Character and Creationism with Jonathan Park

A few months ago we were having a lazy day at home with the kids. We were watching what we consider a more educational kids show that is all about different animals and areas of the world. The kids love it! As always, my husband and I had our ears open for teachable moments. A reference to evolution was made and we got ready to address it with them and then it happened…

“That’s not true,” said my 7 year old, “because God created everything. Hey, remember than time in Jonathan Park when…” That’s enough to make this mama’s heart smile! 

It can be hard to find good books, movies, and shows for kids that aren’t riddled with evolutionary references, can’t it? There are a few that we avoid altogether and with most we use them as teaching moments for them to hear God’s truth from their parents. Our family discipleship toolbox is made even stronger with Jonathan Park Creation Adventures!

This is a sponsored review post and giveaway in cooperation with Jonathan Park. All opinions are my own. 

We LOVE Jonathan Park! Such a great resource for teaching a creationism view, plus great examples of godly character for the kids!

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Jonathan Park is about a young boy whose family goes through amazing adventures together. His father is a respected evolutionist and paleontologist who becomes a Christian and a creationist through the scientific evidence he discovers in his work. Their whole world is turned upside down and they go through amazing challenges together as a result of this wonderful change in their lives. 

I consider the Jonathan Park Creation Adventures an essential for a Christ-centered home that desires to teach a creationist standpoint. These audio dramas are so exciting and entertaining for kids that they will beg to listen to them! They are incredibly well done and will keep your entire family captive. That in itself is a win. 

However, the real gold is in the message. Your family will not only be entertained, but educated.

Every episode comes loaded with these benefits: 

  • Scientific evidence for creation
  • How to field hard questions about creation vs. evolution
  • Identifying evolutionary thinking, even when it’s subtle
  • Family unity and relationships
  • How to handle conflict and disagreement in a graceful and loving manner
  • Godly character traits such as compassion, perseverance, honesty, and more
  • Fun whole-family entertainment that will leave you on the edges of your seats!

You and your family will absolutely love Jonathan Park. If you’re interested in my full review you can read that here. But be sure to check out their site! They have audio clips, a parent blog and a kid’s blog, and more!

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  1. I love how the series attacks common thought with biblical explanations. It helps create and maintain a biblical worldview.

  2. What stood out most to me was the Faith building takeaway of Returning Good for Evil – 1 Peter 3:3 & 9 . Especially in our world today, as a parent and homeschooler it is hard sometimes to not let my sin nature show!
    Thank you for the opportunity to win, and for sharing this site!

  3. We have heard about these CD’s for years now and would love to listen for ourselves! My children would love to hear about the Creation Science and dinosaur topics they get frustrated that everywhere we go they hear about evolution and the earth being millions of years old. They would be surprised and thrilled to hear about creation science and they LOVE audio dramas!

  4. I live in Peru, but I do have a U.S. Mailing address. Can I still enter the giveaway?

    1. I believe that’s fine if they’re mailing to a U.S. address.

  5. I like the faith building takeaway of “returning good for evil.”

  6. I would love to be able to let my kids hear these. They love dinosaurs and I want them to be able to hear about them from a creation perspective. Thank you for the chance!

  7. I like the Returning Good for Evil takeaway. In this day and time, that’s a necessary skill for us all!

  8. I like the fact that this series teaches students how to stand up for their faith using scientific values against evolution theories. Thank you for hosting this giveaway.

  9. I would love to win these!

  10. I’ve been thinking about giving Jonathon Park a try. We’re focusing on kindness right so that one would be a good addition!

  11. I like how science and the Bible are used together in these. It would be great to have for our homeschool!

  12. Hi! My young son and I spend a LOT of time in the van together, and too much of that turns into screen time for him. I’d love for him too be learning from this drama instead, if His wills it.

  13. The Laws of Energy sounds interesting to me.

  14. I would love to hear more about how the water cycle can point to creationism.

  15. This sounds like a great tool for teaching accurate, Biblical science in a fun and interacting way!

  16. My son received A Jonathan Park book for Christmas. He would love more! I liked the consequences for sin and repentance leading to reconciliation. It was s fabulous book.

