A Christ-Centered Home

Ever since my husband and I met, some 18 years ago now, having a Christ-centered home has been important to us. Over the years, it’s been our family’s focus and something we talk about often. But occasionally I am asked, what IS a Christ-centered home? What does that even mean?

To me, a Christ-centered home means one where we are pointing ourselves and our family to Christ.

It doesn’t mean a perfect and shiny household where there are no struggles. That’s not reality. Instead, it’s a home where God’s Word is our primary focus and we grow together, however imperfectly, in our walk with Jesus.

It’s a haven for intentional relationships, family discipleship, and hospitality. It’s not easy, but it’s oh-so-important.

Part of the purpose of the Proverbial Homemaker site is to provide YOU with encouragement and practical help for cultivating a Christ-Centered home!

Christ-Centered Home Giveaways & Deals!

Every day for a week, starting on May 22, there will be a new blog post with tips and encouragement for different aspects of cultivating Christ-centered homes.

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I hope you enjoy the series and that it’s a blessing to you!

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Cultivate a Christ-centered home with these tips and resources!