Our Favorite Character Training Resources

Character training is teaching of our children godly character traits and how to live them out. It is no replacement for relationship with the Savior. Rather, character training is an extension of parenting, instructing our children in biblical submission and obedience to the Lord, while the Holy Spirit is the one who changes our children’s hearts and compels them to follow Jesus. 
Love these character training resources for Christian families!

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These are our absolute favorite character training resources in our family. We have used and loved these, and want to share them with you! I am keeping this list updated as we discover more. I hope you are blessed by it!  

Our Favorite Character Training Resources




I have mentioned Doorposts several times on this blog. There’s a reason for that! Their resources have proven to be the most thorough and helpful to us as we face parenting struggles and follow God’s leading for our family. 

  • For Instruction In Righteousness: This is a topical study of behavior challenges that provides scriptures, suggestions for identifying the heart issue, ideas for training and discipline, and so much more. When we hit a parenting speed bump, I begin praying and then pull out my For Instructions in Righteousness alongside my Bible and begin digging deeper.
  • The Charts: Doorposts provides helpful tools in the form of charts. We use the If-Then chart at all times, as well as the Blessings Chart, Go to the Ant Chart, and Brother Offended Checklist as needed. These are the easiest way to get started with character training and stay consistent!
  • Polished Cornerstones (girls) and Plants Grown Up (boys): These books comprise a character curriculum that lasts for all your kids the entire time they are in your home! Each book is just full to the brim with Bible studies, projects, activities, tools, and more. Truly, you’d be hard pressed to exhaust all the ideas and materials in these books.
  • Hidden Treasures. This is a unique resource that gives our family a fun and effective way to study and learn from the proverbs together. 
  • Much more. Actually, we have already purchased most of the Doorposts products! But every year we continue using the materials we already have and buying more. They are worth the money. 


Victorious Family Resources from Not Consumed

I so enjoy the family studies from Not Consumed. From teaching your children contentment, hymn studycaring for their siblings, obedience or developing their own quiet time, the resources at Not Consumed will really enrich your family discipleship and character training. Here are just a few of the offerings in their store:

  • A Content Heart – This is a 22-lesson Bible study helping kids find godly contentment. They will study scripture and learn how to “practically and realistically find contentment with themselves, their circumstances, and their worldly possessions.”
  • My Brother’s Keeper – This is a 4-week in-depth Bible study on the subject of sibling relationships. Through stories of 10 different siblings from the Bible, it teaches kids God’s plan for their sibling relationships and how to treat each other well.
  • Obey – In this study, kids learn about people in the Bible who struggled with obedience, learning from them how to obey God rightly. It’s a study that includes HOW, WHY, and WHEN we should obey. 
  • Developing a Quiet Time – In this study, kids will learn the process of having a daily devotional time with kids, practicing it and developing it into a sustainable daily habit. Such an important part of our walk with Christ! 
Character Concepts
Character Concepts is a business and ministry by Rick and Marilyn Boyer. We heard the Boyers speak at a homeschool convention several years ago, and since then they have grown to be a part of our parenting toolbox. 
Here are just a few of our favorite resources from them:
  • More! There are several more resources we have our eye on, including the Uncle Rick recordings. 

Child Training Bible and Virtue Training Bible

  • Child Training BibleWe use the Child Training Bible in our home all the time. It is a really great resource for studies with my kids, spontaneous devotions, or quick reference for an issue that may arise during the day. See my full review here. 
  • Virtue Training Bible. This is a similar product except it works on character issues from the positive side first. It’s a great tool for teaching ahead on the basic godly character traits using Scripture. 

What are some of your favorite character training resources? 

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  1. Erin K.

    Great list! I am featuring you for the Hearts for Home blog hop this upcoming week:) Also, we have used and loved http://www.characterjournal.com for character training as well as the book “Sword Fighting”…both are great!

  2. Amber N.

    This is a great list! We use a lot of these same resources in our family. I keep looking at the Doorpost items and wishing I could order more soon. All I have so far is the Polished Cornerstone book. We are building our Child Training Bible right now during bedtime devotions, and using Picture Smart Bible for our homeschool right now. The children are learning a lot!

  3. Amanda

    Hi Tauna!

    I was wondering if in the future (or if you already have) done a post(s) on how you incorporate these into your days?

    I’m wanting to start but have a hard time putting them into play.

  4. Buffy

    What a great list of resources. Do you have a suggestion for which ones would be most useful with a 4 year old? So far we just have the Training Bible.

  5. Valentina

    Listened to you on the homeschool summit and am so inspired/convicted. Ordered the door post character training bundle and plan to implement ASAP! I put such an emphasis on academics when our characters are all so sour half the day! I realize I must shift my focus. Thanks for the reminder and for sharing the tools you have. Blessings to your family!
    I see a glimmer of hope in this tunnel!!

    1. Tauna Meyer

      I’m so glad it was helpful for you! Many blessings on your family and your efforts to train character in a gospel-centered way.

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