  17. Showing kindness looks like it would be helpful in each family, no matter the ages of the children.

  18. The Showing Kindness faith-building takeaway stood out to me because that is something we have been talking about with our kids recently.

  19. We actually need a new set!! Ours is so worn out from repeated listening. Hope to get this for my younger 3 who haven’t heard it much yet.

  20. I am amazed at how much science is in the story.

  21. We love Jonathan Park. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  22. Aside from the excitement of sharing the scientific evidence behind creationism, I’m intrigued to hear more about the evolution tree.

  23. This set looks amazing!

  24. I love that it includes Identifying evolutionary thinking, even when it’s subtle. So important for our kids these days. We teach them and teach them, but can always use another tool to teach them even more!

  25. It’s nice when my kids can learn science and be entertained at the same time.

  26. A story that helps teach returning good for evil is rare!

  27. Thanks for sharing this. My son (13) loves Jonathan Park. We too have had a similar experience where in a conversation our son was able to quickly insert his knowledge regarding Creation while tacking on to his comment, “I learned that from Jonathan Park”. I love it when they learn and they don’t even know their learning.

  28. I’ve been curious about this audio series. Thanks for the review!

  29. I followed the link and the first thing that stood out to me was Returning Good for Evil. We say that very often in our house, our kids struggle with wanting to lash back at their siblings instead of taking the higher road, the road God expects. This would be great, I’ll be looking into this either way, but would surely love the whole first series! Thanks!

  30. I like the takeaway, consequences of sin. It’s humbling when you truly understand that we all deserve death because of our sin, and it’s only through God’s love and grace that we have blessings in this life. I want my son to understand that.

  31. This great fun way to learn a powerful story! How it incorporates the sense and different subjects.

  32. These sound like they are exciting and educational! I really like how they support creationism with scientific facts. Very cool and I know my kids would LOVE these!

  33. The water cycle is one of the topics. I’ve never heard of these but now I’m interested to hear them!

  34. I really love the idea of this series! The families working together to build a museum and share their faith with others. I would love to incorporate these science topics into our homeschooling!

  35. I have heard good things about these cds! Would love my children to be able to listen to them.

  36. That sounds so much like the series Focus on the Family puts out. My grandkids LOVE ❀️ them! Unfortunately I only have 3 and I have to let stem to them over and over the whole time my grandkids are here. (I don’t mind)

  37. This sounds so great! Would love to get it!

  38. The Creation Museum audio drama set looks very interesting! We love audiobooks and listen to them often.

  39. We love audiobooks for long car rides. Haven’t tried Jonathan Park, but always on the lookout for good teaching!

  40. I’ve seen a lot about this series in the past couple months. I would love to add it to our homeschool.

  41. These look amazing. What caught my eye was the evolutionary tree.

  42. Huge fans of Jonathan Park! My kids are always quoting JP and they have learned so much. They listen over and over and still love it. Whoever wins this will be blessed. πŸ™‚

  43. I am excited for the opportunity to win Jonthan Parks. This is a series I have been trying to find a way into our budget for my two boys. Thank you for providing the way of possibility.

  44. This sounds great! I know my boys will enjoy it.

  45. I’m not going to enter the giveaway, because WE OWN ALL OF THESE AWESOME CD’S!!! My son is 14 and still listens to them regularly. Audiobooks have been a homeschool staple for my auditory learner, and these have been “on the menu” since he was about 8. We love the way they explain the sometimes difficult terminology and arguments of creationism vs. evolutionism.
    If you win this marvelous resource/entertainment, please be intentional about listening, if audiobooks are not in your regular routine. You won’t be sorry. They are super faith builders.

  46. This giveaway is amazing! Thank you!

    1. This giveaway is amazing! Love the new design on the JP website to include the science topics covered. Water cycle, etc. Thank you!

  47. This will be awesome gifts to my kids to understand the world in Biblical view

  48. What a wonderfully giveaway! I’ve heard a lot of awesome things about the Jonathan Park series and the truth it spreads in an exciting format. Thanks for offering this giveaway to one of us lucky readers!!

