plans for our daughter. Even though I know better, I run headlong into that road block each year. With the loop scheduling suggestions in this Proverbial Homemaker blog, I more quickly alter my derailed efforts and get back on track spiritually & mentally. Thus, I really hope to get the Schoolhouse Membership & Bible Road trip.

    1. Kimby

      I fear that school will become stressful and less fun b/c I’m worried about fitting “it all” in and my kids will no longer enjoy it…

  39. Danielle Fisher

    My fear is not having the money to buy the resources that would work best for my kids.

  40. Scarlett

    My biggest fear is that home school will eventually become so regulated that my children will not want to homeschool their children or they will have to virtually go into hiding to be able to homeschool

  41. Brandie

    My first homeschool fear was finding the PERFECT curriculum that would help my kids prove that homeschooling was great. My fear now is that I spent so much time on academics that my children are not as prepared for life as I would have liked.

  42. Monica Ellwanger

    I always struggle with feeling inadequate and that I’m not doing things right for my kids.

  43. Mollie Osborn

    My biggest fear is burning out and not having the patience required to reach

  44. Ashley

    My biggest fear is not having enough one on one with each child or the children being uncooperative and the whole thing going south. ALso fear that i am not prepared enough or not doing enough. Two days down, how many to go?????

  45. Leela

    Being able to get everything I need done with two kids recovering from major surgeries.

  46. Angela Byrd

    My biggest fear was not staying in her grade level with her learning disabilities. I am learning that she may excel in some areas and need a little more time in others. I feel homeschooling is the best option for her so she doesn’t slip in the cracks and not get the proper education she deserves.

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