Being Like Jesus When Your Day Falls Apart

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I’m guest posting today over at Our Out of Sync Life.

If you have hard days as a mom, this is a good read for you. It is about a habit that has made my good days glorious. And sometimes it’s the only thing that gets me through the really really hard ones.

Thanks to my good friend Angie for her support and the encouragement she gave me to begin this habit for myself.

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  1. amelia

    Great post, Tauna! I am having a not so stellar mama day. I lost my temper a few times over silly things today and always feel awful about it afterwards and I am sure my kids do too. It is a great practice to try and stop ourselves before reacting and think of a better way to respond. I struggle to do this but when I catch myself and think of a better way to respond I feel better, my kids feel better, and life is better. Keep up the kick butt parenting!

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