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This year the kids and I have been trying some new curriculum and subjects in our homeschool. They really wanted to learn Spanish and since there are so many Spanish-speaking people in our area it seemed like a great idea. I went on the lookout for a curriculum that would fit our needs. I wanted something that I could use with all the kids (ages 9 and under) and that was fairly easy to use. My high school Spanish is more than a little rusty!

Recently we’ve had the chance to try the Spanish for You curriculum.  We have really been enjoying how flexible it is and the various pieces that pull together to make a great learning experience for the kids and I.  

This is a sponsored review post in cooperation with Spanish for You. All opinions are my own. 

Spanish for You! Great flexible homeschool Spanish curriculum for grades 3 through high school!

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What is Spanish for You?

Spanish for You! is a program for grades 3 through high school that is divided into themes and grade ranges instead of skill levels. The packages each last a year and can be done in any order.  Your kid’s skill level will grow as they work through the various themes.

Each theme includes a package that goes through several lesson units. When you purchase a theme package, you get a paperback textbook for instruction, and then downloadable lesson guides, worksheets, audio files, and some great bonus resources. 

Our Experience with Spanish for You! 

We started with Conversaciones, which is about being able to have conversations about the places where we live and visit such as the park, grocery store, restaurant, etc. After downloading the files and reciting the printed book in the mail, I used the textbook to help me figure out where to start. The instructions are pretty clear, telling me what to print for each lesson and what activities to do. 

Each week, I printed the lesson guide pages we’d be using along with the worksheets and other materials indicated. As a part of our morning time, we would practice the recent vocabulary and go through the new lesson together. I had the kids around the table (we do morning time after breakfast) and we would practice what we’d already learned, introduce the new lesson, listen to the related audio files, and then practice the new material and vocabulary. 

One thing we love is the fun games and extra activity suggestions available. My kids eat up games and so it’s a great way to get them to willingly participate in review. 🙂 As an example, one of the first games suggested was saying “Te gutsta ____?” and going through the various vocabulary words. The kids would each take turns answering, having to remember what the vocabulary words meant and then repeating back “Si, me gusta ____” or “No, no me gusta _____” It was simple but fun and effective! 

Lesson 1 materials for Spanish for You! Conversaciones
Lesson 1 materials for Spanish for You! Conversaciones


The kids reviewing Spanish for You! vocabulary together
The kids reviewing Spanish for You! vocabulary together

Tips for Making the Most of Spanish for You! 

For further review, we’d play the songs and other audio files during car rides. I didn’t have any other agenda except to give them another chance to hear the everything we’d been working on. I love that there are audios for this curriculum – it has always been an important part of the learning experience in our homeschool so I’m glad to have a way to include that for Spanish! 

One thing I would suggest is not skipping some of the prep work like setting up flash cards. Many times I’ll skip those activities in curriculum because I’m busy and we usually do fine without them. I realized early on that we needed those flash cards for review and for use in some of the games and activities, and they really are helpful. You don’t have to do ALL The extra activities and games (there are many and they’re great to pick and choose from!) but DO complete the prep and activities in the lesson guide if they are part of the regular lesson. You won’t regret taking a bit of time to do that!

Many of you will be happy to know that in February this year Spanish for You! will have all the workbooks ready to sell in pre-printed format instead of just the PDF you have to print off for the lessons (it’s available now for the Mi Vida theme). They will be available as an additional purchase for each of the grades levels, 3-4, 5-6, and 7-8. $19.95 each.

For us, having the PDF option available is great so that we can re-use the workbooks for later students. That way, the ENTIRE curriculum can be re-used! For a large family that’s a big deal and a great savings on an already affordable curriculum! I would just suggest printing off the whole PDF right away if you tend to forget to prep ahead of time each week. *raises hand* 

Series of Spanish for You! curriculum theme packages

Adapting Spanish for You! for Younger Children

Our oldest is in the third grade and yet Spanish for You! starts at the third grade. Still, it was easy to adapt for young children. The main reason it’s set for 3rd and up is because of the reading and writing. So I have my oldest do the worksheets himself any any other reading and writing task. My 7 year old does a bit of them too but often I just have her answer some the questions orally. The younger kids still learn a lot by listening to the audios, listening to the lessons each morning, and participating in the games. 

When you get to verbs and grammar, you can just scale back on what the younger kids learn, having them just learn first person and make sentences with those instead of going into the second and third person like the older kids will. We simply go at our own pace through the lessons and the younger kids tag along learning a lot and enjoying themselves! 

