How to Teach Kids Biblical Worldview

As Christian parents who know and love the Lord, we strive to present our children with a biblical perspective of history, daily life, and who we are as image-bearers of God. It takes intention and purpose, because in this fallen world, the default is most definitely NOT biblical. We work to create a Christ-centered home that teaches and trains our children well. Part of that training is to teach kids biblical worldview. 

But what exactly is biblical worldview? Why is it important to teach it to our children? And how do we go about doing that? 

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How to Teach Kids Biblical Worldview - tips and resources including Apologia's What We Believe Series

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Sometimes it can be hard to navigate the waters of what to teach our kids and how to find solid resources to help us in that effort. I think that is especially true as parents who want to raise kids who know and love the Lord! Right now we have 6 kids who are all 9 and under. We are in the trenches of teaching and training, so having a clear direction and helpful tools is essential.  While we are by no means experts by experience, we have grown in passion these past years for being a Christ-centered home that will teach kids a biblical worldview. 

What is a worldview? A worldview is simply the way we view the world. Everyone has a worldview because it is basically the way we see and experience the world through the lenses of our beliefs. Our worldview influences everything in our lives. Everything! Relationships, choices, how we thing, what we say, and what we do. The worldview of individuals and groups comes into play in families, people groups, politics, governments, and more. Worldview matters!

Why teach kids biblical worldview? Our kids will one day go out into the world and make their own decisions. We want them to be fully equipped for that! While our kids are at home, a big part of our job is to teach them how to view, interact with, and process the world through the lens of scripture, which never changes. It is helping them to build their house on solid rock and not the shifting sand of popular culture. It is also teaching them discernment, helping them to identify differing worldview in daily life, the public arena, and world history. 

Cultivating the soil of their hearts. We are not responsible for the salvation or sanctification of our children. That is the job of the Holy Spirt. However, we are called to cultivate the soil of our children’s hearts and the environment of our home, to plant the seeds of the gospel, and to pray for them diligently. In my view, teaching them a biblical worldview is a part of that work to cultivate the soil of their hearts. 

Ways to teach biblical worldview. There are may ways you can be intentional to teach kids biblical worldview. First of all, read the Bible! Making the scripture a regular part of your family life will go far in this. Not only will they be hearing God’s Word, but family discussions about how to handle real-life situations in light of God’s truth will be a treasure. Biblically solid sermons at church are also important.

You can also use tools such as good Bible curriculum and devotions, Christian kids’ entertainment, and more. One of my favorite resources is actually specifically written to teach biblical worldview! Apologia’s What We Believe series is a goldmine of books and other tools for parents.

Teach Kids Biblical Worldview with Apologia

Teach Biblical Worldview with Apologia What We Believe Series

I first came across Apologia’s What We Believe series a few years ago when we reviewed the book What on Earth Can I Do? It was such a fun experience that explored how to properly steward all the blessings God has given us. Not only did the kids and I love our daily time reading through the book and its stories together, but the message was amazing and had a lasting impact. 

The What We Believe series includes four volumes: 

  • Who is God? – Introduces foundational truths of biblical worldview, including creation, sin, God’s character, and His plan of salvation
  • Who Am I? – Explores how we are created in the image of God, fostering a healthy and biblical self-image
  • Who is My Neighbor? – Shows kids how to serve others – including family, their community, and the world – in the name of Christ
  • What on Earth Can I Do? – Helps kids learn how to use all their gifts, including time, talent, and possessions, for God’s glory

Additional resources are available for each volume, including Notebooking Journals, Jr. Notebooking Journals, MP3 recordings of the text, and coloring books. Each book can be read in sequence or you can choose any one to start with. They also can be used for a wide range of ages!

Each volume is designed to take a year but that is flexible as well. In our homeschool we primarily used it as a read-aloud and discussion guide along with the coloring pages. The journals make it a more complete curriculum, and for older kids it can be used as independent work. If you don’t homeschool, the What We Believe series would make a great family devotion, too! 

Here are just a few things to love about the What We Believe series: 

  • Presents culture and history in light of scripture
  • Truly engaging stories with conversational tone 
  • Hard-back books with beautiful illustrations
  • Related coloring pages to keep the hands busy during read aloud time
  • Fun Notebooking Journals to kick the learning up a notch

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How to Teach Kids Biblical Worldview - tips and resources including Apologia's What We Believe Series

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  1. Cheli Sigler

    This resource looks great. It’s so important to understsnd how we see the world, why we see it that way, and how to live it out.

  2. Dana Johnson

    I am so interested in the Neighbor book! Our world is in such termoil right now. The only answer is Jesus! The next generation is going to have a terrible burden of war I fear… teaching our children the love of Jesus is the most important thing I can do

  3. Shauna Chance

    I think all the books looks awesome. I love teaching my kids with Christian curriculum I can trust.

  4. Jennifer

    We have used Apologia for our science curriculum, but we have never looked into this Apologia series. The “Who Am I” book sounds amazing! We have all struggled with self-image and other personal doubts, but this book looks like it would confront those lies head-on. Thank you for introducing me to this series. I will definitely be checking these out!

  5. Julie

    I like the notebookingredients pages. I would like to incorporate notebooking in my homeschool. This study seems to combine book work with notebooking, which is where I would need to start to wrap my mind around how to incorporate notebooking into my homeschool. Thank you for the opportunity!

  6. Cassie

    Thank you so much for sharing about this series! We have used the Apologia Science for many years but I wasn’t aware of this!

