Year Round Homeschooling: 5 Reasons It May Be Right For You

Throughout the early years of our homeschooling journey, I often found that we were taking more and more random days off and it was taking as a lot longer to reach our “180 days” that is required by our state. We had friends that had done a year round schedule and when I was younger I attended a year round elementary school. This made me start to ponder the idea for a few months and finally we decided to give it a try. This immediately gave the kids and I the relief we were looking for. Of course, at first I was very rigid in planning our days and time and you may be that way too. Now we have a very flexible and relaxed schedule and we are more happier than we’ve ever been. So how do you know if this is right for your family?

Year Round Homeschooling - 5 reasons it might be right for you!

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5 Reasons Year Round Homeschooling Might be Right for You:

1. If you often find yourself needing a break.

This happens to a lot of us especially in those early years of homeschooling. It’s so nice to be able to just take a break or take a few days off whenever life is just too much. Catch up on your meal planning and mama time! I firmly beleive that to have a happy homeschool we need happy parents & kids! RRR- relax, reset & recharge!

2. If you have a lot of appointments and a busy schedule.

Maybe you’re an expecting mama or have a family member that needs a lot of attention or has to travel for doctor’s appointments. When you are not concerned about meeting that 180 days before June “whatever” you have the ability to take off those days someones sick or just super busy.

3. You’re not a fan of a long hot summers.

This helps if you and your kids prefer to be indoors in the cool air doing school when it’s 100 degrees outside rather than being indoors when it’s nice and cool outside. We do take a small summer break and with our flexible schedule, we can take off as many days as we want something planned during the summer like a camping trip or pool day.

4. You prefer to look at life as learning.

There’s always something to learn, all the time. Why limit that to a set amount of days? Take a day to learn about baking bread or teach the little one how to sweep. Your longer school year makes it easy to do this.

5. You love flexibility.

What year round homeschooling is all about you have the control over your life going and teaching our children is part of our lives. You can do 6 weeks with a week off or go like us and look at everyday is learning, and break whenever you want.  We also use a loop schedule and that helps cut down on our “school time”.

Whatever you decide to choose always remember one of the best things about homeschooling… if something your doing isn’t working you can always change it!

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