Teach Bible Stories with Art

I love finding great art resources for my kids, mostly because I’m not all that artistically inclined. Even better if the curriculum helps teach or reinforce Scripture.

There are several resources we’ve enjoyed over the years that use art to teach kids. Sometimes the most simple solutions are the best. Right now, we’re using Bible Drawing Notebook for my artistic 10 year old. She simply reads the indicated chapter in the Bible, draws about it, and jots down her prayers and drawing description. 

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Another resource we’ve enjoyed is the See the Light Bible Stories DVDs. They’re great for any family whether they homeschool or not, using fun and instructive art projects to teach Bible stories in fresh new ways! There are artistic explorations of Bible stories including Easter Christmas story, the Apostle Paul, Moses, and Jonah.

This is a sponsored review post and giveaway in cooperation with See the Light. All opinions are my own. 

Teach Bible stories with art! I can't wait to try the Bible Stories set from See the Light! Kids get to see the stories explored in a fresh new way and do some fun art projects too. It even includes ideas for sharing the gospel!

The See the Light Bible Stories are a set of 5 DVDs. Each one focuses on a different Bible story. The kids will watch an artist illustrate the story along with a dramatic retelling and then do some fun art projects centered around the theme of the story. There are even ideas for how to share the gospel with others! 

Here are a few things I love about how these DVDs are put together: 

  • Bible stories your kids likely know and love explored in a fresh way
  • Your kids enjoy watching beautiful art being created
  • Fun techniques with chalk pastels, colored pencils, and even backlight! 
  • Downloadable lesson plans and ideas

We have some budding artists in our home and I am positive we will enjoy this series, especially if the video clips and reviews on the See the Light web site are any indication! Click here to check those out. 

The Bible Stories DVD Set includes the following: 

  • The CrossMaker – Easter story
  • God’s Special Surprise – the story of Moses
  • Gift of Love – Christmas story
  • Shipwrecked – Apostle Paul
  • God’s Runaway – Jonah and the whale 

There are so many fun ways to teach Bible using drawing and art! 

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  1. My boys would love The CrossMaker. 🙂

  2. I’m eager to share Paul’s journeys. That’s such an exciting part of Scripture, but hard to convey at times. This DVD sounds perfect!

  3. My son LOVES he story of Jonah so I know that would be his favorite. I can’t wait to check this out, because just this year he started really enjoying drawing and coloring and art projects! Perfect timing!

  4. I think my kids will really enjoy the projects and story of Jonah.

  5. I think they would like God’s Special Surprise. All the DVDs look good.

  6. My ds is fascinated by the story of Paul’s journeys. Shipwrecked is sure to be his favorite.

  7. I think my children will like hearing the dramatic audio stories but they love to draw as well so this will be so much fun! Thank you for the giveaway!

  8. I think my children would like the Crossmaker the most, but they would enjoy all of them!

  9. I think my kids will love Jonah and the Whale because they recently wrapped up a unit in Sunday School on it and can’t stop talking about what it would be like to be swallowed by a whale!

  10. This sounds interesting ~ I don’t homeschool, but I have no artistic ability whatsoever, so I think my boys would enjoy these. Thanks!

  11. I love the idea of sharing Bible stories through art. Art touches on more than one sense for me, and to connect that with favourite stories in the Bible sounds like a fantastic opportunity!

  12. I think my son would enjoy the water color lesson from the first disk.

  13. This is such a great concept! I think I am most excited about the Easter theme but honestly I just love how art and the Bible are merged. Great idea.

  14. I think my kids will enjoy the art itself (they really LOVE projects like this!) and I am excited about the individual stories that tie into the Bible stories. Would LOVE to win this!

  15. I love teaching with art!

  16. I think the feature that my kids will love the most is that in The Crossmaker, it takes a character that they’ve never heard of and fits him into the story of the gospel.

  17. What a great way to connect children to the Bible! This would be a great resource for our children’s ministry at church!!

  18. This sounds like a great art program. I love that Bible and art are combined!

  19. These look great, my kids would really love the Moses one! Thanks for sharing!

  20. My boys would love the Jonah one!

  21. They would love the drama in Shipwrecked.

  22. This looks like a great resource for our family!

  23. I think my kids would enjoy the cross maker project

  24. These look so cool! Always looking for another way to approach Bible and Art.

  25. I think they will enjoy the artist drawing the bible story the most.

  26. This looks fantastic, 2 of my 3 boys love coloring while they listen. I’d love to try this!

  27. I think my kids would like this art program and the Shipwrecked one looks right up their alley. Thanks for this offer!

  28. This looks great, I’ve not previously heard of anything like this! I think my kids would enjoy the Christmas story the most 🙂

  29. What a great idea! My kids love drawing and I’m always looking for more bible curriculum.

  30. Not seeing where the link to the giveaway is

  31. Wow! What a wonderful giveaway! I know that my children would enjoy all of the dvds, but I think that they would really love the one about Paul! What a phenomenal product!