  49. We love audio dramas!

  50. My kids heard one of these at their grandparents’ house and would love to own the set!

  51. I think what stands out to me about this audio series is the help it gives kids in answering tough questions from their friends about evolution vs. creation. My kids are in public school, so this would be a huge resource for them!

  52. We love these radio series that talk about a broad spectrum of Godly character. Our kids really enjoy anything science so I think they’d like it. I like that it addresses consequences of sin.

  53. Probably the Laws of Energy sounds most interesting. I like the idea of the Creation Science Museum mentioned! It reminds me of the museum that the boys make in the book “Little Men” by Louisa May Alcott….

  54. How exciting! Our family & especially 2 boys will LOVE this! I love how it ties in science with creation. I am a homeschool mom with a science-lover who I believe would really benefit from this. Thank you for this generous opportunity, Proverbial Homemaker! <3

  55. Looks amazing! It’s on my buy list!

  56. We love Jonathan Park stories

  57. I know my daughter will love these audio stories. I love that returning good for evil and showing kindness are part of the stories. My son doesn’t get into audio stories as much because he is a visual learner. Any suggestions for helping him enjoy them?

  58. I’m not sure where you wanted us to leave the comments for the giveaway, but I would love to win the Jonathan Park audios! I’ve been looking at these for forever, but they are expensive and my daughter is only one, so we decided not to spend the money yet. I really want to steep her in good, Christian stories and ways to defend her faith as she grows, and the idea of connecting those in an audio book series is great. I love that they start off combating evolution with creationism and fact. Thank you for the giveaway!

  59. My older kids loved Jonathon Park….now I am raising my second group of kiddos. I love the fact that this is creation based and factual. Entertaining and educational!! I would love for them to have this set also.

  60. Thank you!

  61. We love Jonathan Park! Thanks for this opportunity!

  62. I love that it’s a creation based dinosaur adventure for kids! What a great way for kids to learn (without knowing they’re learning) about GOD’s creation!

  63. Evolutionary tree sounds pretty cool!

  64. Can’t seem to get the link to play.i would love to win this for my kids. Thanks for the opportunity!

  65. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  66. This series looks amazing! My children would love this.

  67. This series looks neat. I like how they incorporate virtues and scripture into the story.

  68. I want to learn more about convergent evolution. While I know what I believe about evolution vs. creation, I can always use more knowledge to be able to answer others when they ask questions or argue.

  69. Thank you for your information and the giveaway opportunity,,,

  70. I love this!! I have one high schooler in public school so he is always coming home with questions and wondering how to defend creation. This is something we can give to our children to arm them..

  71. Showing Kindness

  72. We just finished learning about the water cycle! It would be great reinforcement to hear it taught through these audio stories! Plus, we love listening to stories like these and have been wanting to expand our (very limited) collection.

  73. I have heard about jonathan park awhile ago. Im very interested in getting my cildren into less tv and more old fashioned entertainment. These look great, ive had the information about thisnaudio series saved and been coming back to it often. This is a great giveaway!

  74. Just being reminded of a literal 6 day creation and the science that supports it is extremely helpful from this series. Thank you!

  75. this looks great!

  76. I had never heard about Johnathan Park till now and I am excited it will be a great way for my dinosaur enthusiast and myself to learn and explore together..

  77. Love Jonathan park stories

  78. The Laws of Energy looks really interesting.

  79. Love that they teach the Biblical truth of creation and traits like kindness.

  80. I love them all but the one that stuck out was Consequence of Sin

  81. The Laws of Energy caught my eye because that is what we are currently studying!

  82. The scientific evidence for creation sounds like such a great thing to teach to our impressionable sparks. =) We’re hoping to go to the Creation Museum in the next few years for the same reason.,

  83. Evolution vs. Creation is a topic of study in our house.

  84. Upon becoming a believer thirteen years ago, I was unaware of so much related to creationism. I also had never heard of this resource until today and am excited to learn more about it and explore sharing it with my family.

  85. The Laws of Energy looks good. my boys are all about energy. lol!

  86. What interests me about the Jonathan Park audios is the support for creation.

  87. Design of Water cycles

  88. Showing Kindness… Sadly we struggle with this.

  89. I like the help with standing firm in the truth and the character aspects of it (showing kindness, returning good for evil, etc.)