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    I’ve always wanted to try this curriculum! I love that I could use it with all my children at once.

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    The book Who AM I?

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    We’re interested in starting with the first one, Who is God.

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    The “who is God” book would be great for my kiddos and help me to explain the answers to their questions in a more comprehensible way!

  12. Lynette Williams

    Currently, I’m most interested in Who Is God and How Can We Know Him? I think my children have a pretty firm idea, but I want to continue to explore the knowing him part with them.

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    I’ve used Apologia for the first time this year year and have lobed it!

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    The feature that excites me the most is the interactive nature of the text. This is HUGE with my kids!

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    I like the Notebooks that go with the books.

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    The notebooking journals and audio cd’s look like wonderful teaching tools.

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    I used the first book in this series this year and I love it! My son is 7 and last night we were discussing repercussions of The Fall after reading about it this week. Anything that sticks with my 7 year old is worth it. πŸ™‚

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    I have been looking for something to use in our devotional hour. This looks like a great book to use.

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    Thank you for this opportunity. We love Apologia!

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    I’m excited to begin the series with ‘Who is God?’ I love that there are junior notebooking journals to go with this study too!! We have been using Apologia for science in our homeschool since Kindergarten & appreciate the creation-based curriculum. Thank you!

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    We would really like to explore who is my neighbor

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    I love that there are notebooking resources.

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    I would love to use this for my bible portion of homeschool for my son! I would be most excited about “who am I?” I think its so important to be speaking life and truth over our kids and over their identity in Christ!

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    When I teach a Biblical worldview, I know that my kids are better prepared to face the struggles ahead of them. Thanks for sponsoring the giveaway!

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    Related coloring pages to keep the hands busy during read aloud time

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    The last book, what can we do, is of most interest to me because it puts everything you’ve learned into action!

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    I’m most interested in the “what on earth can I do now?” Book. It is sometimes hard to know how to help children apply Scripture to where they are.

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    I think I’d like the 2nd and 3rd books best, “Who am I?” and “Who is my Neighbor?” I wonder if it makes more sense to do the series in order though?

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    I think the book I’d be most interested in for my young son would be What on Earth Can I Do? Illustrating to him that little things show Christ’s love, that the people who created this book believes this just like mommy tells him. It would drive home something I am trying to instill in him and it makes me very excited.

  63. Kela Nellums

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    Thank you for this giveaway!!

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    I think my favorite volume is Who Is God?
    Thank you for the giveaway.

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    I was just looking at this series last week. I really need to start this with my kiddos but the $ isn’t in the budget right now. Winning even just the 1st book would make my day!

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    AWESome gift!

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    The whole set looks so good, but if I had to pick one book that really stands out, it would be either “Who is God?” or “What on Earth Can I Do?”. The first looks good because it’s such a good, deep subject, and one that I struggle in conveying the magnitude of that answer to my children. The other is intriguing because my kids are now very interested in coming up with ideas on things they can do to make a difference in the world.

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    The Who Am I? Book sounds interesting.

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    We have really enjoyed the first two books and would love to win The Who is My Neighbor set!

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  166. Christy Gould

    We are already using these! My oldest just started the second volume. After he finishes the set, I’ll have my next two or three do it together, so I’m going to need some more journals and a junior journal!

  167. Christy

    All of them interest me, but if I had to choose one, I’d pick the one Who is God because that’s the most important place to start when it comes to world view!

  168. Maran

    This series by Apologia is on my homeschool wishlist! Who Am I is probably the one I am most excited to read with my children so they can understand how to view themselves in light of God and His Word.

  169. Debra P

    I like that the books are illustrated and written in a conversational style.

  170. Rachel Pairolero

    I’ve been wanting to try these books. My oldest is old enough now to understand. Thanks for the giveaway!

  171. Jen E

    If I had to pick one, it would be Who is God? because everything else comes from that. Would love to win one or all of these!! Thank you!

  172. Rebecca Holt

    I think the book that interests me the most is the 2nd one, “Who Am I, & Why Am I Here?”…but honestly I think my boys (& me too!) would greatly benefit from all of them!

  173. Anne H

    What on Earth Can I Do?

  174. Liz Brown

    Who am I, would probably be the best considering the society we live in. We need to know Christ made me and I’m awesome!

  175. Vivian

    “Help children discern the truth through God’s Word” — exactly what we want them to learn!

  176. Abi F

    Who is God

  177. Debra C

    Those Jr. Notebooking Journals look awesome! My oldest is dyslexic and doesn’t like to write very much. So I like that they have other options that involve less writing. That’s the sort of stuff she loves, but it still checks for comprehension.

  178. Chrissy Bender

    The “Who am I?” book looks wonderful – finding our identity at a young age is so crucial.

  179. Genet Harris

    Love ! Love ! Love !
    Would love the Who am I book!
    *fingers crossed*

  180. Caryn

    How very cool! What a great resource for parents and kids to go through together. Establishing a biblical worldview is extremely important for each of us individually as well as instilling and nurturing this worldview in our children. It is really the basis for how we live our lives and why we function in our society as well do. Thank you for offering this giveaway!

  181. Carol Wiliamson

    I would love to get this for the family. I have always liked Apologia

  182. Chris

    These books look great. JUST Tuesday night at a mom’s support group meeting, the host brought out the red book and said she loved doing it with her young boys, and it was worth doing! And now here it is again, I want to check it out. THANKS for the give away. I do use their science for my kids…..

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