Setting Your Homeschool Goals

Setting Homeschool Goals

Setting Homeschool Goals and Objectives

After casting the vision for your homeschool and writing a mission statement, setting homeschool goals is something you’ll want to spend some time on each year. This is such a helpful step to focus your homeschooling efforts! You’ll be putting your mission statement to work and setting some goals you can actually accomplish.

To get started, set your mission statement in front of you and start to think over the coming year. What specific, measurable tasks can you decide on that will help you move forward in this mission? Also consider the following areas/factors:
    • Areas you want to grow in as a homeschooling parent (personal knowledge, organization, skills, character, etc.)
    • Character issues you’d like to focus on with each child
    • Opportunities for increased independence
    • Life skills and experiences to focus on
    • Ways to keep homeschooling fun and engaging
    • Family culture and priorities
    • Your child’s academic needs and strengths
    • Anticipated events/issues to work with (illness, new baby, holidays, etc.)
    • Handling hard days and setbacks

Here is an example of some goals I set in the past. 

After I’ve set some goals, I set 3-7 actionable tasks that I can do that will help me accomplish these goals and put at least 1 task per goal on my calendar! Every time I complete that task, I put the next task for that goal on my calendar. This helps me keep moving forward so I’m not always dropping the ball on this. 

For example, I may look at “morning personal devotions” for my son and put these down as tasks:

  1. Brainstorm with Jaron about how to establish this habit
  2. Have Jaron talk to his Dad and one other role model to talk about their personal devotion time. 
  3. Research age-appropriate independent devotionals and pick one with Jaron’s input
  4. Get Jaron and alarm clock and have him start using it to wake up a half hour earlier than normal
  5. Do a “test run” with Jaron to show him how to do a morning devotion time on his own

Nowadays, I put down a scripture for the year that I pray over that child. Right now I pray that Jaron will grow in wisdom, stature, and in favor with God and man. (Luke 2:52)

How about you? What are your goals for the coming homeschool year? 

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