Review of An Interactive Online Science Curriculum

Have you been looking for an interactive science curriculum for your homeschool? The Online Subscription is a K-2nd grade curriculum with over 350 online activities, hands-on activities, and printable worksheets! 

We’ve been using the kindergarten science activities and lesson plans in our homeschool for the past several weeks and have had a good experience with it. Features
There is really a lot to this web site and we’re looking forward to exploring more in the coming months. On the home page, you can watch a video with the basic features available.

Available Subjects: 

  • Physical Science: Matter, energy, force and motion
  • Science Inquiry: Science skills and tools (observation, experiments, etc.)
  • Life Science: Living things, food webs, habitats, and eco-awareness
  • Earth/Space: Earth features, weather, space exploration, etc.

Here’s a look at the student’s view (includes a “dashboard,” lesson activity, and video):

Student Features:

  • Material for K-2nd (or review for up to 5th grade)
  • Engaging lessons: Online and offline activities, videos, songs and games
  • Digital notebooks: charts, graphs, and drawing tools for interactive learning experiences

    Here’s a module view for teachers: 

    Teacher Features: 

    • Lesson Plans: Comprehensive lesson plans with lots of teaching helps. Teachers can assign modules to individual students. 
    • Teaching Strategies: Tools and strategies for teaching across grade levels and learning styles.
    • Student Reports: Student management and reporting for tracking activities and assignments.

    How We’re Using It
    We try to use about 3 times a week on average and have been camping out in the lesson plans about animals. We usually crack open the computer for the lesson just after breakfast or lunch. Some days we spent more time in it than others. 

    My children range from 1 to 6, so we all log in with my oldest’s account and go through the lessons together. We take turns being in charge of answering questions. The older 2 sometimes use the printed worksheets that go along with the lesson.

    We plan on continue using as a group like this because we really enjoy it that way! However, as we continue on to other units my 6 year old will be going back later in the day to do some of the more interactive features (like the notebook) on his own. Those individualized capabilities add something to our homeschool that we just don’t have otherwise. I know my son will really enjoy them!


    It can be easy to overlook some of the features in and not take full advantage of the program. There’s a lot on each screen, and you’d do well to explore the teacher area and explore the student area with your kids before diving into lessons. That minimizes any frustration with navigating the content. Watching the videos and reading through all the teacher materials also helps quite a bit. 

    Bottom Line
    Overall, we are enjoying in our homeschool and plan to continue using it in the coming months. I believe our next set of lessons will be in the Science Inquiry area. 

    If you’re going to pay for a monthly subscription to the site (the price is pretty reasonable), make sure you know all the features and how best to use them with your kids! For us, the biggest value in the curriculum is being able to do science together with the littles as well as more involved activities my son can do on his own. 

    Right now, this is a perfect addition to our nature studies and completes our K/1st science curriculum for the year! 

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