5 Tips for Getting Out of Homeschool Burnout

The other day I saw a meme on Facebook that said “we have reached that magic moment when planning for the next homeschool year is loads more fun than finishing the current one.” 😆 It made me laugh because it’s true! 

Homeschool burnout is real. Browsing curriculum is the antidote. (just kidding)

Spring is when homeschool mamas start to get worn down and feel restless.  They start to plan and shop for curriculum. They also often start to feel fatigue, burnout, and weariness set in. But it happens other times of the year, too. 

Struggling with homeschool burn out? Feeling blah and like planning next year is more fun than homeschooling this one? These tips are for you!

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If you’re feeling homeschool burnout or blahs creeping in right now, here are some things to prayerfully consider:

1) Lighten the load – just knowing it’s a thing helps you recognize it and adjust. If you’re really feeling it, lightening the load may help.

Build margin into your days by switching to a 4-day week for a while, focusing only on the 3 most important subjects, or taking a full break for a week.

Use that time to focus on rest, time with the Lord, and relaxed family time. Your homeschool will be better for it.

2) Change things up – Sometimes our kids aren’t the only ones who start to lack homeschool motivation when things are feeling… stale. For me, there are some easy fixes for this:

  • Tweak the routine: try a different time of day for lessons, take it outside, or invite another family to join you once a week.
  • Add an experience: start nature walks, go on a field trip, or take up a new hobby together.
  • Add something FUN: bring in a fun new resource, add beauty with art or music, or start a Fun Friday tradition with board games, documentaries, and outside play.

Around late February or early March I start to feel the homeschool mom burnout creeping in. It’s a GREAT time for me to pick up some spring activities (butterflies, flowers, nature walks, etc.) that brighten MY week and help me get motivated. The kids benefit, too! 

3) Go ahead and plan… or not – Some time back, I realized something about myself: I need to look forward to something or I start to feel restless and moody. Again, just realizing that helped a lot.

Now, when that restlessness looms, I turn that energy into planning! Go ahead and plan for the next year’s homeschool. Or plan a vacation or other fun event. Looking ahead and putting things on the calendar energizes me.

4) Remember that we’re all different –  Find what kind of energizing and refreshment works for YOU and pursue that, not only for your sake but in order to better homeschool and serve your family in the long run.

That may mean spending more time in prayer and God’s Word, finding rest, getting lost in a book, or connecting with friends.

5) Pray and listen – Somehow, the most important thing we can do when we’re stuck in the homeschool blahs is always the hardest.

Spend time in prayer for your homeschool, seeking the Lord’s encouragement and wisdom. He knows you, your family, and your homeschool even more intimately than you do. Listen to what He would have you do during this time and follow His lead!

Above all, show yourself and your kiddos grace!

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  1. I can so relate to this though it happens twice a year for me. October when the Australian school year is coming to an end and May when I end up shopping all the US back to school sales because I use so much American curriculum.

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