Here are some great reasons to try Spanish for You!

  • Can be used in homeschool or co-ops
  • Affordable at just $39.95 for an entire year of curriculum
  • Re-usable PDF and paperback resources 
  • Can be used for multiple ages and learning styles
  • Includes audio for pronunciation and practice help
  • Self-paced, well-organized lessons
  • Speak, read, and write the language
  • Great for about 3rd to 8th grade children (but can be adapted lower if you have littles in tow, too)
  • 30-day money back guarantee  
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  1. Jena

    I love that this can be used for different age and learning levels! The audio component will also be a big help for us too!

  2. Buffy Quinn

    I’m always looking for new ways to practice Spanish and this looks great

  3. Dana

    Though I like the entire curriculum, I love the ‘my life’ book the best. I believe it might be easier to point out every day objects to gain a basic knowledge of another language.

  4. Katrina Bagwell

    thank you for the chance, would love these.

  5. evelyn

    THis is soooo timely. We did Latin last year. Took this year to concentrate on math and writing skills and I am looking for Spanish for next year. I have looked extensively at many curriculum choices out there and this is the simplest looking, least expensive and a good fit for us. Thanks for the chance to win and for previewing this product! Blessings!

  6. Cari Webb

    I’m glad the lessons have audio. That helps so much!

  7. mami2jcn

    I like that you can use it with multiple ages.

  8. Becky

    I am most interested in having a workbook in which the kids can write. I also like that I can use it with almost all my kids.

  9. Cindy Jusino

    I’ve been looking for a Spanish program. This looks awesome!

  10. Kristy

    This would be perfect for our kids, we are looking into moving to Costa Rica in a few years.

  11. Tammy K

    I like the idea of studying by theme. The student is involved in choosing what to study.

  12. Christina

    I like that it can be used with multiple ages.

  13. Victoria

    I would love to start this with my younger children! I appreciate the honest review of the product and how you have incorporated it into your day. I love this style of learning (activities and worksheets) for the little ones because it helps the visual and hands-on learner, too!

  14. Mandi G

    The feature I like the most is the worksheets and games. I bought some curriculum geared toward older kids. It’s great, but hard to manage for my youngers. Games and worksheets would be so much more effective for them; and probably my oldest as well.

  15. Tiffany Bihm

    What appeals to me most about this curriculum is that you can use the themes in any order, and I love the flexibility that it allows!

  16. Becky

    Thanks for the giveaways! I love that this is easily adaptable for multiple ages!

  17. Gina

    I love that you can use it for all grade levels!

  18. Beth

    The reuseable part isworth a lot to me. I have six kids.

  19. Guatejen

    I like the simplicity of the books

  20. Cynthia Haynes

    This is awesome! I really want my children to learn Spanish.

  21. Stacy Ervin

    I really like the fact that the curriculum works different learning styles, since i have a couple of different ones in my house.

  22. Erin Blasco

    My kids love learning Spanish so it would be a great addition !

  23. Allison

    I love that the curriculum is reproducible and can be used for the whole family.

  24. Shelley

    This looks so great! I definitely want my children to start learning other languages as soon as possible!

  25. Jodie West

    My kids would love this. My oldest daughter wants to be a doctor and would love to do medical mission trips

  26. Carmel

    The Spanish books look fun.

  27. Kimberly J.

    That the Spanish program can be used for multiple ages. It looks really fun!

  28. Melinda Roberts

    This would be a great resource

  29. Margarete

    I like that it has audio. 🙂

  30. Lisa

    The PDF feature is definitely the most interesting to us. With six kids that is an amazing money saver!

  31. Beth K

    This looks like a great option for our family!

  32. Jennifer Dean

    Two boys very interested in learning Spanish….

  33. Carrie Ayars

    Funny that you posted this…I was seriously just thinking last might that matbe we should learn Spanish as we are preparing for a mission trip to Mexico later this year. How timely! I would love to give this a try!

  34. Kathy

    Wow, so much to like! I like the flexibility, themes and re=use ability. I wish it went into High School, but may be able to adapt “up” once we learn the basics. Looks like a great program!

  35. Deborah Bown

    Sounds great how flexible it is and that it’s not necessarily skill based but you can learn through the grade levels with themed packets.

  36. Sasha

    I like that it can be used by multiple children simultaneously and reused as well. It also covers reading, writing, and speaking not just vocabulary as some other programs do.

  37. Jennifer

    This is perfect! We’ve been looking for a Spanish learning program ~ thanks! 🙂

  38. Garilyn

    I like that it’s for multiple ages and that it has an audio.

