28 Ways to Say I Love You to Your Husband

February brings about the typical array of hearts, flowers, and seemingly magical considerations for how to show love for your husband in a way not typically expressed throughout the year.
But, why wait until a specific calendar date to show him you love him when you have 364 other days in the year to express your heart?
Every day is a day to show love, and missing out on any is a tragic waste of the few days we are blessed to experience in this life.  There are so many different ways to say I love you that we surely must be diligent to take advantage of all we can.
So, here are 28 simple ideas to help get you started in a regular love habit, but don’t just stop here!  Use this as a launching point to begin and then add more and more with each passing day.
***WARNING:  Before we begin to discuss ways to bless, it is critical for you to make sure that no selfish or self-focused thoughts are invading the love.  These actions cannot be done with passive aggression, or hidden resentment of a husband not doing what you think he should be doing.
Remember, you are not your husband’s Holy Spirit, so if there is something that needs to be dealt with in him, choose another opportunity to communicate with him, but don’t mix the two together.
Show him love completely and whole-heartedly with joy, and in a totally separate occasion discuss matters of your needs or concerns.***

28 Ways to Say I Love You to Him

  1. Offer to give him a back rub.
  2. Make him his favorite meal for dinner.
  3. Make his favorite meal as a surprise!
  4. Set an alarm for 15 minutes before you know he is going to be home, and take a few minutes to get yourself and the house prepped for his return.
  5. Smile.
  6. When you run out to the store, ask him if he needs or wants you to grab him something while you are out.
  7. Politely offer to put away his boots/shoes when he gets home.
  8. Joyfully help him prepare himself for work the next day through food prep or whatever he prefers and needs.
  9. Tell him 5 things he does that make you proud of him.
  10. Thank him for whatever task he does around the house (whether big or teeny tiny).
  11. When with a group of people (small or large), speak ONLY uplifting and lovely words of praise when you talk about your husband in any way, shape, or form.
  12. If you are in the kitchen, ask him if he would like anything (drink or food) before you come out.
  13. Join him in the kinds of fun he enjoys (i.e. watch a suspense film with him, go rock climbing, play video games with him).
  14. Plan a date night and set up all the details so he just needs to “show up” (make sure the details are husband-approved items).
  15. Send him out on a treasure hunt of clues that ends at the bedroom where you await.
  16. Pray for him each day (ideas for scriptures to pray here).
  17. When he calls for you, stop what you are doing and respond to him (even if you are washing the dishes or blow drying your hair).
  18. Do not interrupt him, but hold your questions until he is done speaking.
  19. Laugh (with him, not at him :::wink, wink:::).
  20. Submit your control over him into God’s hands and walk in obedience to Him even if you feel like you are the only one listening to the Holy Spirit’s leading.
  21. Do your best in whatever tasks and responsibilities are yours around the house and within the family.  Always work with a spirit of excellence.
  22. Listen to him when he speaks to you, and put everything else on hold if you can.
  23. Put any dirty clothing he mistakenly left out into the hamper while giving thanks for a husband to help care for and love.
  24. Write him a short and sincere, or steamy, love note tucked carefully into his work bag, lunch, or placed somewhere easily noticed before he goes to work.
  25. Make, or buy, him a favorite treat.
  26. Thank him for any acts of chivalry (driving when you go out together, opening doors, ordering for you, etc).
  27. Clothe yourself in dignity and confidence, as they are VERY attractive to him.
  28. Be gracious and forgiving when he falls short…we all do.

What have you come up with for other ways to say “I love you” to your husband?

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  1. Becky

    What a wonderful list of reminders to bless our husbands with! Thank you for the reminder that our husband’s need our attention too:)

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