  90. I’m excited to find any resources that explain a creationist standpoint scientifically. The design of the water cycle and takeaway on kindness stand out, as we just studied the water cycle last year and have been working on kindness a lot.
    Thanks for hosting so many interesting giveaways. There’s a lot out there, and it’s nice to learn about what resources have been helpful for others.

  91. I am so enjoying RPL and the support from DCDE! Thanks for the giveaways!

  92. Jonathan Park is great! Hope they keep making them.

  93. It’s really hard to narrow down what sounds the most interesting but love the faith takeaway topics… good for evil, kindness, etc… all totally relevant for today!!!

  94. One of the science topics is Convergent Evolution. This series sounds exciting

  95. This looks like a cool series!!

  96. I would love to win this series for my granddauther.

  97. Love that it talks about repaying evil with good.

  98. I like the idea of, Jonathan Parks Creation Adventure, reinforcing Creation Science while reinforcing faith building takeaways like: Returning Good for Evil ( 1 Peter 3: 3 & 9) and Showing Kindness (Galations 6:10).

  99. We’d love the kindness or return evil for evil CD’s.

  100. This series looks so amazing! I think my kids would find them interesting and entertaining, and I like the topics of returning good for evil and showing kindness.

  101. Hi,
    I really like the way Jonathan Park brings strong Christian character into their audios. In this album the Faith-building takeaway that stands out to me is the Returning Good for Evil and Showing Kindness. That would be so important for children to learn in the home.

    Thank you and God Bless!

  102. I love the way that they reinforce science and the Bible in such an exciting way!

  103. What a great opportunity! My son will love the bits about the water cycle the most, I think!

  104. Convergent Evolution intrigues me as a topic. I have seen these audios before but have not embarked on a journey…YET!

  105. I really like the important categories of faith and science and the topics! Its so great that there is a resource like this out there.

  106. I want to win these for my 3 granddaughters.

  107. The Creation Museum Adventure Series Pack sounds really good. I have been to the Creation Museum and I loved going there and I bet the audio books would be great also.

  108. A video adventure series on creation science, what a wonderful asset for any Christian family! I have heard of a creation science museum, but living in rural America on a limited budget we do not have the opportunity to go. Dinosaurs from a creation standpoint is something we always need a little more ‘rock’ about, but what I think I like the most is how it helps us help our kids to stand firm in the truth and build good, kind character.

  109. I’d love to hear about “The evolutionary Tree” and showing kindness.

  110. We love Jonathan Park also!!

  111. We love jonathan park – my girls have memorised the albums we own πŸ™‚

    Fabulous resource πŸ™‚

  112. My son would love these, he is all about animals and science. I love that it is faith based!

  113. Love the fact that God’s Word is presented in such an exciting way!

  114. I like that this series deals with the consequences of sin. I’d like to hear how they go about it.

  115. We are talking about the water cycle right now, so that would be timely! Also kindness, as our family is working on being more kind to each other. My oldest has really taken to listening to audio books, so I have been wanting to pick up some dramas like this!

  116. Would love to have this series!

  117. I enjoyed there new website. What a great resource. I found the faith part interesting Showing Kindness – Gal. 6:10
    Consequence of Sin. Thank you for the giveaway

  118. Looks like a very interesting and educational story.

  119. We Love audio dramas but would like to try Jonathan Park since we’re fans if Adventures in Odyssey and Radio Theatre productions.

  120. We could really use the faith building lesson “returning good for evil” in our home right now. I also am very interested in the evolution topics!

  121. I’ve been looking for the next series to read with my son. This looks like a great choice!

  122. We love audiobooks for our resting times and times in the car (when the radio isn’t broken!)! Thanks for putting this up! I’ve never heard of this resource!

  123. I’ve never listened to these, but have heard good things from friends.

  124. I like the idea of teaching to return good for evil.

  125. I think they all look great, but the kidness would be awesome.

  126. These would be great for school!!!

  127. We love this series!

  128. The Evolutionary Tree is my pick, only because our kids are bombarded with evolution everywhere it seems.

    Thank you for hosting this giveaway!!