  32. I’m certain we as a family would enjoy meditating and drawing the story of the angels appearing before the shepherds.

  33. I think my children, especially my daughter, would love all of it.

  34. My kids will love this whole thing!!! They love being able to see Bible Stories. They especially love the stories with Moses

  35. I’m so bad at teaching art! These dvds seem like an easy and fun way to engage my kiddos.

  36. All of these look great! I don’t even think I could choose! All of my kids love art too! I will definitely check out the three free lessons with them!

  37. I would love to win these and incorporate them into my class curriculum! Its a blessing to be able to teach scriptures at my school, and art is a passion of mine as well. I would love to be able to combine the two and share them with my students!!

  38. Thank you for offering good Bible based ways to help kids with art and Bible learning.

  39. My kids will like the Crossmaker the most I think. Hope we win to watch these DVD’s!

  40. Our family would enjoy all of those new ways of telling the Bible stories.

  41. This looks like it might be an exciting and fresh way to teach the neighborhood kids who come to our mid week children’s club.

  42. I need this for my Sunday School class!

  43. These look so neat! I’m not sure which one my kiddos wood like best. Maybe the shipwreck one.

  44. I think any of them would be great

  45. My kids have learned to appreciate art but seeing HOW it’s created is something they don’t grasp. I think that they will be excited about that with any of the stories. Maybe it will give them confidence in their own talents.

  46. Shipwreck I think they would enjoy but they all look great! Art is on of there favorites in school Thanks for the giveaway

  47. My kids will love shipwrecked!

  48. I love the one entitled, God’s Special Surprise about Moses, they are all fantastic and would be a great resource!

  49. I think my girls would enjoy Shipwrecked – especially the pastel drawing.

  50. The art aspect of these lessons would help the kids really connect with the Bible lessons.

  51. I think this would be great.

  52. This DVD set will make a wonderful gift for my granddaughter.

  53. Not sure which one, I think we would love them all! Especially my 8 year old girl 🙂

  54. I love how it teaches drawing but adds in Bible education/reinforcement as well!

  55. My boys would absolutely love this!

  56. My two artists would love exploring different media with which to do art.

  57. They would like the Gift of Love, but I am sure they would like all the others as well!

  58. God’s Special Surprise is one my children would enjoy. They enjoy just hearing the bible so all of them look great!

  59. All the DVD’s look amazing! Love the See, Hear, Draw and Share aspect of them.

  60. This would be a fabulous resource!

  61. My daughter is very artistically minded. She’s always drawing and coloring and creating. And while I enjoy those things, I struggle to incorporate art into our homeschool. I’ve tried a ton of different programs to try to be more intentional about it. Perhaps combining art with another subject will finally do the trick.

  62. My daughter would love the drawing lesson using colored pencils and making her own black light reveal.

  63. I’m interested in God’s Special Surprise.

  64. These look like something my kids and I would enjoy .

  65. sounds fun!

  66. This sounds amazing. We do this some but this would be a huge blessing

  67. This is fantastic! M y daughter would love it. She loves art and to put it with bible lessons would be great.

  68. These would be a great way to study art and Bible at the same time. Especially for kids who maybe haven’t heard the gospel before.

  69. I think they would enjoy the black light reveal- seeing the light in the art

  70. My boys would love Shipwrecked but all the stories sound wonderful

  71. I think my children would enjoy everything. We are trying to encourage our 14 yr old to develop his talent and passion for the arts so this would be the perfect way to combine two wonderful things – Jesus and Art.

  72. I love them all, but Jonah is a family favorite

  73. My kids love a good story and I’m always incorporating some sort of artwork or craft into school time. I could also see using this in our co-op.

  74. What a great giveaway! We would love to win!

    1. I think we would like them all, but shipwrecked would be my pick.

  75. Shipwrecked is something that would catch my son’s attention for sure!

  76. I think my son would enjoy Shipwrecked the best with see the light art projects with the black light and create letters that look as though they were built with weathered wood and nails..

  77. These look so amazing. My kids are very artistic and visual learners. This would be amazing. The crossmaker looks like my fav!

  78. I dont think i could choose they all look wonderful. Bible based so children would love them. Thank you for the giveaway. I homeschool 10 children so this would make some of homeschooling easy and enjoyable

  79. All of them looks very interesting, But the CrossMaker would probably be a winner! 🙂

  80. My son would love any of the DVDs in this series as he loves learning and talking about his God. If we had to choose just one, Id say The story of Jonah because he likes how the fish “urps” him up and how we can’t run away from God.

  81. My granddaughters would really like the Shipwrecked DVD.

  82. I think they’d enjoy any of them, but maybe Shipwrecked most.

  83. My middle son was just talking about Jonah so I think they would love God’s Runaway DVD

  84. Hi. Your text about your giveaway says it ends 2/6 but the giveaway form says it ends in 41 days. Looks like there’s a typo in there somewhere. Thought you would want to know.

