Jonathan Park Creation Adventures (& Why We Love Them)

We were on a long car ride with the whole crew packed in van like sardines. Camping gear and bags of food were tucked in around our seats. Things were getting a little… dicey. One kid was trying to sleep and sagging off to the side, which bugged the other kid to no end and incited repeated protests. Another kid was drumming everything in sight and yet another was singing. Loud.

Finally giving up on any attempt to manage the situation, I popped in a Jonathan Park Creation Adventures CD and everything changed. I kid you not… the little people cheered!

Then there was silence. And it was good. 

This is a sponsored review post in cooperation with Jonathan Park. All wording, details and opinions are my own. In fact, I requested the opportunity because, as you’ll see, they’re fantastic. Please see my full disclosure for more information about reviews.

We LOVE the Jonathan Park Creation Adventures series! Perfect for long car rides, quiet time, and great educational value - plus it all points to the Creator!

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That little scene happened a handful of years ago and is one I’m sure you can relate to. Since then, we’ve become serious Jonathan Park fans, recommending them to all our friends! It’s not just about the silence (although I’m into that) but these adventures will really enrich your family time in ways you wouldn’t anticipate.

Whether it’s a long car ride, something to occupy while you run errands, or an educational and entertaining addition to daily quiet time, you need the Jonathan Park Creation Adventures in your home! Yep, I said need

Let me tell you why… 

Eternal Value

The best family entertainment we’ve found are the ones that have an eternal value and Jonathan Park Creation Adventures are high on our list! Your kids will hear scripture. They will hear children learning how to handle hard situations and trusting in and fearing God instead of man. They will find role models and examples from which to draw on when their own battles arise. They will see a picture of real family unity and a godly perspective in all things. It’s gold!

Biblical Creation Teachings

A main premise of the series is to provide solid scientific evidence for creation in a way that is understandable for children. I know of no other resource that does this so pointedly and so well! I am delighted that our children have the opportunity to learn these things and understand various sides of the debate at such an early age. I’m more than delighted that we have found a tool that reinforces our own beliefs and family values on this topic. 

Educational for Everyone

You will learn things, too! Unless you are extremely well-versed on the topic of Intelligent Design, you will likely come across scenes and little tidbits of information you didn’t already know. My husband and I had a great time listening to the series as well simply because of the interesting conversations and personal research they provoked. 

Fantastic Entertainment

These aren’t just audiobooks – they are audio dramas with voice actors, sound effects, and the whole dramatic play! Not only that, they are truly action packed. Nobody is going to get bored with these and they’ll get requested again and again. You may have to reassure your younger ones that something is going to turn out ok (because it will) but all of us – even my husband and I – are always eager to see how things end and to move on to the next episode.

Bottom Line: The Perfect Christmas Gift!

We LOVE the Jonathan Park Creation Adventures series! Perfect for long car rides, quiet time, and great educational value - plus it all points to the Creator!

If you haven’t yet experienced the Jonathan Park Creation Adventures I HIGHLY recommend getting the first series, The Adventure Begins, which is over 5 hours of audio entertainment.  You can download the mp3 format or order a CD set.

They really do make the perfect gift whether for your own family, for a child’s quiet time, or for another family you want to bless. We now have ALL the Jonathan Park series and are loving them! 

Find Out More and Get Jonathan Park Creation Adventures!

We LOVE the Jonathan Park Creation Adventures series! Perfect for long car rides, quiet time, and great educational value - plus it all points to the Creator!

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  1. Danielle

    It sounds like these might be good to get before we take our road trip in fall! Thanks for sharing! We have some Adventure In Odessy CD’s, and the kids love those…we’d love to have more audio stories like them!

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