  129. It all sounds wonderful! I love that it is science supporting Christianity!

  130. I had my kids listen to a trailer- they asked to listen to it again and again. Works for me! 1st time an audio has caught their attention like a film!

  131. My older boys have listened to these from a library but it is time for the younger ones to also get absorbed in these adventures. We love the scientific details that weave into a clear Biblical worldview without straining the dialog. The action is gripping! We first heard of these resources as book one in a children’s series..

  132. We have science lovers in our house, so any of them would be really enjoyable.

  133. All up seems very interesting. To be able to teach my kids about creationism versus evolutionism without it sounding like it’s my own agenda would be so helpful. The entire program seems so intriguing. I would love to have this for our own entertainment as well as homeschool

  134. Oh I was just checking these out recently. Definitely would enjoy having this!

  135. Return kindness for evil.

  136. I’ve heard the evolution/creation is handled extremely well! Would love to win this, everyone raves about it!

  137. Design of the water cycle and showing kindness both look wonderful

  138. Returning Evil for Good would be such a great listen for all of us, but an especially great reminder for one family member in particular who is going through a rough time right now.

  139. I love everything with this series. As a homeschooling Mom, I love that is has science linked with Biblical creation. I love that is has drama, which I can link to literature and writing skills. I love that it teaches Christian virutes and behavior. There are just too many things to list. The possibilities are endless. I would love to win this for my family.

  140. Do I have to pick one topic? They all look great!

  141. Thank you for the introduction, I love things like this for too many reasons to name. When I visited the site and pressed play I knew my daughter would be intrigued but more importantly the message is what impresses me. I noticed they drop scientific principles and the characters express moral integrity, which is a perfect start to build the foundation necessary for parents. My child is preschool age but the world influences us at birth so I think these materials are essential when wanting to expose a more spiritually developed child/person. If I was blessed with resources like this, I know it would not only help my child but our whole family.

  142. I found it neat that the episodes are so much more than animal science but include earth and physical science.

  143. My kids love audio adventures! Have you heard of the Brinkman Adventures? SO good! Anyway, I think returning good for evil would be good for us ALL to hear about! Thanks!

  144. Returning good for evil

  145. Have never heard of this series until now, but it sounds interesting!

  146. There are a couple stand out topics that I can’t wait to use in our homeschool. The first is honesty and the second is fielding tough questions regarding creation vs evolution!

  147. I have only heard one of these, but we really liked it! I would love to win!

  148. I’ve heard lots of great things for Jonathan Park. We don’t have any yet, but the kids would love to listen to the Biblical worldview.

  149. I think it is neat they start with the The Evolutionary Tree

  150. Showing Kindness! This is something we have been working on in our home the past few weeks.

  151. My oldest son loves dinosaurs and Jonathan Park! I like the Faith -Building Takeaways of Returning Good for Evil and Consequence of Sin. I also like the fact that Convergent Evolution and the Evolutionary Tree are discussed in this program. Our family loves the Creation Standpoint of Jonathon Park and listen to the program whenever our local radio station airs it.

  152. I love that they have digital downloads. I think my kids would really like these stories.

  153. the adventure begins

  154. I have heard of the Jonathan Park CDs before, but I didn’t realize they taught creation and how kids can stand up for their faith. Teaching creation to our kids is very important to my husband and I. We’ll have to look into these more!

  155. We listened to a borrowed copy on vacation last year and would love to hear more! The kids enjoyed the adventure and I loved that they were learning Biblical truths!

  156. Showing Kindness is a faith takeaway I’d want my son to learn for life!

  157. I like the laws of energy.

  158. The Jonathan Park series is amazing! Our children love the stories… and so do us as parents! My favorite part about the adventures is how often we are able to refer back to the Truths taught throughout the stories in real life moments. My kids both remember and relate to these concepts because they are set in the narration, but they can connect those same values to life situations.

  159. We have several of the JP series and the kids love them!

  160. This is a great give away idea. My kids love Jonathan Park. I think they would especially enjoy the Creation science series.. Thanks for the opportunity.

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