    1. Thank you! I fixed the form 🙂

  85. I think my girls would enjoy God’s Special Surprise.

  86. I think my children wold love all of the stories and projects, but they especially love anything involving the Christmas Story.

  87. I think they would like them all, but especially The Cross Maker.

  88. Jonah is always a favorite, but I love the Christmas story too!!

  89. I would like the Easter Story DVD. It could be used at home and with my kids at church.

  90. Shipwrecked

  91. My kiddo loves art and the Bible, so this DVD set would be perfect for her! I think that she would especially love the Easter story!

  92. They all look great! All my kids would enjoy them, but the budding artist would probably like the Christmas story the most! The boys would like shipwrecked or Jonah for sure!

  93. My kids would like the cross maker.

  94. I think we’d really enjoy the Crossmaker!

  95. I know my kids would love all of the stories! I think they would enjoy Shipwrecked the most though!!! 🙂

  96. The easter story.

  97. Any of them would be great but Gift of Love looks beautiful.

  98. My daughter would like shipwrecked. 🙂

  99. My kids love to do art, but we have not pursued pastels. I know they would love some instruction in that area. Also, learning from dvds seems to hold their interest more than books. Learning to draw by doing Bible stories is so much better, too. Thanks for this opportunity.

  100. WOW… These are great!! Thank you!

  101. I think The Cross Maker will be a big hit with my children. How wonderful to be able to witness with art. SO EXCITED!!

  102. My kids would most love seeing the artist drawing the story, and hearing the dramatic retelling.

  103. What an amazing DVD set! As a family, we would love “The Crossmaker”or “God’s Special Surprise”. These look interactive and what a fresh idea to learning for the whole family! Thank you for the opportunity of the giveaway, Tauna.

  104. Always looking for new ways to hear the Bible (‘faith comes by hearing’) these DVDs add Seeing along with uncomprimising art lessons! Sounds like the whole series is a win win.

  105. These all look amazing, I have never seen them or heard about them before. So, glad to hear about them through you. I think my boys would like the Shipwrecked, my daughter would probably like doing ALL of them.

  106. The Gift of Love.

  107. I think they would be especially interested in God’s special surprise.

  108. I think they would like Shipwrecked, especially the pastel drawing project. They are always wanting to do more art, but that is definitely my weak area!

  109. I think my kids will love the art component. One loves art and the other loves to watch and learn new things.

  110. Crossmaker has been on my “list” for years.

  111. All my kids love drawing. My 9 year old daughter especially would be thrilled to have this.

  112. The Crossmaker!

  113. My kids love ANYTHING art-related. Their favorite TV show is about art — one based on the Bible would be even better!

  114. I’ve been eyeing the Crossmaker.

  115. Art class has come a long way since the days of glitter and glue! This looks like a super neat curriculum!

  116. I’m not an art lovers as far as doing it myself. But I think these would be neat lessons for homeschool art class

  117. Shipwrecked would be neat

  118. I think my kids would love Jonah!

  119. It’s so hard to narrow down, as each has such wonderful lessons! God’s Runaway would be a great reminder of God’s grace and mercy towards us, even in our disobedience and poor choices.

  120. After going through a stage of being shipwrecked and running away from home schooling our kids this would be the perfect start with a solid foundation with Christ leading.

  121. Shipwrecked! My boys love a good disaster story.

  122. I think my children would really enjoy this! 🙂

  123. Always looking for ways to get my rowdy boys to enjoy art 🙂

  124. My little ones love art and we are always looking for ways to incorporate it into our school day.

  125. My kids are so artistic they would love them all. Yet, I think they would truly enjoy God’s Special Surprise. They all (ages 4, 11, 13, 15, 16, and 20) love the story of baby Moses.

  126. I have never heard of these before, but they sound great. I love art and my daughter does too. It would be a great way to engage children with the story.

  127. My youngest has been enthralled with baby Moses in the basket since she was small, so I think she will especially enjoy that story, but anything to do with art will be a thrill to do. I love the idea of combining art and Bible stories. What a neat way to teach art concepts.

  128. Gift of Love

  129. My son is a real artist and he would love this program!

  130. Not for sure which of the Bible stories my kids might be more drawn to. Crossmaker? Shipwrecked?

  131. Since I am terrible at teaching art this would help me and my kiddos immensely. My daughter’s favorite story is Jonah and the Whale so I was happy to see it offered here.

  132. We love STL, but we don’t have these. We’d love to try them out!

  133. The Artist Draw the Bible Story

  134. I think my son might be a little young for the program right now but he’d love to watch it and listen. We could do the lessons when he is a bit older. Looks cool!

  135. The Cross Maker

  136. The CrossMaker looks great!

  137. The Crossmaker

  138. This would be a blessing to our family. I would like to try them! Thanks for the opportunity!

  139. My girls love art. We do a lot of art while learning other subjects. I would love to use this too!

  140. Shipwrecked.

  141. My kids would love all of them, but God’s Runaway would be very interesting to my oldest son!

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