  39. Naomi Watson

    Right now, the kids mostly use DuoLingo. This looks more flexible to their individual needs.

  40. Cathy Shea

    I like the fact that Spanish for you is self paced. This way if we fall off a bit we don’t have to hurry to play catch up. The price is pretty amazing too.

  41. Savannah Corbin

    I love that they are reusable!

  42. Caitie

    This sounds fabulous! We have a lot of friends who speak Spanish, so I would love for my kids to learn!

  43. Rachael Kuhaneck

    That you can learn to speak,read and write Spanish! Sounds like a lot of fun!

  44. Cheryl Brady

    I like that it can be used for multiple ages, audio is included, and they teach you to write it and understand how to use it in sentences.

  45. Melanie Lee

    I am excited to try the spanish curriculum. It looks great.

  46. Natasha

    This seems like a nice simple spanish curriculum for homeschooling families.

  47. Nicole

    My son is just getting into learning Spanish and would love this set.

  48. Selena

    The flexibility and PDF file format interests me the most. I also like the themes based as opposed to simple skill based levels.

  49. Paula

    Always looking for ways to make language learning a part of our daily life – mi vida!

  50. Agy Fehr

    This looks like a very good program.

  51. Sandra

    Always looking for suitable materials for teaching languages.

  52. Lynette Williams

    I like the audio of the book. What a great option to help auditory learners like mine.

  53. LueAnna Bracha

    I really like how it is broken up into units and is affordable.

  54. Kama

    I like that it’s Spanish and split into different catwgories and can be adapted for younger kids! I would love to win this. We are moving internationally to a Spanish speaking country so this would definitely help us get a start!!

  55. Rhiannon H.

    My favorite part would have to be teaching multiple levels. I try to combine as many subjects as possible and this is amazing. I love that they come as a pdf that way I can print each child a set!! Awesome!!

  56. Kim F.

    I like how the units are by theme and the audio component is a must with a language! I also like how it is multi level.

  57. Sarah K.

    Love the idea of the downloadable audio for convenience. Thanks for the chance to win!

  58. Sandy

    I haven’t found a good Spanish curriculum fit yet, this one looks good.

  59. Tracy B.

    I’m not sure what interests me most just yet. I’m still just getting a feel for what’s out there as I’m planning what to do next year to continue our Spanish studies. We’ll be starting 3rd grade, so I guess this could be the right place to start :).

  60. Kia

    I was just saying that I need something like this! My foreign language background consists of French, so I felt a little intimidated when my 5th and 7th grader (and 2-yr-old only because his siblings said it, LOL) both picked Spanish for their foreign language studies. The ability to have multiple grade levels so that I can adjust accordingly, if necessary, is very important to me. I am very excited to try this curriculum!

  61. Kelly

    I love the idea of teaching Spanish. I think my kids would love the games!

  62. Carrie Bailey

    This sounds exactly like what we have been looking for…multi leveled, adaptable, audio included, and easy for me lol.

  63. katie

    I love that the material is reusable.

  64. Andrea Peak

    I like that it’s organized into lessons. One less thing to do when trying to add another subject!

  65. Jody

    The fact that it is reusable and great for large families sounds terrific!

  66. Gena

    I love that this package is focused on conversations. My kids love learning new vocab and trying to converse in Spanish!

  67. Carol Madagan

    Looks like a great program to teach my multiple kids!

  68. Sandra Stanford

    I love that it is self paced. That would seem to take some of the stress out of learning and make it more fun.

  69. Tricia

    I have been looking for a Spanish program for my children this would be a perfect fit!!

  70. Ericka

    My kids have asked multiple times if I could teach them Spanish. I have been afraid that my basic knowledge would do more harm than good. This would help a great deal!

  71. Brenda French

    I love the PDF option. And would start where you did with conversations.

  72. Eva D

    I would like the Conversaciones Pkg.

  73. Hannah Pitts

    I like that it can be used for multiple ages, and that it is self paced!

  74. Becca

    This looks great for my almost 8 year old that wants to learn Spanish.

  75. Virginia H

    I love that it is reusable and for multiple grades.

  76. Tammy

    I always like curriculum that allows me to use it with multiple children rather then purchase a separate workbook for each child. All of the extras including the audio are great perks as well. Choosing the right language program that will not be too complicated and will keep my children interested and eager to learn more is key!!! The style of this curriculum seems like a good fit for my family.

  77. sandy

    I like the multi-level use of the program

  78. Heather GIEZEN

    I’ve been looking for a good foreign language program for my daughter and this look like a great one. Thanks for sharing!

  79. Magda

    The fact it seems less drill and more living language interests me.

  80. Clarissa West

    Reusable, multi grade level, and no need for me to know Spanish to start with!

  81. NT

    I love that this is built into themes, which makes it easy to put together and in any order. This is a fantastic resource!!

  82. Debbie Clauer

    A Spanish program sold in themed packages that can be done in any order.

  83. Nelly B

    Reusable!! Love that!!

  84. Kerri

    I LOVE THIS review. I’ve been checking it out for awhile. I’d love to win it!

  85. Stephanie P.

    This looks great. Love that it’s able to be used for multiple children.

  86. Jennifer Mathesz

    I like the affordability

  87. Anel

    I like that the materials reusable, and. Am be used with multiple ages!

  88. Katie Keele

    I love the fact that you can use it with more than one student.

  89. Amy

    This sounds like it would be great for us…

  90. Stephanie Miller

    All of the themes seem great! I think we would first be interested in the “Mi Vida” theme.

  91. Tonya Nickell

    I love that they are teaching how to speak, read, and write and a bonus that I can use it again and again.

  92. Kate

    The written work combined with the audio seems like a great idea. And the price is perfect… of course, I’drather win it for free!

  93. karen byassee

    The whole program looks good.

  94. Stephanie

    This would be so great to have! Seems like a great curriculum!

  95. Teresa Wylie

    Audio is nice because I suck at pronunciation. I like that is self paced too,

  96. Kim Schippers

    I love that there are 4-6 week packets instead of a 36-45 week curriculum! And it works for a rage of ages.

  97. Kelly A

    I like that these are reusable and very big-family friendly for families that have lots of ages!

  98. Stephanie Bonck

    I love that it is self paced, as I have several kids and that is the only style that works for my family. Things come up and classes, so I need them to be able to learn at their own pace.

  99. Agnieszka

    Reusable materials!!

  100. Lori

    Love that this works for multiple ages and that you learn all three – Speak. read and write.

  101. Tina

    My fave thing about this Spanish curriculum is that it can be adapted for younger kids — my 5-year old LOVES to learn new words in Spanish – I can barely keep up with her learning!

  102. Lynnea

    Thanks so much!!

  103. Katie

    I love that the prep is quick and will work for all my children!

  104. Alison Agnew

    Thanks for sharing-looking forward to learning more about this curricula.

  105. Katie Anne

    This looks like a great program. I like that the audio is included since I would have no idea how to pronounce the words, lol.

  106. Heather L

    I love how these lessons are broken up into Themes. I also like that I can use it with both of the children at the same time. This will fit nicely with our homeschooling style.

  107. Melissa F

    I love that this is reusable and comes with audio. The age range is a huge bonus, too!

  108. Carrie Neahring

    This looks so fun! I have been wanting to start Spanish with my kids since there are so many opportunities to use it here. A PDF pack would be wonderful. Thank you for sharing another giveaway with us!

  109. Rachel Janssen

    I like that it has fun worksheets.

  110. kathy

    would love to win this. we have been wanting to try a foreign language for a while now. thanks for sharing.

  111. Angela Beauchamp

    The audio download is my favorite feature along with the fact that is has reusable materials.

  112. Sonja Brow

    I really need a multi age and flexible curriculum, and this seems to fit the bill.

  113. Barbara

    Awesome giveaway! I am teaching spanish but its a mixture of different things but this is all together and for all different grade levels. It would help me not feel so lost and if i am teaching all they should know. Thank you

  114. Lauren Gonzalez

    I like the multiple ages and audio.

  115. LaTrese

    This curriculum is very versatile. I like that it works for different age ranges.

  116. Zekesmom10

    Audio is a big help and I like that multiple ages can use it.

  117. Kathleen P.

    I like that it can be used for multiple ages, but the best part is the audio. It is so helpful.

  118. ajporti

    I really like how there is audio and lesson guides.

  119. Diane Swingler

    Fun and engaging lessons along with audio.

  120. delia jones

    The affordability of this program appeals to me. I have been thinking about learning Spanish especially since our church has a large number of Spanish speaking members. It would be a great way to relate to them.

  121. Gale

    I like that they have audio!

  122. Patricia

    This looks like an amazing resource that will help keep my children engaged.

  123. Marilyn

    I love the conversation part and the festivities. This way we can learn about other cultures .

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